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  1. This sounds like something I would be very interested in. Hope the development goes well.
  2. Hey, I was just wondering if the APB US server is still up, as i don't really want to put up with 100+ ping playing on the European server. if it is, I'm having trouble seeing it, it just shows me a 0/0 players, and i cant see anything for the current map.
  3. really cool. do you develop these into mods?
  4. The only reason that bliz is realeasing SC1 remastered is because sc2 failed so miserably. For those of you who dont follow sc2 balance, it got really out of hand, and killed off its grassroots community. The toxicity of the US server also helped (a LOT)(in us ofc)
  5. I see the thief hath been hit with nerf bat... thanks! Th rest of these changes look pretty good. I looked forward to the officer nerf, as they made shotguns look kind of weak Great job on the igla model. looks really cool. Best change IMO: BIGGER MAMY.
  6. do i need c&c net to access server?
  7. So I've heard about this mod and I have renegade: does anyone know how to actually install this mod (I have renegade on origin). Or get ahold of Kaskins.
  8. These statistics.... and the the 50 to 33% bit is new to me. still...
  9. As in the topic title. Why the hell can allies get a radar invisible thief to steal soviet money on the map with the easiest thief play in the game. It ruined the game for me. Not only because we lost money, but we lost hinds as well. radar invis infantry steal them. This map was fine before their was on it it. I want to know what form of mental gymnastics got this unit back on the map. please explain reasoning. This is a step backwards, one might say. P.S. just RQ offed the map and yes I'm a little angry.
  10. HA! don't know if i'm quite ready to get back in the fight with how rusty i'm gonna be. But i think for now, ill return to my trademark unit: minelayers. I think ill start playing around with snipers too.
  11. The kitty of death has returned! So after a hiatus from FPS video-games entirely, I've decided to come creeping around old haunts again, and ofc I come back here! Y'all care to please inform me as to what has happened with all you and the game as well. I'm already acquainted with the new guard duty and the hilarity that is lunar paradox (I see some new logic there pushwall) but other than that no clue what has happened. I left when raap revealed the siege guns for RA_Seige, that is the last thing i remember. Also this community mafia... how does one join such madness? And what happened to hostile waters!!! TY in advance.
  12. DAMMIT ALSTAR! Soooooo hyped for MO 3.3.. Id say the Apocalypse from MO. that thank both was and looked sweet. It will be a wasteland...
  13. infantry: medic, kov. Stuff im known for. vehicles: minelayers: If you dunno why ask Tiber. Or anyone else who has tries to get into a building while im on the sov. team. heli/navy: mrp.
  14. Best wishes MP. we await your return with great eagerness.
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