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  1. Recently I've found myself missing TeamSpeak. I can see the pros and cons of each platform, however, I've been considering one big con with Discord. It has killed casual Voice Communication. There are people who i haven't spoken to in years because everything migrated to Discord. Back along, i could guarantee that if i opened up TeamSpeak, connected to W3D, MPF, or BHP, there would be atleast 3 people in the voice channels where i could connect, and immediately have social interaction with people on more than a text based level. I miss casually sitting in VC, waiting for people to join just so you could casually natter. Personally, Discord has killed social interaction on a more meaningful level for me. Discuss!
  2. This is not the topic here. This is not the topic anywhere. Raising this topic is blasphemy punishable by death.
  3. My OP is primarilly addressing two things, community, and the stagnation of mods. There are in my opinion, too many mods. Too much hype for mods that will never see completion or even public beta, like AR and Dune. I feel like W3D is sitting idly, letting people do whatever whenever, with no real direction. I get that its a mod team, but at the same time i want to see some solidarity in the production of these projects. I feel like if every dev jumpped onto one thing and got given a timescale, project requirements, etc, AR could get pushed out in 6 months. Instead, you have so many talented devs doing different things which causes mods to take so long they stagnate and get cancelled.
  4. Renegade is dead. End of. It doesnt even have what counts as a community anymore. The "communites" that do exists dont work together. The communities that do exists all only exist to flame eachother and claim to be better so they can sit on the throne of a game that fucking sucks. A game that is so outdated it doesnt even have fucking recoil. GOLDENEYE64 HAD FUCKING RECOIL FOR FUCK SAKE Moreover, the community aspect is what made this game good. Because lets be perfectly honest, Renegade is anything but "Good" in an objective view. Until you lot, MPF, and whatever little else still counts as communities anymore around here can work together again, renegade will never again have that community feel. Even internally in W3D, you guys as a community are a laughing stock. You literally have a splinter community because a couple of your admins got overly PC. This is a community of people from a game in the 2000s, PC was never a thing then and in a community that is filled with those people it never will be! I remember a time when the communities werent toxic. Where they all pooled together to create patches and security for the game. Where they shared ban lists, had tournaments, and the communities were all essentially a big community. Because of the lack of this, Renegade and its mods arent that anymore. Its a vanity project for the Game Dev College rejects who couldnt make a fucking java game to beat bloons tower defence. (Not a jab at your skills, some models, maps, etc are great, but is definitely a jab at your dedication to one project and time management) Sorry guys, but thats more or less of whats become the truth to me around here now. Take of it what you will. I'll still be around to play games because as individuals most of you are alright to chat with and hang with. But Owners, Admins, Devs, all of you higher ups. Something needs to change, or these little projects of yours will end like AR, Reborn and Dune. Sat on a back shelf for years gathering dust and an interest in them largely lost.
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