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  1. A beta of Red Alert 1 v0.09c Siberian GRemlin found has popped up and is now released. It has cool unused cut scenes, sound files from the thief and allied quotes of "It is done.", a internal scenario editor and all kinds of differences. It's a little tricky to setup but there's instructions and fixes for it. https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/dflqti/a_present_to_the_cc_community/
  2. While the topic is old I'd like to add that the Camo Pill Box was more then just "camouflaged" it had 200 more HP than the regular one bringing it from 400 to 600 so it was pretty much a straight upgrade leaving the Pillbox obsolete other than costing more. I think the Pillbox needs 4 MGs poking out in each corner (2 in front and 2 at back) rather than one in the center which will help it aim up and down better, plus it will increase its usefulness.
  3. Okay so it was already enabled but I disabled V6 and still froze. if the staff needs more information here is what stalls every time. Is there a crash report generated anywhere I could post?
  4. I'm experiencing a crash that every time I start a LAN game the client will just hang. My theory is because my main IP address is V6 and not V4 because this also happens in Renegade as well. Can anyone with a V6 IP address try to make a LAN?
  5. Came back to update APB and though I read the new Naval units are out sourced I'm personally not a fan of the Gun Boat at all since the C&C/RA1 design was always my favorite. ❤️
  6. tomson26 hangs around the RA2 modding community I don't know where you would find him these days and I have no idea what he used.
  7. The ''Artillery'' looks like a poorly modeled SU-101(Cut Tank Destroyer unit maybe?) http://www.wardrawings.be/WW2/Files/1-Vehicles/Allies/2-USSR/05-TankDestroyers/SU-101/SU-101.htm And from what me and a friend could decipher the ''Light Tank'' looks a lot like the BMP-2 which is a Soviet amphibious tank with a TOW launcher they had on some. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMP-2
  8. These would have been useful years ago but tomson extracted the 3D renders you see in PSX RA''s game stats screen spinning around which makes a nice reference for any modeler since it shows the sides and backs of all the buildings and units you never see. though they are only 64x38 some stuff can still be made out though they have a odd perspective. Also some structures like the War Factory have things never seen in-game or cut scenes like having chimneys and Soviet Barracks having a back door but the Allied tent doesn't plus others. psxscorescreen360renders.zip
  9. For Red Alert it's Fogger and Search those two forever stuck with me when I first started with the ps1 version. But now I love most of the soundtrack from the first Red Alert.
  10. Hello iamrecognized I remember your name and it's good to see you!
  11. Hey AircraftKiller It's been a while since I checked the forums and just realized you changed your username. Awesome models you got here especially the train! Though as a bigger fan of steam engines it would be awesome to see the 20th Century limited by New York Central with your talents as I rarely see such a beautiful art deco steam engine modeled.
  12. I remember stealing a sub in the old hostile water when spies sucked. lol And yeah I remember using the torpedo explosion underwater to splash damage the other subs.
  13. I lost a lot of a old screenshots years ago and made me sad but I still have a few. But wasn't this Wasteland? I like this one cause somebody placed a flare and 3 engineers at point blank range could not disarm a nuke due to how laggy the thing was
  14. Nice update and needed changes but I hope you guys don't get to carried away to add weapons that didn't exist in RA1 the only exception was the shotgun due to it's appearance in a cut scene. I also found the medic just fine with a pistol and OP healing powers which sounds more historical then a mini machine gun. Is it possible to set the default camo for units to match the map your in? I get tired of clicking the yellow arrow only to have it greyed out when somebody bought a tank. lol
  15. Such a dramatic explosion it blew me away! For game play reasons I suggest to keep each side from being completely defenseless after their naval production is gone you should make 1 or 2 free gunboats or submarine spawn every 5 minutes in a small pier after it's dead. Or maybe have a free transport ready at start of game to make game play faster for whatever you plan to do with the ice mountains.
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