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Found 6 results

  1. Hey guys, I'd like to start by saying I'm very excited to be given the chance to oversee and work on this project with the help of a NEW BHP Team. To clarify what I mean when I say NEW, we have expanded the BHP crew with the former Reborn team members: Darkangel, Renardin, and Spice. Also I'd like to fill everyone in on what this means for Reborn and for BHP. Reborn will now get the attention and work force it needs and deserves. Reborn will now include new game-play, scripts, effects, maps, and tons of other content never seen or attempted on the W3d engine. One of the biggest concerns from the current Reborn fans is that Reborn will become another A Path Beyond or an Apocalypse Rising clone, but I’m here to assure you that for the past 4 weeks I, along with other members, have been revamping the gameplay to be as close to a Tiberian Sun FPS as possible. But with that said, please keep in mind that as Apocalypse Rising and A Path Beyond are sticking close to their respective C&C games, and the similarities between all C&C RTS games, that there will be some obvious similarities and differences between the three mods. Also it's safe to assess that it's going to be very different from vanilla Renegade. Now before people start posting concerns about changes, the old Reborn team was already discussing taking a very similar route and a lot of our current ideas were based off their plan document. Much the new gameplay ideas from the plan document already won't work well with Renegade's specific style of gameplay so this is one reason for some of the changes. Now what are some of these ideas? Well, here are few things we are hoping to include in Tiberian Sun Reborn: -EMPs -New infantry units -New vehicle units -Revamped current infantry -Ranking System -Ion storms -Building hacking -New buildings -Different game modes -Poison -Super weapons -Mission maps -NO MORE SNIPERS -Along with tons of other new fun Ideas!!! More will be revealed in our next Dev. Blog coming within the next week!
  2. Last week we talked a little bit about the roster, and this week we will be talking about the weapons each unit will receive. Now, nothing is set in stone but this is the basic idea of what you can expect from our infantry units. GDI Light Infantry (Free) *Rifle Technician (Free) *Wrist repair tool *Pistol Engineer *Wrist repair tool *Pistol [Model not Ready] *Briefcase Disk thrower *Explosive Disk Medic *Medpack (Medic also heals poison) *Uzi Jump Jet *Rifle (AA Secondary fire) *Binoculars Umagon *Scoped Auto-Rifle *Vehicle C4 Officer *Chain gun *Binoculars Ghost Stalker *Rail Gun * 1 Super C4 Riot trooper *Shot gun *EMP Mines Anti. Air Trooper *Anti Air Rocket launcher *Pistol NOD Light Infantry (Free) *Rifle Technician (Free) *Wrist repair tool *Pistol Engineer *Wrist repair tool *Pistol [Model not Ready] *Briefcase Rocket Infantry *Rocket launcher (A.A. secondary fire) Chameleon Spy *Knives *Pistol *Binoculars *Decoy remote mines Mutant Hijacker *Crowbar *Tech 9 Uzi Confessor *Plasma Gun Cyborg *Chain gun *Rocket arm Cyborg Commando *Plasma arm Elite Cadre *Machine gun/Grenade launcher *Binoculars Toxin Trooper *Toxin Auto rifle *Toxin Grenade (Hi-poly & Low-poly) Dtrngd while modeling our really cool toxin grenade decided to have a little fun and made a Toxin Drink cup :laugh2: I also mentioned that Tiberian Sun Reborn will have a unique promotion system. Now as some of you may know, Apocalypse Rising already has a promotion system, but we’ve decided to make ours a little different. The idea behind ours is when you get the first promotion to Veteran [][], you’ll be given an armor upgrade or resistance to an effect like splash damage, fire, poison, etc. When you get the second promotion to Elite *, you’ll get a weapon upgrade or a special ability like faster reloads, better ammo, or health regen. This list is still being played with but here’s an example: Riot Trooper 1st promotion - Poison Resistant 2nd Promotion - Incendiary Ammo We're also thinking about implementing a rank retention system. If you’ve earned a rank, there may be a way to retain that ranking by spending a little extra cash. This will reset each round, of course. One_Winged_Angel was awesome enough to model the rank icons that will pop up as you are promoted for us: As for the rest of the team: Darkangel is modeling up an awesome Nod tech center. Renardin is a little under the weather, but he’s texturing the engineer briefcases and the new toxin trooper for us. Spice is working away at the GDI service depot you all saw in last week’s blog. Guy with a Wrench is redoing a bunch of the civilian buildings. Teamwolf has been tracking down old assets and maps for us to fix up. And lastly, I've been planning out our first build, tracking down assets, re doing tons of sounds and all around handling management after the big move.
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to a short but sweet Blog 8! Unfortunately we don't have any cool trinkets to show off today (not that there aren't any cool things happening!), but we do have a very important announcement that may be of significant interest to you: :emot-siren: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT :emot-siren: We're hiring for testers! That's right, this is your golden opportunity to help us tweak and fine-tune our games. It's a lot of hard work making things happen here, and we could use help making sure the games are balanced and bug-free. Testing positions are for people with plenty of time to lend who are excited for all of our projects, not just one. In our next round of hiring for testers, we'll be looking for a smaller, more focused group than in rounds past, so it's important for us to find the most dedicted people we can. We're looking for people who have patience, diligence, and dedication. Being a tester is NOT just a free ticket to play the games before everyone else. It is a responsibility that we expect you to fulfill entirely, and you must understand that it's not always going to be "fun and games," so to speak. Testing can be fun, but it can also test your patience. You also need to be able to work well with others. We'll be gathering everyone for test rounds frequently, and a hostile work environment is bad for productivity. As a tester for Bluehell Productions, you represent our studio and carry our reputation. That's a big responsibility, and we want to make sure it's in the right hands. In your application, please include: Timezone: This is important to us to determine what times will be most efficient for us to schedule tests. Availability: How much fee time do you have to test? What times are you available? Again, this is to help us schedule. How long you've been playing: We like to have an idea of your experience with our games for balance purposes. Long or short, it doesn't matter. This is just for our knowledge. Please let us know your experience with all three of our games, not just one. If you'd like to be a coordinator: Testing is a lot of work for one person to manage! That's why we'd like to appoint a certain few people as testing "coordinators". This basically means you'll have the power to organize tests and request our other testers to jump into test games. If you'd like to take on this extra bit of responsibility, let us know and we'll consider you. This will take extra time and effort, so we'll expect you to be a cut above the rest for this position. Please PM your application to Wallywood, and send a carbon copy to Chronojam, One_Winged_Angel, and myself. Remember, as a tester we expect you to help with all of our projects. We know you may enjoy one more than others, but you are applying to be a tester for Bluehell Productions, not just a tester for Reborn. If you're not willing to assist with all of our projects, it may be best for you to withhold your application. I look forward to receiving your application and possibly working with you!
  4. Hey guys, I know your thinking Wally where was last weeks blog? Well last week APB 2.1 was released and with thanksgiving and all it was hella busy around here. So I thought it best to skip a week. Well this week I'm back and have some more info and cool stuff for you guys. So lets get to it. Someone asked about Vehicle veterancy upgrades so lets start with that. [][] Armor/health upgrade GDI *Wolverine- Reveals Stealth *Amphibious APC- (none) *Titan- Reveals Stealth *Hover MRLS- Self heals *Disrupter- Explodes on death *Juggernaut- Bigger splash *Mobile Sensor Array- (none) *Mammoth MK.II- Self heals *Harvester- Faster harvesting *Moblie Emp- (none) GDI Flying *Orca Fighter- Radar invis. *Orca Bomber- Radar invis. *Orca Transport- (none) Nod *Buggy- Run over inf. *Attack Cycle- Self heals *Artillery- Bigger splash *Subterranean APC- (none) *Stealth Tank- Explodes on death *Tick Tank- Double fire / Deployed Mini gun *Cyborg Reaper- Run over inf. *Moblie Repair Vehicle- faster repairing / Self Repair *Devil's Tongue- Self heals *Moblie Stealth Generator- (none) *Harvester- Faster harvesting Nod Flying *Banshee- Radar invis. *Harpy- Missile Upgrade *Note anything above is subject to change. GDI Upgrade Center Mick has been on fire lately and modeling like a mad man. Check out this awesome building hes done You'll notice that he has included all three upgrade attachments so we can pick and choose which ones show up for which ever map we want. Also the Upgrade Center will be a fairly large structure and will hold the PT where you can get Ion Cannon beacons. Spice has been very busy lately but he did manage to do a little bit more work to the GDI service depot. So check this out Also, We have finished the Pod Cast Q&A hosted by Lord Kane with special guest One_Winged_Angel and BaneofSarrows. But due to problems during the recording and also due the length of the recording we are still editing it for the public. So hopefully we'll have that ready soon. Most of the team has been very busy with real life prioritizes but I assure you things are getting done. See you next week.
  5. Hello fans! We’re back again with another Tiberian Sun Reborn update. We're going to start this blog by talking about the promotion upgrades, so let’s get started! [][] = Veteran Rank upgrade * = Elite Rank upgrade GDI Light Infantry [][] Armor / health upgrade * Bullet speed/range increase Technician [][] Resistant to splash damage * Faster repair tool Engineer [][] Resistant to splash damage * Faster repair tool / Faster hacking Disk Thrower [][] Armor / health upgrade * Incendiary disk Medic [][] Poison Resistance / Self heal * Heal radius Jumpjet [][] Armor/ health upgrade * Bullet speed/range increase / Radar invisibility Umagon [][] Resistant to splash damage * Laser Ammo / burn damage Officer [][] Armor / health upgrade / self heals * Bullet speed/range increase / Uncrushable Ghost Stalker [][] Armor / health upgrade * Better Range/Splash / Faster reload Riot Trooper [][] Poison Resistant * Incendiary Ammo A.A. Trooper [][] Armor / health upgrade * Faster rockets / Flak shot NOD Light Infantry [][] Armor / health upgrade * Armor Piercing Technician [][] Resistant to splash damage * Faster repair tool Engineer [][] Resistant to splash damage * Faster repair tool / Faster hacking Rocket Soldier [][] Armor / health upgrade * Faster rockets/ larger splash radius Chameleon Spy [][] Fire Resistant * Shorter knife cooldown / knife lunge Mutant Hijacker [][] Resistant to splash damage * Tiberium Ammo for Uzi Confessor [][] Fire Resistant * Faster reload / Splash damage Cyborg [][] Armor / health upgrade * Major armor upgrade / better ammo / Cannon arm Cyborg Commando [][] Fire Resistant * Flame thrower Elite Cadre [][] Armor / health upgrade / self heals * Armor Piercing / Un-crushable Toxin Trooper [][] Fire Resistant * Blue Tiberium upgrade This is just a general idea of how promotions will affect each unit. Everything here is subject to change. Promotion Idea We hope to have it set up so, If you reach X promotion for X unit you will somehow be able to go re buy that promoted unit for a price increase. So lets say I died as a Vet.Rocket Soldier I could either just buy another Rocket Soldier for lets say 300 or I could buy the Vet. Rocket Soldier the price and a half of the reg. Rocket Soldier. So lets then say I took that Vet. Unit and got it promoted to Elite and died. When I come back I should be able to buy the Elite for double the reg. price or buy the Vet. soldier or just by the Reg. non promoted unit. Next up we’ll show off our Limpet Drone. This beautiful little guy was made by Mick. Mick has been helping us out quite a bit lately so I want to throw him a special shout out in this blog They will be controlled by terminals in the radar towers. Guy_with_a_Wrench has decided to take up selling houses in the TSR universe. Let’s take a look at what’s on the market. Guy_with_a_Wrench is stilling working on this but I must say, I think this is a very good start We have done the podcast, but due to a few mishaps we are going to have to edit it up a bit before posting, so you can expect that sometime soon. Team Status Update: *Renardin has been very sick lately so let’s wish him a speedy recovery. *Dark Angel is still working on the Nod Tech center. *Spice is still working on the GDI service depot. *OWA joined me and Lord_Kane in the podcast and is now editing it for us. *Dtrngd has just taken his drivers test so if your in Hungary, stay off the sidewalk ! *GWAW has been busy with school lately. *CJ and PointlessAmbler have been working on RC 2.1 for APB . *TheBeerinator has been doing everything except the heavy tank. *Most the other team have been off in the BF3 war. We're hoping they come back alive.
  6. Let's jump off this blog the right way and wish the fans a HAPPY HALLOWEEN Now lets get straight to it. If you read last weeks blog you might have a few questions well maybe this will help..... -EMPs: We are going to make EMPs in the Renegade engine a real thing. Basically the way this is going to work is when you’re hit by an EMP, your unit will no longer be able to move or fire for a short amount of time. This will make things like the EMP cannon and the Mobile EMP a real possibility. -New infantry units: We have a few new units coming to the roster: Toxin Trooper for Nod, Riot Trooper for GDI, and AA trooper for GDI. Now we know that there was no AA trooper for GDI, but for the sake of balance and because GDI has no real anti-air unit, we’ve decided to add him in. -New vehicle units: We've also decided to add units like the MEMP (Mobile EMP), the Mobile Senor Array and limpet drones. -Revamped current infantry: We've gone through the roster and made some improvements. We're making sure each unit has its own unique feel so that no unit overshadows another. In light of this, we had to make a few cuts. Here’s what the current roster is looking like: NOD *Light Infantry *Technician *Engineer *Rocket Infantry *Chameleon Spy *Mutant Hijacker *Confessor (Renamed the Kerubim so it fits better) *Cyborg *Cyborg Commando *Elite Cadre *Toxin Trooper GDI *Light Infantry *Technician *Engineer *Disk thrower *Medic *Jump Jet *Umagon *Officer *Ghost Stalker *Riot trooper *Anti-Air Trooper You’ll notice most of the mutants have been taken off the list, but don't worry! You’ll probably be seeing them again in different ways. -Ion storms: Okay, I am VERY excited about this. Jonwil and I put our heads together and made REAL ion storms a thing on the W3D engine. When a random ion storm occurs, both teams will lose their base’s power and radar. Yes, you read that right…random. Ion storms are going to be randomized, so there could be as many as 15 storms or as little as none on a map, and they could last anywhere from 15 seconds to 3 minutes. You'll never know how it’ll affect battles! -Building hacking: This is going to be the bread and butter that will change this game to its own style apart from AR, APB, and Renegade. Engineers have always been powerful units in the C&C RTS world, so we've decided to bring that logic to TS:Reborn. Engineers will now be given suitcases with laptops in them that will be able to "hack" buildings. Think about it like a hidden secondary health bar. When an engineer is hacking it, it will slowly bring this bar down. If you are able to bring this bar down to…let’s say yellow, it will knock that building’s functions offline. If the bar drains completely, the building will die. Engineers don't have to stand at a certain spot either as long as they are within the building’s hacking area, so as long as you have the briefcase out and are using it, you can hack anywhere outside or inside of the building. So how can you prevent this? Well there’s two ways. The first way is to kill the engineer. The second way is to grab your own engineer, pull out your briefcase and "unhack" your own building. But what if you've lost your barracks or Hand of Nod and can't buy an engineer? Well don't worry about that, because hacked buildings will slowly repair their own hack damage as long as they’re not dead. -New buildings: There are tons of buildings in the Tiberian Sun world, and we've decided to give each building its own function. We're going to add Tech centers, Radars, EMP cannons and super weapon structures. The radars will control the limpet drones and the radar function. The tech centers will affect the tech levels and the hunter seekers. The missile silo and upgrade center will handle the super weapons. Also Spice has been working on the GDI Service Depot and this is what he has so far. -Different game modes: I've always been a fan of variety and sometimes I get tired of the same old back and forth battles. We're going to be adding different game modes for multiplayer. Things like capture the flag, team death match, capture the token, free for all, marathon mode, and maybe an infected mode. More details will come about this later. -Poison: As you can see we've added a Toxin Trooper to the mix, and since Nod has no problem poisoning people, the Toxin Trooper will be given the ability to poison enemies once their armor is taken out. They will be given a toxin rifle and toxin grenades. This effect will slowly damage you until you get a medic to heal you or buy a new unit. Also I know you’re asking yourself, “Will mutants be affected by this toxin?” Well, yes and no. The toxin will hurt mutants, but not poison them. -Super weapons: We have a few special plans for the super weapons, but as of right now our first idea isn't ready, so for the time being Reborn will share the same super weapon logic as APB with a few exceptions. Every X number of minutes you will be given a beacon that CANNOT be disarmed. Now I know what you’re thinking: "How can we fight that?!" Well I'm glad you asked! There will be two ways to stop from getting hit. Number one is to kill the unit placing/holding the beacon, and number two is to sneak an engineer into the silo or upgrade center and have them reset the timer for the beacon. Now this is not going to be an easy thing to do at all, considering the sizes of both buildings, but if our aforementioned special plans become possible, a lot of this will change. -Mission maps: Mission maps have always been a lot of fun for me, and they give a little more of that C&C feel. Also I hate wasting assets, so you'll get a lot of mission maps. And with those mission maps you'll get to see units you won't typically see in normal gameplay, such as Kodiaks, MCVs, Carryalls, the Montauk, Nod pyramids, Nod temples, and maybe even Kane himself! -NO MORE SNIPERS: This is what you've all been wanting to read about. Now I know some of you are all like "NOOOO WALLY YOU CANT TAKE AWAY SNIPERS RAWR!!!!!" Well yes I can, and here are a few reasons why. For one, snipers have never faired very well in W3d. They've always been a very selfish unit. Two, they do very little for the team and are more of a "RAWR I HAS AWESME KD" unit. So we've decided to do away with snipers and add scoped auto-rifle units. This is how I explained it on another forum: "It won't be a hit scan weapon, and you'll have to lead your shots, but with the way we're thinking it'll work a lot better at mid range and it'll most likely fire in a 3 round burst, perhaps with an alt fire single shot, maybe with a slight charge that’s worth the damage of a 3 round burst that will cost 3 bullets to fire, so players will still get that sniper feel. This logic will apply to both Umagon and the Toxin Trooper, but the Toxin Trooper will be able to poison players he hits as long as they don’t have armor." So the basic idea is a not-sniper sniper. If you get really good at timing your shots with that alt fire it could be like a very weak sniper rifle, but the best way to think of it right now is like a DMR from Halo. You'll notice that there is also a sub blog. Lord Kane and I will be doing a live pod cast Q&A next weekend, so if you have any questions or concerns you might want address be sure to ask them there or join us live on the Bluehellproduction teamspeak Sunday night GMT -5 Post your questions in this blog http://www.bluehellp...showtopic=24912 Also next week we'll be talking about unit's weapons and the ranking system. (Yes, There will be pictures)
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