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  1. Description Almost entire northern half of To the Core map is blocked for chrono tanks to be teleported there, even if it's flat ground or road. There are just a few points where it is possible to teleport and two of these places are just big ass rocks, where, I think, it shouldn't be possible to teleport. You can also teleport on chainlink fence in the middle, or two garager roofs in the middle as well. Even on giant rock in swamp near Allied base entrance. Reproduction Steps Buy chrono tank Try to teleport anywhere on northern half of the map Usually, places where
  2. As it is in title, when engineer bot uses his entire "clip" on golden wrench, he refuses to switch weapons and becomes useless. This issue is easily noticeable on Assault Seamist. Apart from the fact that allied bots are super dumb on this map (they decided to finally start repairing base after 10 minutes of the game), this may be quite serious issue on 1v0, 1v1, 1v2 or 2v2 matches. PS.: Also i noticed some strange things regarding bots and their behaviour, but i'm not sure if those are errors, or intentional actions, so i won't put it here.
  3. Description Just another missing texture. You can see my ranger through it. Reproduction Steps Go on Camos Canyon and locate wrecked Tesla Tank, south side of the map, in front of a bunker on southern hill. Look on it's rear and notice that you can see through it. PS.: Sorry for making trouble ':D
  4. Description There is a texture in Soviet Refinery on To The Core, that doesn't render properly. However it renders if player is outside of the building. Reproduction Steps Soviet Refinery on ToTheCore Look at doorstep of any door on bottom floor from inside. Get outside and look again to compare it with proper texture. Allied Refinery, as well as any other building doesn't have such issue. Door leading to refinery roof on second floor renders properly from both outside and inside. EDIT: I've heard that somebody had similiar issue.
  5. Description I have no ground texture&hitbox on New map Christmas 2020. I imported the game from different PC. Map launched on single player (that's why OT keeps falling I assume). What should i do to redownload it? Or maybe sb can give me a link to the map file so i can fix it manually?
  6. Some levitating trees on To The Core. Located on hill, north of the Allied base. A total of four trees near the map border, as marked below.
  7. As in title, Soviet OT route on Camos Canyon is bugged. It goes flawlessly to the ore field, but then goes few meters PAST it, which causes in not collecting ore and it stays there forever. Only way to force it to dump resources is to push it back on Ore field, so after being fully loaded it returns to Refinery, dumps ore, but then, again, same issue happens. In the meantime, Allied OT works as intended. This is serious issue, so please, fix it asap.
  8. Surely not sneak changes Or even not entire update. In 3.5.0, only good changes (imo) was Tesla buff and MiG reworked physics. So it is not only about new changes, but changes overall. 3.5.1 is changing literally nothing, but it is minor update, so i will ignore it for now. So first of all, I want APB to be alive, second - i hope that changes made in 3.5 update will be reconsidered. And I am still waiting for those goddamn doggos.
  9. Does anyone remember the game? Did anyone notice server is constantly empty lately? Is APB... dying? Honestly, APB was and still is one of the best game I ever had a pleasure to play. But apparently, latest changes are not what me and as I assume - other players - would like to see (with all respect to Pushwall and all other Admins&Mods for their hard work over making the game better). Still tho, server is empty, no games played and noone honestly like playing the game with bots in a long term. I didn't even downloaded current update - because there is no point in it.
  10. The worst update since... whatever. I have no words for that shit.
  11. 1: Can you remove/ rework dust clouds created by movement? it looks like threads instead of legs. 2: Crushing vehs is quite nice. But the look of destroying stuff and dissappearing without a trace is a little bit painful. It would be nice if ANY destroyed vehicle cause craters or wreckage like in IA. 3: DTs are now useless against MK2, cuz of short range and hard gun handling. It will be crushed easily. Moreover, it may cause destroying DTs while burrowing. One more thing i would like to mention, but it's quite late is about Confessor Gun new texture. I don't really like
  12. and Means, that destroyers can easily outrange RPG troopers with Strela shooting from SubPen? Rip Soviets on Coastal Influence ;)
  13. Lately, I found out some problems with the maps rotation. They tend to appear out of order. Also, "!rotation" cammand usually stuck on RA_Zama and shows incorrect map order. Here is an example:
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