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  1. Tbh, one of the first nice things I noticed playing the game for the first time, was two free combat charaters, that were quite different in terms of role: close quarters machinegunner and long distance fighting rifleman. It is nice to have choice of playstyle. That's why I personally dislike the idea of making rifleman priced. However, if you think this is necessary, let it be.
  2. How about rotta carabine? It is very powerful and also has great rof. You literally can rush onto three ppl without thinking about it and win. Moreover, you don't really need too much skill, unlike Iphigenia which requires good aiming skill. At least these are mine experiences so far.
  3. Meh. Just installed fresh modern client. "Please run a repair on the game". Sure...
  4. Scrolling through weapons while running too many times, causes them to became unuseful. After stop, you cannot shot, even though the gun is loaded. This is not a cooldown time caused by weapons switch, as it is permanent. Only fix is to die or repurchase character (not refill). Trigger: Take Rocket soldier, Sprint and keep scrolling up and down for a while. After pressing LMB, you cannot shot at all from both weapons. UPDATE: Apparently, it is caused by weapon switch cooldown. While sprinting, switching weapons causes cooldown time to add up instead of refreshing it. While stationary or jogging, cooldown works perfectly fine. Inability to shot has duration and it depends on amount of scrolling I do while running. After about a minute, I can use weapons again.
  5. Excuse me... who are you? What is your name ingame? Cuz i've never seen your name in Reborn. It doesn't even look like you have much experience in it. But i will comment each of your opinions, taking MPRA2 comment into consideration. I see no reason beyond buffing reaper with speed and more rockets. Tho, they may should have little bit more range and lock-on mechanics. Web is a must for reaper, but as they said, it is suspended for rework. (Like they couldn't leave it as it is right now, because "it was too annoying"). Mammoth MK1 appearance in original TS is pretty limited to campaign mission, where you can man them as these are abandoned, or find them in crates. Those should not be purchaseable. And I am glad they are not. Riot trooper is an unit with plenty of possibilities. Baton sounds funny and maybe it is not a bad idea. But it's already close combat unit using shotgun. Also in TS, they really had stun guns or whatever it was to stun riot leaders and spook civilians. So I hope someone with better imagination will find something special for it. Shield may be too op tho. And please, no goddamn EMP grenades. If there is something really annoying, it wouldn't be Reaper's web, but EMP nades. Please, NEVER implement those. And regarding to movement, if they wouldn't have shields and be only close quarters, they may should be faster. About jumpjet, what you 've just suggested is copletely trash. JJ is already quite powerful unit and fastest infantry ingame. It is already hard to hit them. Now they can at least be killed with guns, not only rockets. Umagon: Afaik it is squshable. Ghostalker: It shouldn't and I hope it will never be. Yeah, why don't just make Rebel mutant only char possible? It has Gun and Rockets. It will be perfect all-rounder and everyone will buy it , because why not (ekhem... Cyborg). But i wouldn't mind putting such unit into crates, if those would exist in TSR 2.0. Tick tank dig just a little into the ground. I think animation is taken from TS cutscene. Anyway, first, in orginal TS, they worked as towers or static defense, they didn't dig entirely into the ground. Second, it's burrowing claws are too small to burrow entire tank into the ground. And third... why? For what reason? And no regeneration when deployed. Those things already take less damage when deployed, have greater distance and maybe even better dpm (not sure with the last one tho). Regarding Machinegun, I tought about it a lot since I started playing Reborn. They have chaingun mounted on their turrets already. But on the other hand, Tanks couldn't use them in original TS. And if these would be implemented, Titans should get those too. And if so, machineguns shouldn't be too powerful, as ticks and titans are supposed to be anti tank and good enough to kill buildings and base defs, as they are now. Disc throwers would be fun with alternative grenade type. But what type it should be tho? Definitely not EMP tho. DTs are already good against all vehicles. EMP tanks will be implemented in 2.0 for both factions. I think... Dunno about limpet. If it should exist and what should it do. Maybe Limpets should work like emp mines. I think they took everything out of Original TS to put in reborn. There is not too much infantry in TS, I'm glad we have more than that in Reborn.
  6. Borgs cannon as well as flamethrower was for Elite cyborgs only. That's why it's so imba - because they didn't think about consequences of those changes.
  7. Hello GeneralCamo I'm glad hearing those answers. While we are still in the topic, I want to point out, that there is no Service depot for Nod and refill pads for both, which may be quite annoying. MSGs are actually Mobile Lag Generators. I have no "Unit ready" sound at all. MRV still has no beam.
  8. Here, I will post my opinions about most changes in this update and why is it good / bad or totally dumb, to let you know why I am raging so much about it and discuss. Overall quite good change, as units with rockets should work well as AA. Dunno if it applies to JJ, but because of it's HP nerf it doesn't matter that much. Making it way less interesting. I hope it's just temporarily suspended for balance purposes, as this mechanics is gamechanging and makes playing infantey far more enjoyable. I'm okay with that. They also keep their anti-vehicle dmg as I suppose. Dunno bout cyborgs. They are already powerful on foot. Now they can also be agile. But... With this change and no nerf, these thing should at least be more expensive. Or got their HP & magazine capacity nerfed. Now it's OP even more. Grats. (Yes, i keep in mind, that Veterancy is no longer a thing, but it's still to much for this unit) I hope, that Gravity reduction will be enough, but still I don't know about this change. It may be less situational, but with range reduction and no alt fire, it may become unit only for rushing structures, or defending base. It makes sense. It's a little bit of shame tho, they don't have EMPs anymore, but these should be at least nerfed hard. It's another gameplay mechanics that goes to trash. As I said earlier. HP reduction is ok. If rockets change also applies, it may be too much of a nerf. New disc throwers. I already see them camping on cliffs above GDI base etc, making use of their nades gravity factor. But not imba I think. Just very annoying when used correctly. And this is good change overall imo. Making it effectively all-rounder. Good change for vehs and buildings. Not so much for infantry. Remove burning damage and it will be ok. Dumbest change you could ever done to the already overpowered unit. Even with veterancy removal, it will shit on everyone and everything. Nerf it's HP AT LEAST to 450 or 425. Ghostalker is now even more shittier in comparison to CC, than it was. And, oh yes, EMP mines don't exist anymore More Wolvie rushes, but it's OK change. Another alternative/posibility/you name it - goes right into the trash. Good change. If they were caught on field, they were usually dead a moment later. And now it will profit from enemy inattention, when it comes to assaulting bases. I think, you should do something with Nod Arty instead. I hope you will do something about it in the upcoming updates. I think it's a good change. But repairing Nod War Factory from inside when it's bombarded is now impossible, hope you knew it FINALLY. Best change in this update. What does it even mean? Good change for beam. You never knew if it repairs or not. Now you will. And it won't be easier to use it with better range. Reaper damage wasn't good enough, but on the other hand, it's shape was tricky to shoot at. BUT DAMN, WHY THE F*** YOU REMOVED WEB?! YOu could make it so you cannot shoot after using web (As it was few years ago). But no, you removed f***ing another game mechanics because it was... I don't even know, it's just stupid decision. Better accuracy instead pls. I don't know about that. I just don't know. GDI base defs were already easier to kill than Nod ones. But those were sometimes super annoying. We will se how it will work. Good. Annoying shiit. Though, I would rather make them less likely than remove entirely on some maps.. And add "Ion Storm Approaching" notification. This one is good. But only followed with placing sams on cliffs, so they can make Orcas bombing War Factory or engis storming PP harder. But still die after just a few shots, huh? Who even CARES? This map is unplayable because of grass and leaves made of fucking titanium. At least middle route is now valind with removal of those mutants. Now, what's still missing? - Rocket Soldier range nerf - Ghostalker buff (swich armor into Health, so he can refill on tiberium, or add HP. And give him more speed, as you have done with CC) - MKII auto cannon turret nerf (this shit has better dpm than mammoth railguns) - Buggy and cycle need sth like handbrake. (Like in APB) - Titan is still shit, because it cannot usually keep it's balance, making it super hard and annoying to use. - fixing Mammy and literally every unit getting stuck everywhere. - Better usage of gun slots (for chameleon spy or engi) - DT's armor buff and gun handling - Tick tank bug fix, where it cannot shoot after leaving it while deployed - Probably some more, but I can't tell right now. And regarding APB patch, I've posted everything that was wrong with it already
  9. Who was so amazingly stupid to push some of these changes and even to approve them? This patch may be even worse, than 3.5.0 patch for APB. Congrats Try playing the game at least once before trying to patching it
  10. Description Almost entire northern half of To the Core map is blocked for chrono tanks to be teleported there, even if it's flat ground or road. There are just a few points where it is possible to teleport and two of these places are just big ass rocks, where, I think, it shouldn't be possible to teleport. You can also teleport on chainlink fence in the middle, or two garager roofs in the middle as well. Even on giant rock in swamp near Allied base entrance. Reproduction Steps Buy chrono tank Try to teleport anywhere on northern half of the map Usually, places where you should not be able to teleport are the ones that allow you to do so All other maps are mostly flawless in this case, however, pipeline has old map picture (showing some rocks which don't exist), but teleport mask is completely fine.
  11. As it is in title, when engineer bot uses his entire "clip" on golden wrench, he refuses to switch weapons and becomes useless. This issue is easily noticeable on Assault Seamist. Apart from the fact that allied bots are super dumb on this map (they decided to finally start repairing base after 10 minutes of the game), this may be quite serious issue on 1v0, 1v1, 1v2 or 2v2 matches. PS.: Also i noticed some strange things regarding bots and their behaviour, but i'm not sure if those are errors, or intentional actions, so i won't put it here.
  12. Description Just another missing texture. You can see my ranger through it. Reproduction Steps Go on Camos Canyon and locate wrecked Tesla Tank, south side of the map, in front of a bunker on southern hill. Look on it's rear and notice that you can see through it. PS.: Sorry for making trouble ':D
  13. Description There is a texture in Soviet Refinery on To The Core, that doesn't render properly. However it renders if player is outside of the building. Reproduction Steps Soviet Refinery on ToTheCore Look at doorstep of any door on bottom floor from inside. Get outside and look again to compare it with proper texture. Allied Refinery, as well as any other building doesn't have such issue. Door leading to refinery roof on second floor renders properly from both outside and inside. EDIT: I've heard that somebody had similiar issue.
  14. Description I have no ground texture&hitbox on New map Christmas 2020. I imported the game from different PC. Map launched on single player (that's why OT keeps falling I assume). What should i do to redownload it? Or maybe sb can give me a link to the map file so i can fix it manually?
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