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  1. Only difference is that the SU/ISU were produced by the soviets and the jagdtiger by the germans. It might be a vehicle that would try to take on the tortoise, with likely a stronger cannon at the cost of the machine guns the tortoise has.
  2. I have noticed some higher ping aswell, often in the 200 range. Could likely be because of the COVID stuff yeah.
  3. I love my prism tank. Both in RA2 and in IA. Still waiting for RA AR to try it out there aswell. In RA2 amazing against buildings and infantry, just keep a few grizzies along in case of enemy tanks. IA same concept but rather for long range sniper shots at tanks then to use it against infantry. Ofcourse rather using it on defences/structures.
  4. A KV-2 with HE rounds (AP as alternate fire?) would be quite nice yeah. Long reload, not really accurate but a big punch. Would give another reason to go for the forgotten War Factory when it is around.
  5. Description As i was solo in the server and was trying to cycle map i got the T-90 out for shits and giggles. It appeared however that no matter how i turned the turret, the guns get on shooting forwards and rotated along with hull as a assault gun/TD. Reproduction Steps Just buy the T-90 from Nod, it happens on multiple maps
  6. This is just like it was back in the days of CF and NW that i played, i love and missed this game so much
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