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  1. What the ttscripts? :D Yes, I have new ttscripts, but how can this affect the map editor for Renegade? Can these scripts affect Presets in the Renegade Level Editor?
  2. Strange, but I found the Objects.ddb file and was able to put it in the Data folder, but nothing happened, the map editor still shows only a few folders in which there is nothing. Just in case, I sent photos on which this file and the map editor panel itself. 01.MHT 02.MHT 03.MHT
  3. Nothing ... The first method did not work ... What saddens that objects.ddb is not in always.dat ... I don’t know what to do ... Please give me the exact location of objects.ddb in always.dat or give the file itself ... I will be grateful to you. P.S — There is nothing on the objects panel itself (in folder Presets), there are only one folders in which there is nothing.
  4. My best unit in Red Alert 1 is a Cruiser. I like it because it can destroy buildings almost in one go! It’s a pity that this is a marine unit( My favorite unit in Red Alert 2 is Prisma Tank. It’s almost useless against tanks, but if it gets the rank of a veteran it’s just a Bomb!!! Then it becomes just deadly against tanks! My best unit in C&C Generals Zero Hour - GLA Terror Truck. nothing stops the mail. There's nothing to say ... This is too cool a unit to describe it ... And... My favorite unit in C&C Renegade is the technicians with a ramjet rifle lol :D Nod Stealth Tank! Rush with such tanks is guaranteed to ensure victory Nod in multiplayer combat.
  5. Okay. Maybe you didn’t install the game itself on which the W3D hub launcher is installed, or you have the wrong name of the game itself (The correct name should be game (without exe) ) and check if you selected the game’s source folder (you can select in W3D hub launcher)
  6. I had exactly the same problem, but I solved it. I will write you a solution to this problem as soon as possible.
  7. Thank you very much))) You really helped me. I'm still going to get from always.dat objects.ddb and put it in the root folder with the game, and at the same time I will try your method. Thank
  8. Of course, I can install APB or Interim Apex, but I would like to use the resources of a regular game. And yes, I installed C&C Renegade from the disk. So, I have the game itself. Sorry for my bad english(
  9. Hi everyone) I need your help. I recently downloaded RenegadePublicTools to edit the C&C Renegade game. So here. I opened the Renegade Map Editor, and it turned out that there are NO resources (soldiers, cars, buildings, weapons, etc.). What should I do? Maybe you need to install any resources so that I can create maps for C&C Renegade? Please help me(
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