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  1. Since the last update, the proxy mines have been removed. Is this on purpose?
  2. Description Not sure if this was intended. After upgrading the $200 Nod rocket unit, I was able to also pick up a field rocket 66mm R12 but without upgrades making myself have both the normal and improved rockets. The map was C&C_Infinite_Isle_E06
  3. Thor


    If squads enabled, limit to 2 people per squad over 10x players, (2 people @ 20total, 3ppl @ 30total, etc.. per team). What is happening now is people are purposely joining with random names, then joining with their original name to ensure they are on the same team. Same concept. If people are leaving / join (mods included) to make this happen, then it should be adjusted as needed to avoid team stacking. So at end of day, I think either have squads for 2 people enabled(or formula) or is disallow it overall to keep it fair(regardless of status). People keep leaving and join to stack the teams. (Anybody can exploit this if wanted to, or willing to; it shouldn't be a difference) There are a few clear cases this as already happened without squads.....
  4. Thor

    Vehicle Crate - Orca

    Update: It did spawn, finally found it, but there is no texture associated with it. I can shoot people, but no one can see me.
  5. Thor

    Vehicle Crate - Orca

    Description The Vehicle Crate does not drop an Orca Assault Craft. Team: GDI Map: Winter_Assault
  6. (usually) Teamwork is needed to pay. Teamwork is needed to kill enemy team. Pick the battle.
  7. Kill the enemy team quickly before they can get the restore ... you have the advantage... If the team wants to just sit and whore, let it be so and lose. Building restores are OK as they are... They are no different then a Con Yard rebuild process.
  8. Description Map: Mt. Pass Team: GDI Blue Tiberium and Green Tiberium harvesting return with the same results and points (was 7200 total with 120 points for both). It returns OK for Nod side. Player count was 24. Reproduction Steps Get Harvester Try Blue Tib Try Green Tib
  9. Thor

    Tib Dump

    Description Return to Tib Buidling but it gets killed while in dump porcess Reproduction Steps Harvest Start dump into the Refinery building then killed after first dump message Refinery building is dead but then harv dump is still acknowledged and team gets credits
  10. Thor

    Gizmo Upgrade

    Description Upon Gizmo upgrade, for the pioneer unit, GDI is from rep gun v1 to Improved rep gun v1, Nod goes from v1 to improved v2
  11. Thor

    Stimulator Z axis

    Description Not sure if intended, but a tib Stimulator can be placed under or above a tib field to still work ok. Reproduction Steps Map Suspence Pionner - Build Stimulator under the red tib
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