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Found 5 results

  1. Version 1.1.1


    An approved and custom HUD for Interim Apex. Quite a popular HUD in the renegade but becoming harder and harder to find. This HUD was originally not created by me. I took some of the Old APB HUD Metal Edges and implemented it around the corners of the layout. Not recommended for beginners as this will cover up the names of all the weapons. Features include - Better Radar Layout with less intrusive background - Darker GDI Gold and Nod Red Text to help display better on your screen. Also brighter Mutant Green displays on radar to see Viceroids better. - Custom Icons to help display Vehicles, Buildings, Infantry and Beacons better. - Removed black text bar over messages - The numbering of your Armor is displayed more clearly - Metal Edging alongside the HUD Layout to help better define the box sectors. - Private Messages are now displayed in Pink. - Larger score. It's actually readable now. (If you're having trouble with the bigger font and want to go back to the original smaller Score font. Then go to (ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release >IAFiles>InterimApex) Once in the folder, delete font6x8. To install, simply follow these instructions. You're going to take the files from the folder and drop them into your IA DATA folder. Navigation there is as follows. This PC>Computer R (C:)>Program Files (x86)>W3Dhub>Games>ia-release>IAFiles>InterimApex When Interim Apex is updated. You will have to redownload this and install it again. This is due to the update replacing all the files over again. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  2. It is spring of 2020 and a bit extremely late behind schedule. With the beginning of the year we can see the unfortunate events unfold such as the Covid-19 which affects many countries around the world as well as economical impact. I hope you all stay safe and not lose your career due to this unfortunate events. Now for the real reason why this post exist? Is another update to IA and we have made it into year 2020 and we are a half a year over already. That's fast am I right? M113 Vehicle further optimize by fixing detached polys, not only that there is a face lift for the M1064. M60 Patton is a new tank for GDI, planning to replace the TAM tank costing 1,000. Dilemma atm still thinking what to do with TAM tanks. FV101 Scorpion will be the new GDI tank replacing the X1A Brazilian Tank model. The top speed is at 16 m/s Nod SU-122-54 is a free upgrade! No string attach! Same price but different behavior and who knows? Is new and improved version. Screenshot of Vile Facility tweaked/adjusted locations. Now Vile Facility has Beacon, I forget about em. Also made some minor adjustments to the map. Vehicle Transition, now this has been something I been working on but I only applied to the newest unit and finally have a standardize it. Thanks to Learony for discussion with me here's the diagram of the priority location for the exiting crew. So the driver, passenger or crew will exit on number 1, follow by 2, 3, 4 ,5 ,6, 7 and lastly 8th. EDITED : At number 6 exit point has been removed due to some issues exiting where you can get at uneven terrain. Last but not least, there something I would like to show you, some might have know what is it. But this is going to be a 3rd party/individual upgrade I haven't finalize the name yet. But they will be consist of 3 main things, they are Armament, Equipment., Survivalibility. ( AES ). Therefore as Ignatio Mobius said :- "The possibilities of Tiberium... are Limitless!" The UI for the possibility to customize / upgrade individual vehicle is far from being a reality as this is just a stepping stone, might need to discuss with Dblaney on how and if is feasible or not. I was inspired and drawn to reference of Scud Storm mod since they did construction in the game, additional upgrade for vehicle like a repair drone and many more. Roadmaps? Can't promise that it will be in before end of 2020 but here's what I think is feasible to see. 1 new map and 1 remaster/remake map to be made it in before end of 2020, or more. Possibly to re-revist the train,tram and monorail unit. Perhaps that new map will see the light of day. Revamp VTOL Aircraft re balancing. Rework or give face lift to some older models that are in the game, I think about 10 vehicles. Begin working on overhauling existing infantry gun play. Finally, I will end this message with a long list of change log as listed below.
  3. Version 1.3.0


    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: (INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS) Installing is simple if you follow these instructions. There are 2 folders.. one marked ttfs and one marked data. You're going to take the sound files from the ttfs sounds folder and drop them into your IA ttfs folder. Navigation there is as follows. ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release > IAFiles > InterimApex > ttfs > files You're going to take the sound files from the DATA SOUNDS folder and drop them into your IA DATA folder. Navigation there is as follows. ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release >Data When Interim Apex is updated. You will have to redownload this and install it again. This is due to the update replacing all the files over again. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. For some reason I can’t figure out how to do polls on the forum, I apologize. I was going to ask people would they A). want a cheaper orca fighter B). A more Armored one C). More damage -OR- D). The 2,500 Orca Fighter is fine as is The reasoning behind the poll is that I see the Orca Anti-Tank being used more often but it is the cheaper of the two. -The Orca Anti-Tank is half the price, does twice the DPS, and has a machine gun to kill off infantry with. Downside slower and less armored. -The Orca Assault is the cheapest, does the most damage in a single run (because of the high ammo count without reloading) -obvious down side is the slow ROF, and has less armor (but hey can’t beat that low price). -Orca Fighter is faster and better armored than the other two, and can dump a full salvo in alt click. Downside -less damage -no machine gun -very little splash (not good against infantry) -twice the price -has to face enemy to attack (unlike machine gun) - slower ROF due to reload speed (better for wide open maps). -All Three have approximately the same weapons range Anyone have any other Thoughts? Did I miss anything regarding aircraft? And what do you choose when selecting GDI aircraft?
  5. When you missed the Autumn-Halloween Build, the best is to push it out the following season, which is now. -To begin, the M113 Chassis has been revamp, for all M113 vehicles such as the M901 Tow, M579 Repair, M132 Zippo, M113 HVMS, and M113 ADATS. G6 Rhino is the revamp of the Nod famous Artillery unit. M113 Armored Personal carrier. Can be a Gun platform, a support or a utility vehicle. Vile Facility Remaster or shall we say Remake? Just like Winter Assault, Vile Facility took its original design from the old and remake from ground up to accommodate the future proof build of the upcoming units and its feature. It is 25% larger than the previous Vile Facility, which add various objects, props and structure from RA1 universe which currently is not in use but will be activated in the near future, it is by far the most detail map I ever made second to Winter Assault. I cannot say for sure but stay tune. Year 2020 ( "Wawasan" 2020 ) will be another amazing chapter. Added Construction Yard Added Communication Center Added Forgotten War Factory 90% of the buildings in this map you may enter. RA1 Advanced Power Plant, Ore Refinery and Radar Dome are in, their feature and usage are limited as their feature is not yet in. Screenshot near to Nod Power Plant Screenshot near to GDI Base by the abandon Ore Refinery ( Hint future usage ) Screenshot Water Pump house. Screenshot Fort Kick Ass, well is Container Fort. I recall OWA mentioned something about it. Changelog as listed below. Any hot fix will be edited on the change log above. Date will be included below...
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