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Misc. Files

For anything that isn't a sound, texture or map.

2 files

  1. Interim Apex Funny Strings/Names (UPDATED 03/28/2023)

    This file changes the strings or names of everything into comedic funny things. There is quite alot of names to explore! The names of things when you kill stuff remains server side and the same therefore it doesn't get confusing. To install simply drop the file here.
    ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release > IAFiles > InterimApex > ttfs > files
    Drop them in and start playing. Enjoy! 


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  2. Interim Apex Custom HUD

    An approved and custom HUD for Interim Apex. Quite a popular HUD in the renegade but becoming harder and harder to find. This HUD was originally not created by me. I took some of the Old APB HUD Metal Edges and implemented it around the corners of the layout. Features include
    - Better Radar Layout with less intrusive background
    - Darker GDI Gold and Nod Red Text to help display better on your screen. Also brighter Mutant Green displays on radar to see Viceroids better.
    - Custom Icons to help display Vehicles, Buildings, Infantry and Beacons better.
    - The numbering of your Armor is displayed more clearly
    - Metal Edging alongside the HUD Layout to help better define the box sectors.
    To install, simply follow these instructions.
    You're going to take the files from the folder and drop them into your IA DATA folder. 
    Navigation there is as follows. 
    This PC>Computer R (C:)>Program Files (x86)>W3Dhub>Games>ia-release>IAFiles>InterimApex
    When Interim Apex is updated. You will have to redownload this and install it again. This is due to the update replacing all the files over again. I apologize for the inconvenience.

    (Big thanks to MoltenJam for enabling the text for weapons and Dblaney1 for fixing it up so it actually works with the IA UI!)


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