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  1. The gun/turret model moves correctly, but the bullets come out straight forward
  2. I have noticed a huge difference between front vs side damage received, so I guess that would explain it. I agree about Nod not really having a cheap slugging tank, other than the t62. I think if its nerfed much at all Nod will suffer. I still believe it shouldnt be able to out range the AGT, which also means you can engage enemy tanks from further than they can. Other than range, maybe making its reload a little slower will balance it. i feel like it is already a bit slow, too much more and it would be tedious to drive.
  3. this player constantly spammed chat with the sound messages, honestly probably at least 100 messages, forcing pretty much everyone to disable sounds additionally, to a much lesser extent, EricGCK and miblet joined in at the beginning too a vote mute feature would be very awesome, I hope it can some day be implimented
  4. Oh man, I didn't realize it was that bad haha D= hopefully since you brought it up to people, it can be fixed quickly thanks!
  5. I played Mt Bog earlier as GDI, and someone driving a t-62 was able to out range the AGT. Idk if the range was changed in the last update, but I am pretty sure I don't remember that being a thing before. The t-62 has always been a pretty good tank all around, but there is no way that thing should be able to out range the AGT, that would negate the need for arty completely. Also, IMO, having one, let alone two, obelisk guns on that map is pretty awful. When there is only a few players per team, its way too easy to, at the start of the map, find a little hole to shoot the enemy base with it and its so hard to counter.
  6. I agree that the stealth heli is pretty easy to kill, if you can spot it before it kills you I played a 2v2 match where someone was just cruising around the map with one, and was able to kill me like, 6 times in a row because I couldnt spot him. again, im not the best player, still annoying. Doubly so because the GDI cheap AA is super under powered, and the med one is disabled right now. I also have a really hard time hitting anything with the spaag, but I don't use it often. On winter assault are quite strong. even if they aren't that effective against ground units, they have LOADS of health and armor, and in a late game the enemy team can easily afford to cap your shipyard and spawn 3 battleships, and then if they get a heli up, there is basically nothing you can do. I know this is kinda part of the gameplay, and i get that, but some of these things are just too much and just ruin any fun in the game, for the receiving side at least. Im curious on other peoples thoughts on ion and nuke beacons, especially on small servers, because I feel like that is literally the worst part of the game for me, and ruins any fun to be had when someone does that.
  7. Some people may not agree with some of my thoughts, which is fine, but i think these are things that would improve the fun of the game, and decrease frustration, because I play the game to have fun. My first, and probably biggest problem with the game right now, is nuke/ion beacons. If I had my way, for servers with less than 5 or less players per side, I would disable them completely, but I realize that's not going to happen. My suggestion is that when there is 5 or less players per side to have the beacon time be 1 minute or maybe 1.5 minute. When there is so few people its usually at least 15s before you can even get to beacon. The next related problem is people camp the beacons, obviously, but when players literally park vehicles on top of beacons its total BS, and makes it effectively impossible to diffuse, especially in 30s. A lesser concern is that they are so tiny, if you are trying to dodge vehicles or gunfire to diffuse, they are hard to remain pointing at. Its also quite frustrating to have like 5 plants in a row. some further suggestions, idk if these are possible, but perhaps if beacons are set up outside a building, which 99% are, make it do a max of like 75%-90% damage to building so its not quite so easy for someone to rush a base, find a place defenses can't hit, plant, and park on beacon for a guaranteed kill of any structure. Perhaps also their could be a time limit after one is called before another can be called. As a related thing to this, there needs to be less beacons laying around the map *cough vile facility *caugh The next biggest thing is that once you loose a barracks, the free units are garbage. The snipers, with bullet drop, are 100% useless. the few times I used them, 99% of my bullets miss because I have no idea where TF the bullets are going. The engi having barbed wire and a MG is actually super nice, props for that. The 'shotgun trooper' or whatever, is only bought for the rocket launcher. It does acceptable damage I guess, with sub par range, and props for upping the rockets from 3 to 5, but the time to reload makes it super useless. There is also some kind of weird firing delay which makes it really hard for me to hit moving vehicles. I feel like there should be a few infantry that can be bought for like, $400-$60, without the barracks, that are at least not useless. Probably one that is more effective vs infantry, and one that is decent vs infantry and aircraft. Related, one of the Ren servers allows a team with no War Factory to still call in, for Nod, a light tank for a higher cost, and only one every min or so. I think this would be a really good idea to allow peopleto call in a few vehicles for a lot more $$$, so a team without a War Factory can have at least something. Next, I think the face that OBI, AGT, and ATADS guns have unlimited ammo is absolutely insane. They are already super OP guns, which is ok as they are special weapons, and I know the OBI is a timed thing, but there is no way they should have unlimited ammo. I just played a match where someone got an AGT gun and was able to completely dominate for 10+ min because no one was able to kill him. They need to be limited ammo, and not able to be refilled with !ammo. As a continuation of that, the fact that tesla troopers have unlimited ammo is also kinda ridiculous. As much as I love my m551, the missile it fires is far too strong for an amphibious, 700 credit, vehicle. I know its an AT missile and has a longer reload, but it does like, 30% too much damage, in my opinion. I think that GDI should have something similar to the Nod anti tank sniper, or he should loose his scope, as the cheapest sniper GDI have is $500 I think the stealth heli is FAR too powerful with a very high damage output and well, stealth. more than once someone has just patrolled around the map, outside of AA range, and been able to sneak up on anyone in a vehicle and been able to destroy it from behind before they can turn around. I'm not sure if giving it less missiles or just making them do a bit less damage would be beter, but its just such a frustrating unit. Obviously, the spy. There needs to be some way to tone it down a little. I know there is another thread about it, but my 2 cents would be the stealth icon above them if they are seen by a sensor truck (names escaping me atm), or perhaps it gets announced that one has entered the base, because often times I don't even think to look until someone mentions it or one of our buildings blows up. Vile. I love the new map, but I have not ever seen Nod win. Most of the time I have played it devolves into an Ion-fest with SO MANY WAYS to sneak into the base. 96 mines on this map is laughable. I honestly don't know if giving Nod an OBI would solve this, but something needs to be done. The cheapest GDI AA (im having a total brain fat on the names right now), I can't remember its damage, but it has a comically long reload which makes it completely useless The GDI microwave tank thing (alt to railgun mamy) is way too powerful vs buildings I think, while being fairly well armored. The 36" mammoth. its supposed to be this huge heavily armored tank, but I feel like its a bit meh to be honest. I mean, when its being repaired its decent, but just on its own it gets killed pretty quickly. Combined with its molasses slow turning its pretty vulnerable to other vehicles I think. I would honestly trade less damage for faster maneuvering cold wall (i think thats what its called, idr) this maybe an odd one, but the dam cannons at the top of the wall are WAAY too powerful. you line 4 of them up and you can kill a building pretty quickly. especially on low pop servers. also, its SO frustrating when people just cam the wall with ramjet rifles and there is nothing you can do, even more so when the barracks/HON is down. winter assault. Its super annoying that you can drive a tank up to the PP through the tunnel, because you can just blast any defenses set up and drive on through. But the really annoying thing is when enemy caps your ship yard and then you just get spammed with super hard to kill ships. And when the enemy CY is up its much harder to destroy the shipyard while not being killed by enemy ships. One possible way to solve this would be to have it announce when the enemy is capturing your shipyard, or have the shipyard not be repaired by the construction yard. totally can't remember the name of this map, but Nod is in a canyon and GDI is by the beach. IDK who thought it was a good idea to put a cave ledge that overlooks Nod base with great cover and easy access, but every time i have played that map, there is at least 1-3 people with PICs, constantly in that cave wrecking Nods base. Its also super hard to snipe them because you have to go on the hill where the harvester goes and you are totally exposed. probably 3/4 of the time I have played that map GDI wins. I have always thought of Ren as a vehicle focused game, as there are tons of other infantry games out there, but I feel that overall infantry are a bit too powerful vs tanks, and tanks are a bit too weak vs infantry. Even tanks with MGs, I find it hard to kill infantry when they are jumping around like squirrels on speed. I don't want to sound like I am complaining, I know there is always going to be some vehicle or unit that is overpowered, but these are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head that make the game go from fun and challenging to frustrating. I actually quit playing the game for like 6 months because people were abusing the nukes and ions so dam much. If I am being totally honest, I think ALL the high tier vehicles and weapons should be scaled back a bit to just slow the game down a bit, or make buildings a bit stronger. I know some of these issues can probably be attributed to the fact that I kinda suck, but I can't be the only one who finds these things irritating.
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