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    Thanks Voe! Can someone please tell me how you do a time ban? Is it !ban Razor 2 months/ !banRaqzor1months etc????
  2. The only thing I would change is that they cannot pick up a stealth suit or be stealth So easy to spot and kill and just so you know I hate them but like many other tanks and characters has its purpose
  3. Kickmofo


    I qkicked him and warned him next time he does it its a automatic 24 ban from any mods. This guy has had plenty of warnings I personally feels if he does it again its a 1 week ban then 2 weeks etc..
  4. Kickmofo


    You expect me to believe anything RC posts?
  5. Kickmofo


    If it was up to me I would make these changes to Nod: Stealth Tank Price 1000 Armour 200 ROF - The way it originally was Phase 1500 Increase Armour And the same ROF as the IA version Ezek Turn it back to previous version but make the range the same it is currently
  6. Kickmofo


    Thanks for thinking of us Aussies Kas...Yes its pretty bad here with the fires and its only getting worse with how hot is it Also thank you for looking into this for us. Let me know if you need me to do any testing Kick
  7. Kickmofo


    Hi Team Merry Christmas to all and your families! I have been able to play a number of games today and noticed that due to nerfing a number of their tanks the game is out of balance. I recommend putting all Nod tank back the way they were. In all honestly is not even worth playing Nod anymore
  8. Kickmofo


    I personally feel the stealth tanks (Ezel, Phase & Stank) are still nerfed too much. The phase tank in particular is rubbish and is hardly utilised so why even have it?
  9. You call stealing a tank and then selling it and not sharing in the funds not having team work???
  10. Other way this needs to be reviewed and until that review it should be temporarily disabled in my opinion
  11. Kickmofo


    I was trying to be diplomatic but I agree and will follow the same course of action....lets see what happens
  12. Kickmofo


    Yes he has done this a few times before. If a mod was on at the time im sure they would have taken action If he keeps this up a 24 kick is in order in my opinion
  13. Hi Team, Can I please request either the vote to cycle a map is disable or changed? The reason I ask this we dramatically lose player count because people are frustrated that 3/4 maps get changed within a 10 min period. 1. Require 65% of votes with in first 5 mins of map starting 2. Require 70% of votes within first 5 mins of map starting All maps can only be voted to skip once per game Thanks for consideration Kick
  14. Kickmofo


    In my opinion a spy should not be able to pick up a stealth suit or a weapon or any kind. You as a team need to ensure you mine your base put up an MSA and camp. If you dont choose to do this then you have to accept you may loose. The majorioty of the games are usualy decided within the first 25 mins and not because of a spies
  15. Kickmofo


    To whom it may concern, Can you please fix the SIDAM now it is greatly affecting the game!!!!!!!!!
  16. Its his tank he earned the credit so he can do what the f--k he wants with it. I know its frustrating and its not in the spirit of team play but its his tank
  17. The SIDAM is OP now someone please look into it and a whole bunch of other stuff Why in the hell do you people keep on making changes so often when the server was fine? After you nerfed the Grizlly and dynamite the game play has gone down hill
  18. I have to agree Can and admin please make a rules not to allow this? Also what about base defences on building and hills above an opponents base?
  19. Lets get s a few things clear and check the logs for proof I didn't know it was you (wnxh3adsh00t)as I dont have IRC. So to clear this up I nevere know a person when they come under a smurf name not that it mattered in this instance I never once spoke "trash" to you You first started messaging me (open chat) to leave the server and go to sniper server You then purchased a 36 inch and left it in the base for several minutes while you left the base to snipe I asked you nicely (via PM) to come and get it because people were complaining as it was locked in base you didn't....obviously An ion storm came and someone said unlock it or they will get into in base and destroy our base while storm was going I quicked you you then came back in with my real name or to that effect (GavinFaggotChedder) and you have been warned not only by me but admins not to do this I think kicked you for 24 hrs you then came back with a name n0gger (nigger?) but because the 24hr kick was in effect it auto kicked you you then came into TS and abused me again All always have an issue with mods as you have had several run ins, JoMamma etc.. If an admin see fir to remove you kick then so be it otherwise dont use my real name or anyone else for that matter If you are personally threatening me then that is fine we can lets other authorities deal with that. My advice to you is to play within the rules Rules below...No impersonation of any form Rules Always follow the instructions of moderators English is the main language on this server so please speak English when playing with other people. (if you are just with 2 people then it's fine just as long as you speak English when there are more people of whom you are unsure if they speak English). If you want to speak in a different language to someone please use the PM system. Open a chat window press '/' and start typing the name of the recipient. Press space and then type your message. No cheating No impersonation of any form, be it either clans, players, or both. This includes wearing clantags of a clan you are not part of, or making a tag to make it look like you are part of a clan that you are not part of. Examples an [sG] member wearing the |-TA tag or a -|TA member wearing a [sG]- tag. No Team-hampering No blocking the AI Ore Trucks No unfair bug abuse No Killwhoring or any other kind of whoring (these issues will only result in a ban or kick if it is done on a daily basis and is bad for the community) No abusive language of any sort. No ban or kick evading. Breaking any of these rules may result in a timed ban, kick(24 hr ban) or a qkick(warning kick, aka quick kick).
  20. Kickmofo


    I too am sick of people listen in on game tactics. Can a TS mod give a few more people access to move people from the channel?
  21. And common sense prevails.................
  22. Some points for you to consider Due to recent changes, the player count has dropped... You make a change to things because 1 or 2 players complain? Why not make changes so SBH cant pick up weapons? Why don't playerslearn how to defend the Dynamites?
  23. Really made a mess of this one..............
  24. I have been playing this great game now since demo (Circa 16 years) and tested some of the original IK maps with Yap and DB years ago. Do I like the maps, tanks & characters Yes & No some require a little tweaking here and there but not everyone including myself will ever be happy? I think we just need to be grateful that YAP & dblaney1 still work on Renegade. Without them and people like Zunnie (RIP old friend) Renegade would be dead so I thank you for all your hard work! Enjoy what we have while we still have it!!! @dblaney1 - Fix the snipers LOL
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