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Found 5 results

  1. Good Evening all. Due to the amount of things in ECW and no real collection or wiki for it, I am making a user guide that will hopefully shed some light on where to find things or get perks. I understand there will be a group that will say "That's just the nature of the game. You should go find stuff". But I am not interested in spending 2 hours trying to find a vehicle that i've been wanting forever and also have to earn money for in the first place. I hope you find this information well and encourage all with knowledge to post their findings below as it would really help out. I do not have everything unlocked and also forgot some things so do remember this thread will be ongoing as people list things of their own. Again, please comment on anything you have found yourself that isn't included. Thank you. TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 1: Vehicles Section 2: Perks/Power Ups/Pets Section 3: Weapons Section 4: Locations Section 5: Characters Section 6: (City) Events Section 7: Server Records Section 8: Tips/Tricks for beginners Section 9: Radio Soundtrack List SECTION 1 (Vehicles) *Note: Typical easy to find vehicles such as a Panda or Delorean will not be added* SECTION 2 (Perks/Power Ups/Pets) Section 3: (Weapons) *Please note that average weapons such as the pistol or shotgun will not be listed* *Damage will be categorized as such due to different weapon types and categorizing all their damages into one. (Example 100 damage from dynamite doesn’t make sence if it only does a small amount of damage when you’re far away) Damage types: None, Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, Unsurvivable* Section 4: (Locations) *Please note that Spawn and Average Normal Locations will not be included. This includes the Desert/City/Air Craft Carrier* Section 5: (Characters) Section 6: (City Events) Section 7: (Server Records) *Will constantly need updating* *Updated Last Jan 28th, 2019* Section 8: (Tips/Tricks for beginners) Section 9: Radio Soundtrack List *NOTE* This is still being typed up and edited. Not to be considered an Official Version.
  2. After some messing around in the settings of ECW, I found and set the multi-sample anti-alias in the BHS.dll options. Now whenever I try to load the game, it always gives me a black screen. Not even the known ways of working around the black screen issue in 'Testament's Tips on Surviving ECW' work. Now what?
  3. The ECW sewers are the peregrinations of a mad-man. Identical locations with identical graffitti, incorrect overhead signs and pathways that skip over other routes in ways that you don't suspect; even after you try to draw them. The sewers have now been tamed. Locations and directions are correct, however distances are only approximate (map is not to scale). Original .SVGz file (compressed svg, a vector format) contains high-res location screenshots and other details. Please report any errors or improvements you find when playing the game. This map should mostly be error-free, but occasionally you find a deer in the water. Map made using only legitimate gameplay, because it's more fun. If you know more than what's in the map, but only know of it because of methods such as viewing the map models or from flying outside the map, then please start a new thread to discuss your info. Don't ruin it for me too. ECW underground - release 01.svgz
  4. Good morning all. I'm trying to install the latest and greatest update to ECW in order to play the game however it is not allowing me to install the Always.dat 2 / 3 . zip It downloads all of it however it just says "Failed" whenever its done downloading all the content. So it's an issue of installing it. To remedy this I have tried to click "fix" and reinstalling it but to no avail. It was working before I had to update so idk whats included with this update but it isnt' going to compatible with my computer. I will try a couple more things and report back if I find a solution but please help if you know anything. Thank you.
  5. When I'm trying to do the tutorial, the game crashes, I made it through the first part for parachutes, but the second one hit me next. I do have a crashdump for it now. will be in the spoiler box so it doesn't show up as a massive wall of text. will report more bugs when found. Tanks.
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