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  1. SDK Download Link 3DS Max 2017 Export Plugin
  2. The ECW sewers are the peregrinations of a mad-man. Identical locations with identical graffitti, incorrect overhead signs and pathways that skip over other routes in ways that you don't suspect; even after you try to draw them. The sewers have now been tamed. Locations and directions are correct, however distances are only approximate (map is not to scale). Original .SVGz file (compressed svg, a vector format) contains high-res location screenshots and other details. Please report any errors or improvements you find when playing the game. This map should most
  3. This is a concept drawing (more and better pictures to come) This is a map I'd like to create each base has two exits wide enough for tanks. One narrow exit is blocked by hedgehog and leads to capturable oil pumps. The wide exit leads to a town. Forest is in the middle (might add lake or trenches or something later... not sure, but forest for now) Also main road out of town has a turnout for Ore Field (maybe mixed field) (Warning: I am a total novice at map making... but I will give it my best shot! And I will try to update frequently) Bases: A few pillboxes/FlameTowers War Fac
  4. This is a medium sized asymmetrical map. Several routes lead to a Nod controlled City called "Omega City". GDI needs to capture this city back, by destroying the nearby Nod base. A at the center of the map growing tiberium field is a key gamplay element, as its the only tibfield in this area. Nod and GDI harvesters have to move to this field to gain enough money. Both Nod and GDI have built up outposts (with tiberium dropzones, purchase terminals, vehicle repair ability and air unit ammo landing pad), which are located nearer to this tiberium field, to support control of it. You can get t
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