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ECW Sound Remaster 1.1.0

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About This File

This sound pack for ECW aims to improve and remaster a majority of primary sounds that ECW utilizes. Unfortantely, a lot of the sounds files use low frequency audio (12,500 Hz - 20,000 Hz) that degrades quality which could be due to the age of when the game was made or simply what was avaliable at the time. However, the files included in here help to fix the problem with fully replaced sounds, audio that has been re-edit'd in audacity/filter'd through various plugin's, more detailed audio and direct sound files from other games in their crystal clear 48,000 HZ format instead of what was originally an in-game recording from earlier times. It's my hope to continue this to the point of ensuring a complete revamp of ECW sound files including specfic radio stations much like GTA. Enjoy!

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


V 1.0


Sound:                                                            Change:
Outside Bass from Cars                                Redone so you can actually hear some audio and the distortion is not as heavy.

Night club audio                                            Track changed to a more night club feel. Outside building bass replaced to match.
Dowtown Ambience                                      Changed to a more clear ambience with passing police vehicles and Jet Airplanes like IRL NYC.

Famas Fire                                                     Updated to a more modern firing sound

Probe Inn Audio                                             Remastered to sound as if it's coming from a speaker with reverb instead of a normal sound file.

Red Dragon Casino Audio                             Actual Casino audio along with 3 indivdual tracks playing on a radio. Tracks have been filtered to fit.
"50cal_Machinegun"                                      Originally from Halo 1 as the gattling gun. File was replaced with the direct HQ file from Halo remastered.

a10 Gattling                                                    Actual gattling gun along with gattling engine sound in the background.

Air Raid Siren                                                  HQ air raid siren replacment

Aircraft_jet_A10_Loop                                    Minute long replacment of actual jet engine along with some slight reverb for an outside effect.

AK-47 Fire                                                       Updated AK-47

Ambexplo1 (C-130 105mm explosion)           High Quality replacment of a distant 105mm explosion along with some trail.

AmmoShells                                                     Replaced with HQ ammo shells

Apache_loop                                                    Remastered with engine whine in the background for more realisim.

Halo Assault Rile                                              Replaced with Halo CE remastered sounds. Original sounds were in-game recordings from long ago.

Autocannon                                                      Replaced with a more "stout" and crisp 20mm Autocannon.

Mad Cat MK.II Mech                                        All weapons replaced with updated audio from MW4 providing crisp, clear weapon sounds. EVA audio                                                                                        replaced as well. Lasers, Rockets, PPC's, AC etc.. are all replaced with the HQ files. Mech eject.

AWP1_bc2                                                         Replaced with bolt action rifle.

Boltactionfire                                                    Replaced with bolt action rifle.

bugatti_engine_idle                                          Replaced with a crsip, heavy V-16 Engine audio with sparatic turbo blow-off's.

bugatti_engine_start                                        Replaced with V-16 startup and blow off valve.

C-130 Loop                                                       Replaced with less intrusive audio and filtered to give the feeling of being inside piloting a C-130.

Car Horns                                                          Replaced with HQ (48,000 HZ) car horns.

Dune Buggy                                                      Replaced with higher quality sounding engine idle.

"Dynamitebig" (C130 Bomb)                           Replaced with HQ explosion blast with trails following the bass from explosion.

Ferrari Engine (Start and Idle)                         Replaced with Actual Ferrari engine sounds and blow off sputters.

Missle Fire                                                        Replaced with other missle fire.

Flakpop Explosions (8 files)                            Remastered with added bass to nearby explosions along with slight reverb for simulated surround sound.

G3_fire                                                              Replaced

V-22 Osprey Gatting Gun                                Remastered with very slight reverb and fixed so the weapon doesn't constantly clip on itself in the audio.

Grenade launcher                                            Replaced with an actual M203 sounding fire.

Hellfire_fire                                                       Replaced with more crisp missile fire.

Ion_Beacon_set (Networkupload link)            Redone so there's audio filling up the actual placement of the beacon rather than silence.

Ion_Fire                                                             Reborn(?) Ion cannon explosion for more impact when firing.

Longship (Dropship Thrusters)                       Remastered for slight reverb, slightly more bass and actual rocket flames along with original audio for more                                                                              detail.

M1_abrams                                                       Redone Machinegun, excessively loud stock renegade tracks were muted so you can hear the engine, Engine

                                                                          start has an added rev for detail, explosion and firing are redone as well.

M82                                                                  Redone with an actual 50 Caliber sound

Mauser_fire                                                      Redone

Metal_roll                                                         Sound was muted as while driving on the bridge in the middle it would unfittingly play for no reason.

MP5                                                                  Replaced

Needler_Fire                                                    Replaced with remastered sound from Halo CE

P90 Fire and reload                                         Redone/Replaced with HQ sound.

Pistols                                                               Redone/Replaced with HQ sound.

Police Sirens                                                     Remastered with HQ 48,000 HZ sounds

ppsh                                                                  Redone

railgunfire1/2 (Ship cannons)                          Replaced with actual heavy cannons from a ship.

Shotgun/Thompson/Tac-9                              Redone/Replaced with HQ sound.

Voltauto_fire                                                     Added crisp trail to volt auto rifle along with slight reverb.

C-130 105mm Cannon                                    Replaced with updated cannon.


V 1.1



I'd like to announce my first radio station for the ECW sound mod i'm working on. The idea here is to make it so ECW has "Custom Radio Stations" much like GTA.  With each radio station giving the listener a different "Flavor" of music. The Bunker Radio starts on "Track 1 - 6". Track 1 is the full mix. Track 2-6 is split up incase you die. Still testing how I want to do it. I don't know what radio stations to do next but am welcome to any suggestions. Maybe even a possible talk show like in GTA 5 about events taking place inside ECW or the news.

For now, if you're into electronic music.. then enjoy San Casina's finest from Bunker Radio mixed by your host, Threve.




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