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  1. I have a feeling this might start coming up more often, do you have a macro written to do it quicker?
  2. When you played previously, did you use capitalization with your username? The stats table behaves weird because of capitalization, and can't write to a new instance for you because CnCThang is, by a database standard, not different than cncthang or cncThang, etc. @moonsense715 was able to help with my issue, but it did take some time. Easiest fix, with the least work is to try with differing capitalization in your display name until you don't get that message - Then you've found the username of yours that exists already. Edit: You should test different capitalization on a new m
  3. We could just put @Guard55 on their team, then it's more than fair.
  4. Description There's a broken piece of terrain/texture behind the Soviet War Factory on ToTheCore, by the wall. Reproduction Steps login to game go behind War Factory and shipping containers, look at wall by refill pad
  5. Could we do an Oldbie vs Newbie at some point. It would be heavily stacked so probably give AI help to the short team.
  6. @forg0ten1For spying less @PXD2000 for not defending and going on the assault every time. If I knew who took part in that MAD rush I would nominate them too
  7. It would be as simple as deleting your forum account, but keeping your account does have some added benefits, namely the ability to provide feedback on changes, or make suggestions/bug reports. You don't have to login daily or anything like that..
  8. That's how it used to be, I still find myself hitting "." when I get on an SD to start repairs.
  9. I like this idea, make Attack dogs buyable AI's that cost around 250-300 credits, and they follow the buyer around until the buyer dies, or the dog is killed, unless the dog "Picks up the scent" of a spy within a certain radius of the buyer and goes to the spy, allowing the buyer to attack/kill the spy. Kinda like DDog in MGSV, also "sniff out mines" would be a cool addition to attack dogs.
  10. That's incredible, I'll have to get my hands on Civ2 sometime and give this a go.
  11. Description An allied bot was able to kill the Soviet SD, Sub pen, and almost killed the barracks while climbing the right side ladder on the sub pen. I was unable to reproduce the issue manually.
  12. When I'm trying to do the tutorial, the game crashes, I made it through the first part for parachutes, but the second one hit me next. I do have a crashdump for it now. will be in the spoiler box so it doesn't show up as a massive wall of text. will report more bugs when found. Tanks.
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