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  1. The message seems promising. And with Petroglyph in the mix, I have my hopes up, way up. And the great Frank Klepacki, I hope for an excellent soundtrack. It is disappointing not to see Joseph Kucan/Kane return. Otherwise, I am very pleased. I look forward to seeing the whole First Decade being remastered, hopefully.
  2. Looking forward to playing this update.
  3. I suppose that is true. A lot of time has passed since the termination of Westwood, the foundation of Petrogyph, and where things are now in current year. Anything could have happened from then till now. A lot of people do move on. Let Petroglyph develop it and EA publish it? NO! We can make a good guess where that will ultimately end up. Instead, Let Petroglyph develop AND publish it. Just remove EA from the picture completely. Oh well, the thought of Petroglyph being involved is only a pipe dream. It will never happen.
  4. There are some things I have to say about this. On one hand, there are a few things that bother me. 1) EA (aka Electronic Arts) was the publishing company responsible for watering down the franchise into something mainstream (e.g. Tiberium Twilight and Tiberium Alliances) and thus butchering this beloved franchise to DEATH for the sake of the lowest common denominator. 2) A Command and Conquer Remaster? Didn't Blizzard remaster the original Starcraft a few years back? I wonder where the remaster idea came from. Hmm, I can't seem to figure it out. That is what I suspect. 3) If there is going to be a Remaster at all, I would prefer Petroglyph do it. Since Petroglyph is composed of most of the original developers of Command and Conquer and Westwood studios. Let the original developers have a hand or say in the franchise they helped to create at the very least. Now, on the other hand, if this remaster is proposed by a True Command and Conquer fan like the rest of us, I say give them a chance. If EA doubles down on what they are known for, the franchise won't be revived. It will still be dead. HOWEVER, if these developers actually want to make a remaster that is GOOD, in other words redeem themselves, they have a green light from me. The only way to find out is to give these EA devs a chance. My opinion on the questions to keep in mind about this remaster? The balance for the most part should stay the same. I don't mind the idea of the UI being streamlined, as long as the UI keeps most of its C&C feel. I can accept a UI out of, say, C&C3 or OpenRA. Clean and some really useful functions and commands like production queuing, organized tabs, waypoints, and attack move would be fantastic.
  5. New faces and new staff. I have my hopes up for some good forum posts and comments, discord posts, and improved game updates. All around it should be good times coming up.
  6. That would have been great, if I had known about a registry comparison program a lot sooner. But it is not gonna do me a whole lot of good now because the black screen issue I had has been resolved. But I will remember this for possible future registry problems.
  7. That's how it was was with me as well. I installed ECW and it ran fine, no problems whatsoever. Then I started messing around in the BHS.dll section in the options which I suspect made an unintended change to a registry key. No, I will bet more that what happened to me was a change in the game's options that corrupted a registry key, and anything else (Windows or another program) would have a negligible impact or nothing at all.
  8. I am liking the APB theme after seeing the Reborn theme for SO long.
  9. I am looking forward to what is ahead this year. I wish you all at W3D the best of luck in getting those plans and goals accomplished.
  10. My friends and brothers in the ECW dev team and community, I have found a non-practical way to fix this impassable Super Black Screen issue. The solution, a computer reset and a fresh install of Windows. Once again, not very practical. I had to reset computer and reinstall windows because of either a virus or a registry problem that caused my file explorer to fail, making my computer a pain in the ass to work with. ECW dev team, if you can fix this problem for other users who may be experiencing this same impassable black screen problem as well, please do.
  11. I am liking the new design. Hopefully, with time, "GDI's architects and designers" will add some polish to this new design.
  12. You my friend got it dead right, with multi sample antialias turned on, I ALWAYS get a black screen.
  13. After some messing around in the settings of ECW, I found and set the multi-sample anti-alias in the BHS.dll options. Now whenever I try to load the game, it always gives me a black screen. Not even the known ways of working around the black screen issue in 'Testament's Tips on Surviving ECW' work. Now what?
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