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  1. Do you use Kaspersky? If so, it's probably the reason you're getting crashes.
  2. I've just left the game and oh boi I hate SIDAM. Is it just me or no Nod tank can pick a fight with sidam? I agree everything with der Papst says.^ Spies are not easily killed by 2 mines by the way as they can pick up repair guns (if this hasn't been changed recently). I always kill myself as an engineer and pick up my own repair gun before I buy a spy character. I can't tell you how many times I disarmed the proxies and stole Nod's all money. Many other players do this as well and they also do far worse things. The only proper way to recognize a spy is to observe each player's behaviour as spies usually act insecure and avoid eye contact lol. (MSA doesn't cover everywhere) But it's tiring to be suspicious of every teammate all the time. It especially becomes a bigger problem when there are few people in the game. I think it was better before when it would tell you in which building spy planted a nuke. Now, It takes a lot of time to check from the radar to see which building it is.
  3. I think updated version of imperialkaskin's info page (https://imperial.multiplayerforums.com/info.php) would be great. I believe limonado was suggesting something like this. An information box explaning pro's and con's of each tank and character would make it easier for us to understand how they work. I always keep buying the same tanks I know how to use and there are sea of tanks that I haven't explored yet, that I have no idea what they are good for. We would all be grateful if someone with the knowledge of tanks and characters can create an information guide similar to imperial's old one.
  4. Damn, I'm breaking my promise. That's not very nice of me D: Someone punish me! I've worked with dds files before for a different game and what you say sounds doable for me. I think I could help you out too if that's okay for you.
  5. I'm great at giving useless information and poop-posting. If no one replies to your forum threads or youtube videos, call me and I'll make a huge-ass non-sense comment for you for only $0.99 :D Wow I didn't expect it to be implemented so soon. Yesterday I felt guilty and corrected some of the translations that MasterCan changed and some of mine D: I hope I wasn't too late to do that. I think it looks better now. But that's okay if it's already implemented. @Threve Thank you so much for your effort. I would help you too if I knew what to do with those icons. But I don't unfortunately I swear this is my last post. I'm done and I won't post anything else, lol 🤐
  6. It's such a shame that a project may die due to delays and lack of communication. A project that was put so much work into like that deserves a chance to live. I told MasterCan to contact you on discord. I believe that you can work out this problem. Maybe you'll see that things are not so bad and project will be alright? Let's hope so...
  7. Ahahaha :D !vote yesyesYES and !vote limonado for vice admin. If you elect me, I will fight for n00b rights and put an end to hate speech against noobs made by my opponent Aaaaaaa! To not to go off topic: Thank you all (except me hah :D) for contributing to make this game available for everyone. I envy you all. @GraYaSDFI talked to him and didn't mention the "You are fired" part :D He says that "I find Commando Assault very creative and interesting. I just don't have the time. I'm have my own projects too that I'm currently working on. But of course I'm working on those models as well when I'm available. I never leave things unfinished. Even 5 years may pass, but I will still come back to look into it and do it. MasterList is the biggest example of that."
  8. I think he is either a kid or (high probably) a teenager. I couldn't ask him his age in order not to sound condescending. I'm not that much of an adult either. But even a couple of years age gap can make a difference in maturity. So maybe we shouldn't take it too seriously, I don't know 🤷 But I'm still going to remind him that. He should be aware of his responsibilities no matter how old he is as the sense of responsibility is acquired at young age. Hahaha it makes me happy seeing that someone recognizes one of my (rare) finest works in Renegade, thank you!😃I guess I got my skills from my dad <3. But unfortunately this time the work I've done here isn't satisfactory. I'm not happy with the result. This isn't about master. I think I haven't made that good of a job myself and this feels kind of humiliating as a translator. In fact now I'm doubting my translation, lol. But the thing is there isn't really a Turkish community here while for example Russian community seems hardcore and talented. Even I won't be able to play here anymore due to my storage problems (poopy laptop ). I don't think there is any Turkish player left (at least not anyone that I'm aware of) to translate the game for. So this won't really matter. Well, I think I'm done here. I just apologize if I let down anyone. But still I'm going to say my catchphrase which may be known by some people :D It's something? So I congratulate for myself for trying and give myself A+ for effort!
  9. The Turkish translation is done, but there was a little disagreement between me and @MasterCan (The Unstoppable). He thinks that translating words like Black Hand, Obelisk of Light sounds weird and funny, since we're used to hearing those words only in English. He says that those words should be kept in their original forms. He laughed at my translation (I'm kind of mad about this if you're reading here master ) while it is exactly translated like that even in the official C&C websites. I think the purpose of localization is to make players feel like they're playing a game made by their own nation. I understand that those translated words may sound weird to Turkish players who are used to playing in English. But it takes time to get familiar with new words. Our national language association sometimes makes changes and says "From now on, we're gonna use this Turkish blabla word instead of that foreign gloo gloo word, ok?" Everyone laughs at those words at first but then it starts to catch on among people and it becomes the main word. There are of course some too ridiculous words that isn't accepted by public. But I don't think the second thing is the case here in my translation. There are also some other disagreements that I won't get into. Now, the translation is done but some of the words are translated into Turkish and some of them are in their English form. To be honest, it's a little bit of a botch job. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, I'm definitely not blaming MasterCan as he said it's up to me what to do in the end and maybe he's the right one. Also, I'm the one who asked him to take a look a the translation as I thought it would better to have it proofread by someone who is familiar with the game. So, I'm just merely describing the situation. I thought I should let you guys decide what to do as you're the developers of this game mod. You can publish this translation as the way it is or we can make changes or you don't have to publish it at all. Sorry to make this thing turn into an issue. I'm actually a translator in real life maybe that's why I'm a little bit obsessed about this :D
  10. My dad put ISP provided kiddie protection on our internet (bleh) and now it blocks some of the programs. Maybe it could be an ISP related issue?
  11. Hmm maybe you should just uninstall it and install it again. Just a different idea 🤔
  12. Custom letters are still not supported, right? I'm translating without including special characters for now. It won't be much of a problem for Turkish. I can correct them later if any progress can be made about this issue. You guys put so much work into this project and I love how supportive Renegade community is <3 Thank you all! @MasterCanTRI hereby would like to summon you to help me out in translation. Knock three times if you're here.
  13. Yes, it was exactly translated like that. I had to change most of the words. Google translate does better job in translating Germanic languages. Translating other language families sometimes can be problematic, unfortunately. But that's why we are here for! :D By the way, that's the neatest spreadsheet I've ever seen. Thank you, Jeod! I've added the translation to the spreadsheet. Also, who are those sneaky pickles in hiding? I only know like two Turkish people who rarely plays in IA Anyway, I hope everything goes perfectly Good job everyone!
  14. I'm not sure if Turkish translation is needed. But if it's needed, I could also to contribute to the project. Just let me know.
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