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  1. why Nod obelisk hit engineer instead medium tank? is it intentional?
  2. in first video he saw your indicator in second i guess it was because of his lag
  3. this is only last example from yesterday. you are 1 of those all the time bored malcontents who complain about everything. especially about things which you dont understand ps. Great Wall is the first map made by Kaskins and it was updated many times. be realistic. if you say something like that about good map made by professional developer you wont approve new map from novice for sure. no way. stop dreaming lol
  4. I generally support this idea but if bored players usually want skip basically most of maps by broken voting they will skip new map made by beginner creator for sure. dont expect that unexperienced map maker can create something like Vile_Facility_E06 at once. so yeah-as usual DMB ideas seems to be good in theory on paper but in practice it will be a total disaster.
  5. F1 for public chat and F2 for team chat is very useful. I cant reply him there but I changed it for myself long time ago to not confuse team chat with public chat. the solution is simple: uncheck "read only" in file "input01.cfg" properties inside folder C:\Program Files (x86)\W3D Hub\games\ia-release\IAFiles\InterimApex\ then remove line HelpScreen_Primary=F1_Key
  6. improved reticle in attachment creepy smiling faces download hd_reticle.dds
  7. they deployed mobile sensor array somewhere. it has long range
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