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Found 82 results

  1. Theme Description: Kaiju is basically a Godzilla universe based Mafia game, with every player controlling a giant city destroying monster or giant robot or something capable of fighting them. Outside of that very simple general guideline though, I'm fairly flexible with anything as long as it relates to this theme. Start Time: Plan is to close the poll this weekend, and then try to make certain everything is balanced and ready to go by the end of the following week. Roles: Here's the standard example of a role request, shamelessly stolen from Jeod. And here's the standard blank role format to use, also stolen from Jeod. Additionally, here's a list of various roles you can use as an inspiration for your character. Not all of these roles would be permitted though. https://wiki.mafiascum.net/index.php?title=Portal:Roles Players List: 9 Players iLikeToSnipe Jeod OrangeP47 Killing_You Retaliation FRAYDO Louis Category 5 Hurricane Sunflower Timetable Day one Night One Day Two Night Two Day Three Night Three Day Four Game End
  2. Remember this? "Save me!" was one of the first forum games that we played here once W3D Hub was formed around 5 years ago. My, my, how the time flies! Well lets get right into it then. Its really simple, fun, and it goes like this: The OP (so me in this case) posts a description of a situation in which they are in peril, and will most certainly lose their life if there is no intervention. The next poster (which we will call P2 in this example) must then engineer a creative way (McGyver, Superheroes, The A-Team, Avengers, Donald Trump, etc) in which the previous poster will be saved from their peril. However, P2 is then also put in peril, either by the events which led to the saving of the previous poster, or by a non-related event. Return to step 2, P3 saves P2 but also falls into danger, etc, etc. The rules are these: Remain civil and follow all forum rules at all times. Some discussion is allowed, but do not derail this thread. All events must occur linearly in the same timeline/universe, and must not break the "relationship chain", otherwise the game is not as much fun. Do not attempt to break the game. Not specifically a rule, but do try to not post at the exact time as someone else. An accidental ninja-post would split the time line!! Have fun. While working in my lab to get all the wonderful APB Beta players their much needed 1080p resolution (so they don't have to use 800x600 anymore), my lab assistant @delta hears a noise outside. CRASH! A truck loaded with Coronavirus haz-mat suits crashes into the lab, killing the driver and pinning me to the wall! Save me!
  3. A Long Time Ago, in a Galaxy Far Far Away... Welcome to the Star Wars Mafia 2: The Rise of an Empire! A Mafia CYOR Forum Game filled with special actions and events, as well as great space battles in great Star Wars fashion. Create your own character, select a profession and pick your weapon, and get ready to serve the Empire to bring Peace to the Galaxy! Game Introduction The next SW Mafia as hinted in the title, will be about the newly formed Empire, trying to bring Peace to the Galaxy by all means necessary. For this sole purpose, a great Death Star was constructed where the game will take place. The highest members of Imperial Council there are trying to find out who are the hidden Rebels among them, trying to destroy their plans. While the Rebels (Mafia) will work undercover together to undermine the newly formed Imperial Council (Town) and stop the Death Star reaching the last Rebel base, the Imperial Council must find them and eliminate them before they destroy the Death Star or grow in power and eliminate the Council members. The status of the game will be monitored by the "Superlaser Fire Control Indicator" (SFCI) which will determine when the Imperial Council can complete their win condition. There will be multiple factors that will determine this, mostly by player actions. The game will end in Town's favor if either all Rebels have been found and eliminated, or when the Death Star's SFCI is fully charged and destroys the Rebel Base (this will be tracked in daily CVCs - or Cumulated Vote Counts for short). Rebels can end the game by either eliminating the Imperial Council and taking over the Death Star or sabotaging the Death Star itself so that it can't fire its Superlaser anymore. The game requires at least 10-14 players to sign up and play. It will probably last for a few weeks, but no more than 4, depending on how the game goes and how many will sign up. All players that sign up need to create their character (optional CYOR) and PM me before the game start, see below in character creation section how to. Optionally you can also request custom or RNG based character. About the Game This Mafia Forum Game will pretty much follow some of the standard Mafia Rules, such as phases, night actions and classic Town vs Mafia setup. The biggest difference, however, will be the basic player elimination process. Instead of one life, players will have their hit points which means you can get hurt by weapons or healed by certain actions before you are eliminated (HP reaches 0). Furthermore, the player elimination by standard voting may not be instant but will require a certain process. The most voted player will be put to Detention Block where they will wait their punishment depending on their revealed affiliation. The game will be broken into two phases: A Imperial Council Meeting (classic Day phase) and "Battle-Station Phase" (a classic Night phase where also fighting and special events will occur). I'm considering that both will last 48 hours so that everyone can participate regardless of availability. Imperial Council Meeting will be a phase where all the public talks will take place, there won't be any fighting during this phase. The purpose of this phase is to discuss and determine who among the Council members are the Rebels, and who should be put to Detention Block. There will be no dueling phases like in previous game, so players will not have to vote their champion all the time but there might be a need to nominate one or more players to deal with certain situations during the following Battle-station Phase. For example, in case of a rebel attack on the station during previous phase, the Council will also be able to vote a proper response which will determine certain fighting rules for the next Battle-Station Phase and player(s) that will perform this task. Battle-Station Phase will be the only phase where battle actions will be allowed to use. You can use your own weapons once during this phase and/or your night actions. In case the Council votes a certain response strategy to previous rebel attacks, extra actions will be provided for players to use during this phase accordingly to deal with the situation. This will effect SFCI and also help with each players' character development progress. There will be plenty of Night Actions to do otherwise, some of the Force Actions will return and will be available for those who can control the Force. Other professions will have special actions available accordingly as well. Player character development and communication mechanics will also occur during this phase. Players locked in Detention will not be allowed to participate in BS phase activities and will have very limited night actions as well. Create Your Own Character (CYOR) Guidelines Every player character in the game will have his/her own modifiers and characteristics that will determine the basic actions that can be used in the game. Aside from that, there will also be the flavor, which is not really important game wise, but will give the player some sort of identity. Creating a character is not mandatory, but I strongly suggest that you put some effort into it before the game starts as it may influence your progress in the game. Please follow the instructions on how to create your own character: Flavor: First off, you need to choose or create a character of your own from the Star Wars universe. There are no limitations, but please have in mind, that you are creating a member of Imperial Council, or a Rebel from the Star Wars universe. You can also pick any existing character from the SW universe, although some of the main protagonists or antagonists such as Yoda, Luke, and Anakin Skywalker may not be permitted to be used. You can be original and pick one from the extended universe, or even create your own one from scratch. Here's how you do it: Use a name generator - you can use this tool to create a name: name generator 1, name generator 2 or make up your own (in Forum guidelines though, nothing offensive allowed) Race - pick from many races of the SW universe, this will help to make your avatar appearance, and may or may not to result in some easter eggs in game or extra skill boost Background - your own personal Flavor text that will be revealed once you are voted or die. Personal Weapon Flavors - if you want your weapon to look precisely the way you like. Occupation Occupation or Profession is something that cannot be changed during the game, so pick wisely. All character classes have a variety of skills and actions determining which one you choose. Based on your class, you will also be assigned your affiliation. There is a certain list that can help you pick one that you want: Town: Stormtrooper - Basic Town role with access to most of the weapons and actions in game, focused more on direct actions. Your attributes and skills will determine the focus of your actions, whether focused to combat, support or leadership. Imperial Officer - Advanced Town role which is not focused for direct combat but has access to advanced operations on the Station that other classes don't. Your attributes and skills will determine the focus of your actions, whether focused to combat, support or leadership. Sith Lord - Powerful Town role focused on the Dark Side of the Force, capable to unlocking all Dark Force Actions. Can use only light sabers and can't operate large machinery. Rebel: Rebel - Basic Rebel role with access to most of the weapons and actions in game, focused more on direct actions. Your attributes and skills will determine the focus of your actions, whether focused to combat, support or leadership. Rebel Officer - Advanced Rebel role which is not focused for direct combat but has access to advanced operations to control Rebel Fleet that other classes don't. Your attributes and skills will determine the focus of your actions, whether focused to combat, support or leadership. Jedi Knight - Powerful Rebel role focused on the Light Side of the Force, capable to unlocking all Light Force Actions. Can use only light sabers and can't operate large machinery. Neutral/TP/Mixed: Bounty Hunter - expert in direct combat and scouting, doesn't perform other tasks well. Droid - can hack most systems, has access to most operations and/or can copy other classes actions. This is the only class that cannot use or develop Force Actions. Smuggler Pirate - expert in manipulative actions, just like the droid can also hack systems but cannot copy other classes very well. ??? - make your own class if you dare Character Attributes & Skills The attributes of your character apply bonuses or penalties to everything from combat to skill checks to Force powers. Check each attribute to see what aspects of gameplay it can affect. You have to pick two, but only one from each category: Combat Skill Focus - These skills affect your core character attributes such as attack, defense, and health, most important in battles (direct combat and other BS Phase actions). Pick one skill which you would like to focus on: Strength - is your physical power, adds modifiers to deal damage and chance to hit, which is important for characters that focus on close-combat (e.g. with Lightsabers). Dexterity - is your agility and reflexes, adds modifiers to ranged attack rolls and increases a character's Defense rating, making them harder to hit. Constitution - represents health and resiliency, adds modifiers to the health points gained and regeneration rate. Knowledge Skill Focus - These skills affect your character's progress, focuses your class actions to certain areas, so it ties up with the special class abilities as well. Pick one skill which you would like to focus on: Intelligence - represents knowledge and reasoning, enables of learning new advanced things. Wisdom - represents willpower and perception, adds modifiers to Force Power abilities associated with combat. Charisma - represents personality and the ability to persuade others and adds actions that are related to non-combat actions. Force Powers The Force has a range of powers that function in accordance to fundamental attributes that were cardinal in nature and categorized by the way in which a user was able to focus on the Force while using an ability. The aspects of the Force were divided into Control, Sense, and Alter. During the game, you may be able to learn more aspects of the Force - depending on your class and if you are even Force Sensitive class. This knowledge will grant you actions that you can use either during the investigation or directly during the battle actions as well. There are also Powers that are general/basic and those will be available to most classes from start, but you have to choose one branch that you want to focus on first: Control - the ability to control one's own body and thoughts. Grants access to protective actions. Sense - allows Force-wielders to immerse themselves in the environment. Grants access to scouting actions. Alter - focuses on the ability to manipulate other objects. Grants access to offensive actions. Choosing one aspect of the force will basically determine your orientation in the game from the Mafia standpoint as well. E.g. If you choose sense, you will basically get a cop/scout action. You cannot directly pick your actions from start, but you will be able to learn more actions. Once you have picked your flavor characteristics, class, skill attributes and the Force Power aspect, PM me. If you won't pick by the time I'll start balancing the game, your character, class, skills, attributes, and aspects will be randomized. (this section will be updated) Game Update Sign ups are now closed Game start on Sunday 15th 10 PM UTC. Game is postponed for now, updates will be available once I can focus on the game again. Imperial Council: Jeod Shade939 Retaliation OrangeP47 Voe iLikeToSnipe FRAYDO Killing_You Sunflower rubeci (needs to confirm)* Louis Game Links:
  4. This is going to be a simple mafia game, perfect for new players--and we have quite a few new faces recently! We'll play with an open setup with the following possible roles: Villager - No special actions. Aligned with Town. Doctor - Chooses a player to save at night. Aligned with Town. Cop - Chooses a player to investigate at night. Aligned with Town. Vanilla Mafia - No special actions. Aligned with Mafia. I'll select included roles based on player ratio. For example, for every 3 Town, there will be one Mafia. The minimum playercount therefore is 4 players, and I will accept no more than 8 players. How It Works Mafia must try to equal or exceed Town numbers via killing players at night and getting town players lynched during the day via deceptive tricks. Town must eliminate all Mafia via lynching them during the day. Day phases last 48 hours and always begin and end at 10:00PM GMT (6:00PM EDT for Americans). Night phases are similar, but only last 24 hours. During the Day Phase, players talk amongst themselves and decide on who to lynch. It is, of course, possible to spare someone from the noose by voting NoLynch (##vote Nolynch or NoLynch). Players who vote for this twice in a row will be subject to a penalty and will be forced to vote for themselves the following day. There is no early hammer in this game. At the end of the day, the player with the majority vote will be lynched. In the event of a tie, a coin toss via random.org will decide the player to be lynched. Signup period closes on Saturday, June 6 at 6PM EDT and the game will start 24 hours after. SIGNED PLAYERS Alphoca (aka Alp) NodFan Generalcamo Shade939 Killing_You Mojoman Category 5
  5. CLICK HERE if you just want to see what my work is about: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-j5DOoMIdrl60EZIXNjrlw https://www.skorvion.com/ _________________________________________________________________ I've been investing most of my time building up a creative project and team for the past couple of infinities, and I'm very happy and grateful to be able to share some of that if anyone is curious! I've combined my love of games and deep interest in personal development into an active project. This is Skorvion Games, where everything is focused on creativity, play and game development in connection with personal growth, health and awareness. So if someone here finds that interesting or is just curious about it, feel free to check things out for yourself! It's not for everyone, but if you find yourself enjoying this type of content then I hope what you see enriches your life in some way. There are currently three more-or-less introductory videos uploaded, and considering I'm the project lead, you can guess who's presenting the content! I'm very new to being in front of a camera at this stage (which is evident) and I'm thankfully just getting better and better with each experience! It's pretty cool, actually. There are certain more impactful (and larger in scale) things being worked on, but I can't reveal anything beyond the current assortment of videos and other similar content that is already on the way. So just expect more video content via YouTube for the time being if you're interested in following our work. Here's the currently most relevant video for this community: https://youtu.be/FOULGvAy58I The topic of the above linked video is C&C Tiberian Sun mapping in a certain sense, more aimed at enthusiasts who aren't as experienced with it than a lot of you here might be - so watch that first, it could be the most relatable entry-point for you. Just as a starting suggestion. SITE LINKS: WEBSITE: https://www.skorvion.com/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SkorvionGames YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-j5DOoMIdrl60EZIXNjrlw Let me know your thoughts and I hope this type of thing resonates well with some of you. You can like the Facebook page, or subscribe to the YouTube channel if you'd like to be notified of any new stuff (don't count on forum thread updates, it's secondary)! I truly appreciate your support, so have a sincere thanks and invisible cookie! Enjoy!
  6. INTRO It's been three years since CYOR I! Can you believe it? The first CYOR game I hosted was on May 1, 2017. Look out for some special features in this anniversary edition... This game will start on Friday, May 1, at approximately 10PM GMT/UTC, which is the usual game start/hammer time. Game start date and time are subject to change based on signed player count and role PMs received. For those of you who are new to Choose Your Own Role style mafia games, here’s a short explanation: at its core, CYOR is a standard mafia game. Town attempts to eliminate all hostile elements (mafia and third party). Mafia attempts to eliminate players and outnumber the other factions. The third party has specific win conditions based on their role, and the neutral faction is similar; neutral faction players, however, are not considered hostile. If you sign up for this game, you will send me a PM with your role request. You can customize your role as much as you see fit, and I will do my best to honor your request. Here’s an example of a role request: The more information you include in your request, the more accurate your final role will be. Here’s a template to help guide your request, although it’s not necessary to use when sending me your PM: You can request a specific alignment, but I can’t guarantee it will be the alignment you receive. Please do not request overpowered roles! Keep game balance in mind. It’s much easier on the GM—and yourself—if you keep your role realistic for a mafia game. Mafia is a team game--if you design a carrying role, you're going to have a bad time. RETURNING FEATURES Items make for a fantastic dynamic that continue into other mafia games hosted by other GMs because of the added risk/reward factor. For example, the Death Note, an item capable of making extra kills for mafia, could end up in a town player's hands and then be used against scum. The reverse is also true. Items will be in CYOR V. As with roles, if you choose to request an item in the game, please try to keep it realistic and relatively balanced. Requests for “magic potions that instantly discover mafia” will not be honored! Remember, requesting an item is optional! Depending on the roles chosen, you may see a variant of the synergy mechanic from TheIrishMan's CYOR Supernatural Edition and iLikeToSnipe's CYOR Social Distancing Edition. SUGGESTED CHANGES If you have a suggestion for a game-wide mechanic that might add some pizazz to the game, then please share! Signed Players – 8 Minimum - CLOSE ON APRIL 24 OrangeP47 (played by Category 5 Hurricane) iLikeToSnipe (played by Category 5 Hurricane) Killing_You (played by Category 5 Hurricane) Louis (played by Category 5 Hurricane) Shade939 (played by Category 5 Hurricane) Mojoman (played by Category 5 Hurricane) Retaliation (played by Category 5 Hurricane) Chopbam (played by Category 5 Hurricane) Category 5 Hurricane (played by himself) FRAYDO (played by Category 5 Hurricane) Previous CYOR Data CYOR I CYOR II CYOR III CYOR IV Marvel Endgame Mafia CYOR: Nintendo Edition
  7. CYOR Mafia: Choose Your Own Mafia Do you have some crazy role you've been itching to play as? As usual with my games, there will be an addition to core mafia mechanics. I've had two I've been toying with for a CYOR game, and I'll let you guys decide which one we use. Or we can just do a normal CYOR game if that's your cup of tea. The below descriptions are just an overview. Based on the roles created I may need to update with more specific rules when the game starts. But they should give you a feel for what it'll be like. I'd like to get the game started by 04/05 if possible. The more players we have, the better. Just sign-up with a post here and send me a PM with three character/role ideas. You'll be using all three of those ideas this game. I'll close the poll after 2-3 days and choose what we're doing then. It seems pretty clear what you guys want, so I've updated this post with the rules for this CYOR variant Hyperlethal CYORThere will be A LOT of dying in this one. Each player will need to create multiple characters, but this gives you a chance to try out more than just one role you've been thinking of. You'll send me three roles that you want to use and I'll balance them with you. Action Usage: Players are still limited to one action per night. Mafia however will have access to their standard night kill and will be able to use it alongside their one other night action. As of right now, there is no limit to the number of day actions a player can use or how many passive ability can be in effect. A specific day action may be limited to "once per day", but that does not prevent a player from using another day action alongside it. Action Targets: By deafult, an action will randomly target one of a player's characters/roles that's still alive. It may be possible that some characters or abilities will allow targeting specific characters or drawing actions to specific characters. It's still possible for some actions, such as a vote block, to target a player when they trigger instead of a character. Player/Character Kills: You can think of each character as a "life", once you lose all three you're out of the game. In terms of kill actions, a character functions very similar to a standard mafia player. Unless they have some protective ability or a protective role is protecting them at the time, a kill action will kill them. Once killed, a character will flip with who they belong to, their name, and a short description. This short description will be mostly/entirely flavor. It's up to your wild speculation to decide if it's any indication of the character's abilities. Alignment of a player is only revealed in a flip when their last character dies. Again, it's possible that some special ability could override this behavior. This is what everyone will default to. With all this said, don't think that I won't consider any kind of "super kill" that can target a player and wipe them out. Anything is on the table here. Voting: Players still only get one vote, even though they have three characters. Player Signups (8): OrangeP47 Killing_You NodFan Retaliation Shade939 Jeod Sunflower FRAYDO Day Links: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
  8. We need a place around here to share free non-C&C games! I'll start this thread off with a couple of my favorites from when I was a wee lad. Anyone can post here as long as the posted content follows the forum rules! That basically means nothing illegal, warez, etc. You know how to be good, so do it. Also please do not upload what you are sharing to the forum itself. Please use some other external file host. For the time being, I'm just using either my OneDrive or Google Drive. You can easily do the same. Please limit discussion in this thread to avoid clutter, and please please please do not criticize my choice of free file hosts. I realize that some of you don't believe in "free" file hosts but please discuss that elsewhere. Hasbro Interactive - Risk (1997) City Interactive - Demolition Champions (2003)
  9. I want to show the basic premise of this game early on. It's still in the design phase, so it will be a few days before I open signups. If anyone decides they like the design enough to co-mod or even volunteer to enhance (I don't have much experience with complex RPG games like this), please speak up. Again, this is planning phase, so don't go nuts on me over game balance and mechanics and whatnot *cough* Shade *cough*
  10. Einstein

    Save Me 2.0

    Welcome forum game junkies! Here's another quick fun touch-and-go game! (Great for me since I usually don't have time for more in-depth things such as Mafia.) This game works similarly to Corrupt A Wish, but somewhat backwards. How does that work? Well its simple! Someone posts a description of a situation in which they are in peril and will most certainly lose their life if there is no intervention. The next poster must then engineer a creative way (McGyver, Superheroes, The A-Team, whatever floats your boat) in which the previous poster will be saved from their peril, but then they (either by the events leading to the salvation of the previous poster, or by a non-related event) also end up in an equally perilous predicament. Return to step 2. The rules are these: Remain civil and follow all forum rules at all times. Some discussion is allowed, but do not derail this thread. Do not attempt to break the game. (not sure how you would anyway) Have fun. I'll begin: While on a deep-sea drug deal fishing expedition, my glorious Soviet Flak bote is caught in a terribad Mother-Russian hurricane. Halp!
  11. Some might remember the first Cop Mafia that got blown into oblivion when the forums went boink a few years ago. It was requested that I host another one, especially since we have a lower player count this time of year. It's an open setup and relatively easy to jump in--perfect for new players. 5 Player Setup: Sane Cop - All cop reports are accurate. Insane Cop - All cop reports are opposite of what they should be. Naive Cop - All cop reports are innocent. Paranoid Cop - All cop reports are guilty. Vanilla Mafia - Kills cops. 8 Player Setup (Adds these roles): Random Cop - All cop reports are random (random alignment, not random target). Lazy Cop - All cop reports are received the following night (delayed reports). Roleblocker Mafia - Blocks cops. Obviously, the town goal is to find mafia while the mafia will need to fakeclaim as a cop in order to survive. Cops do not know their sanity, only that they are Cops. This sort of setup is entirely dependent on logic and wifom skills. The game will start within 24 hours of the minimum playercount needed (5). If more than 5 sign up, I'll extend the deadline to 48 hours to allow up to 8 players to join. Signups @Voe @Killing_You @iLikeToSnipe @ChopBam @OrangeP47
  12. Mystery Mafia: Holidays 2019 Who's down for a quick round of mafia over the 2019 holidays? This game uses a mechanics twist I've had on the drawing board for quite some time. There will only be Town and Mafia, no other factions. There will be mostly standard or vanilla roles; you can expect to rely more heavily on posts and player behavior than action results. So, what's this twist? What every player can know is that there is no scum doc at the beginning of D1. This is a game where mafia will start in a weaker state than town (at least on paper) but get stronger over time if they play their cards right. There are more details to what's going on, but those are either for the mafia team only or won't be revealed until game start. The idea behind this is to put pressure on town to be active while also limiting actions and emphasizing scum hunting through content. Ideally, we'd get at least 10 players for this game, though I can rebalance for 8 players minimum. I will need to get the game started by 01/02, but starting before then would be ideal. All I'll need for a sign-up is a post in here and then a PM with your preferred email for doc invitations. Player Signups (8): OrangeP47 Jeod Retaliation Shade939 Killing_You Mojoman NodFan ChopBam Day 1 Night 1
  13. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG HERE WE GO BOYS, GIRLS, HINDS, APACHES, AND ORCAS! Petroglyph graces us with Totally Not Renegade 2 It also has workshop support, so we can go ass backwards wild with what we can make.
  14. Hey Guys, first off topic post but the company game stop is about to go under. Which can mean two things, one pull out your stocks now, and get ready for cheap consul games! It’s like the movie collection I got for less than a dollar when block buster closed. I have no idea what that will mean for Internet sales, but I am keeping my eyes open for liquidation sales.
  15. Hello everyone, and welcome to the second game I'll be hosting since I started playing mafia again. This is going to be a CYOR game, which for those of you who have managed to forget in the span of a few days is one where YOU! the player gets the opportunity to design your own role (within reason)! I'm not restricting characters to a theme like some other CYOR games. Everybody knows scum already go bump in the night. I'm hoping to include many of the mechanics that have become mainstay in our games, such as items, unless they make my head hurt. We're not going to be breaking causality on my watch! RNG in particular is something I think you need a good reason to include, and is a poor way to balance abilities. Since this is the first time I'll be hosting a game where I'm designing roles after the fact, I'm willing to take advice on how to treat requests for alignment, balancing, etc. SIGNUPS (11) Jeod iLikeToSnipe Mojoman Sunflower Nodlied Louis Chopbam FRAYDO KY Orange Cat5 DAYS Day 1 Night 1 Day 2 Night 2 Day 3 Night 3 Day 4
  16. Does anyone else have a Nintendo Switch and maybe want to swap FCs to get stomp me in Super Smash Bros? (Among other games) SW-3824-7551-3414
  17. Hello people! It has been about a year since we've had a game of Hearts of Iron IV, which, at least to me, has been a bit too long. I know that a few of us want to have another go at the game and either have thought of some interesting ideas as how to win the match or have been playing for long enough not to make some of the rookie mistakes we've seen last time. What to expect Last year, the Axis won an overwhelming victory by the start of 1941 thanks to a mistake by the Comintern players, allowing the Axis to quickly snowball and overwhelm the Allies. This year we will once again be playing a historical scenario in which teams of players will take on each other to accomplish the objectives and take the title of 2019. When this game will take place is up to you guys. I propose a game somewhere during the week of 20-26th of October, but if you guys have other ideas, let me know. Additionally, what should we use for our chat? Teamspeak or Discord? Rules Of course there are some rules to prevent shenanigans from occuring and ruining the game as HoI IV still has some issues here and there. Victory Conditions Unlike last year, where each faction had to control 2 enemy capitals and Warsaw, this time each faction has a slightly different objective. Playable nations As per last year, there will only be a certain amount of nations that you can play as. Nobody likes a world war 2 when everybody is playing the most irrelevant of minors. Inside each of the spoilers is a list of playable majors and minors in each specific faction. Some nations might have mutually exclusive focus tree paths, in which case, the important ones will be highlighted in the spoiler, with the green option representing the choice you have to go and the red option the one you are not allowed to go. Allies The Allies are represented by the many democracies in the world as well as the unfortunate souls that got invaded by the Axis during the war. They are led by the United Kingdom at the start of the game. The playable nations are the 3 majors, the commonwealth as well as nations that can fight on after capitulation. Axis The Axis are represented by the Axis and the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. Even though these factions are seperate ingame, they're counted as one in this list, as they have the same goals. Beyond the 3 majors, the Axis have a few minor members who either willingly joined, or were forced to join due to outside pressure from either the Axis or the great Communist Thread beyond... Comintern The Comintern is by far the smallest faction in terms of players. They're the Communists centered around Eurasia and have the biggest army in the world at the start of the game. It is represented by the Soviet Union and its few fellow minor nations. Wildcards There are a total of three wildcards in the game. Each of these has a seperate path it can go down, although all of them come with their own limitations. Sign-ups So how do you sign up? Well, that's easy! Tell me in this thread if you want to join together with your preferred date and nation. If two or more players sign up as the same major, then the more experienced player will get priority to playing that major. The only exception is the Soviet Union, which can be played by two players. It is important to note that we prefer having the Majors filled before the minors. That said, you can always sign up as a minor, even though you might be asked to play a major if we have a lack of players. Allies - Fraydo (France) Axis - Cominterm - Wildcards - That said, all rules and such are open for debate.
  18. A beta of Red Alert 1 v0.09c Siberian GRemlin found has popped up and is now released. It has cool unused cut scenes, sound files from the thief and allied quotes of "It is done.", a internal scenario editor and all kinds of differences. It's a little tricky to setup but there's instructions and fixes for it. https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/dflqti/a_present_to_the_cc_community/
  19. Choose Your Own Role: Nintendo Edition Hi there everyone! As you all know I’m anticipating a very busy turn of events starting this holiday season. This will probably be my last hosted mafia game for a while—and because of that, I thought it’d be neat to have a lighthearted fun theme! Expect to see the traditional Mafia vs Town vs Third Party vs Neutral in a Nintendo setting! Choose your character from the famous Nintendo franchises and construct them using elements from the many video games they starred in! Example Franchises Mario (including Donkey Kong & Wario) Pokémon The Legend of Zelda Star Fox F-Zero Fire Emblem Metroid Pikmin Splatoon Animal Crossing Super Smash Bros Kirby Series Xenoblade Series *Players may request a character from any franchise as long as it is first-party (no third-party franchises like Kingdom Hearts) Items Items from the Nintendo franchises will appear in this game. Some players will create items to start the game with, while others will be inserted and randomly distributed by the GM. Some items will take immediate effect, while others will have the standard item actions (Use, Pass, Destroy). If you like, you can even have your character create items via ability! For example, Bowser Jr. might create a Bob-omb item each night which is passed around to explode after 3 phases. Don’t be afraid to get wacky! *Players are asked to limit item creation to one ability-produced item and/or one "starting" item. Complexity The kinds of items chosen might make for a crazy game, but hopefully not as mind-numbing as CYOR: Endgame Edition. I'm kinda hoping nobody asks for time travel stuff. Start Date & Times Here’s the skinny. I start my new gig on August 12th. It’s a standard 8a-5p shift after the initial training. Currently, I want to aim for a Thursday, August 22 @10:00PM UTC (the usual time) game start. That gives you three weeks to decide if you want to sign up and then make a character. Signups are now closed. Player Signups Verti60 OrangeP47 Killing_You TheIrishMan Mojoman Chopbam Louis FRAYDO Category 5 Hurricane Retaliation Voe (reluctantly) Nodlied
  21. The Winter is coming... The Great War has come to Westeros. Your House must answer the call. Decide your fate on the field of battle and defeat whatever stands in your way. Build your House and raise your army. The Iron Throne is there for the taking. Prove that you were meant to rule the Seven Kingdoms. Rally your banner men as enemies appear on all sides and the coming Storm closes in... Game Introduction Game of Thrones Conquest Mafia RPG is a unique type of Forum Game unlike any other, with similar mechanics and also some brand new. As the title says, the game will be focused on Conquest. Which means that you will have armies to build and control, as well as holdings to protect or attack. You as one of a strong Houses of Westeros will have a duty to build up strong name in the Realm of Seven Kingdoms, and if possible, seize the Iron Throne for yourself by the end. There's no need to be familiar with the Game of Thrones universe in detail, however some of the terms you can look for if you need to by clicking the link to wiki. One of the other interesting new concepts is the Crown vs the Open Rebellion, where the Crown and its vassals is always represented as standard Town while the Rebellion is the current Mafia. The objective of the Crown (Town) Players is to find all the rebellion players (Mafia) while the Mafia players only need to take down the current King, or start with his supporters first one by one to gain more power. Mafia team can thus change every-time there is a new Royal House controlling the Iron Throne in King's Landing and the wheel turns once again. But who will prevail in the end? Which King can hold the Realm together, defeat all his enemies and end up victorious? The game will also feature a Winter Indicator Number (WIN), which will tell you when the Winter will arrive. Similar to the Force Balance Indicator from Star Wars Mafia, there will be numerous factors influencing it. And once the Storm hits, players will have another threat to deal with, possibly much greater than their pitiful conquest for the Throne. And that's not even all, expect much more features down the road... There will be a total of 12 Houses to choose from, so that means we can play with 12 players. Any extra players can become special characters if there will be room for it. Minimal number of players to start with is 9. The game is expected to last 4-6 weeks. It's mandatory to at least submit your actions once per day, no minimal limit on day posts quota but there will a small reward for active council members each day. About the Game This Mafia Forum Game will pretty much follow some of the standard Mafia Rules, such as phases and night actions. Mafia vs Town as hinted before will be somehow a more fluid/dynamic concept, as mafia players can become town players once a new House seizes the throne. Who will become mafia for each new reign will depend on actions, active or even passive ones. Which means there will be a possibility to enter Rebellion by more ways. The first King will be decided by a vote on the first day. Anyone currently sitting on the Iron Throne will have few more actions, such as deciding who will be their "Hand of the King" (this action will also serve as cop action to find out a rebel house via night action) , and what will happen to the found Rebellion Houses (after traditional public voting). Not to mention access to Royal Army and extra benefits controlling the Capital. Every other House royal to the Crown can also benefit from the Royal Army but they cannot use it to secretly attack other players of their own choosing. Only the houses in Open Rebellion will have the option to plot against the Crown and other Royal Houses, and if they are successful they can get even more powerful. Current Mafia players as always will be able to communicate in a Google Doc and will not be publicly revealed, however every day there will be an update on the army sizes of both sides. Elimination and voting process will be explained once the known players signs are known and rules are available. In short, if there is a King, players will be publicly voting against houses, while the king will have extra vote and final say what will happen afterwards to the House most voted. One of the possibilities is sending them to the Wall as Night Watch to guard against whatever comes with the Storm, annihilating them completely, and/or merging them with another House. The game will be broken into two phases: "A Council Meeting" (classic Day phase where players will decide the state of the Realm via public votes) and "Long Night (Battle) Phase" (a classic Night phase where each House will have their actions to decide the next step, be it conquering, building or plotting). I'm considering that both will last 48 hours so that everyone can participate regardless of availability, otherwise it will be standard 48 hours for days and 24 hours for nights. Council Meeting will be a phase where all the public talks will take place, there won't be any aggression during this phase. The purpose of this phase is to discuss and determine who among the Houses are in the Open Rebellion, and once that is decided what will be done after they are invaded by the Royal Army. If there is no current King, the only vote that will matter be who will become the King. If there is a tie or it is undecided, it will be decided by random, but there always have to be a ruler after each Council Phase. Long Night Phase is where the fun begins. Each House will have a series of actions determining the outcome of the Realm the next day. First of all after the King is voted, everyone will have the option to join the Open Rebellion, but only once and there's of course no coming back to be royal until the current King is eliminated. Each House will be able to manage their Holdings (if they have more, but not more than a certain number, such as 3) and allocating their Armies. Each Army is tied with certain Holding/Capital/Castle. The House lord can choose where to send their armies to for 1 phase to either attack or defend. Mafia will be able to send a portion of their forces to either attack the Capital or one of the Loyal Houses. The King can also send a portion of the Royal Army to protect another House, same as other Royal Houses can send their armies to protect the capital or other House (but they can't attack others as long they are royal to the King). Armies simply eliminate each other with attacking and defending at certain locations, and basically keep diminishing. Only the Royal army will grow each Night if it's not over used, depending on the number of Royal Houses. Another way of growing armies is by merging Houses with one House being voted as outcast, by gaining vassals by seizing more ground (there might be independent locations) or by buying sell swords from the Iron Bank. Aside from army management, each House will have their own perk action that they can use if they are not attacking or defending other holdings as well as passive bonus from their own kingdom. Religion is another extra aspect of the game that you can use to boost your House strength. You will be able to choose a Westerosi (or even a foreign) Religion from the start of the game, and will be able to build up Faith Points (FP). You can exchange your FP points for very strong special actions that will become available as the game progresses. It will be similar to the Force Night Actions from the Star Wars Game, but instead of learning, you will need to build your Religion by controlling more locations, or even gaining a boost as having the current Royal Religion. If you save enough FPs, you will be able to spend it on upgrading and gaining access to more powerful actions. Each Religion will have 3 tiers of actions, different perks and benefits. You can also change the Religion if you like but you will loose all the FPs of the old one. You will be able to do this only once though, as the Gods of Westeros are not forgiving... Resources will be vital part of the game. Right now the concept is that there will be 3 resources: Gold, Provisions and Army boosters. Gold will be essential to buy the other two, buy new armies or repair plundered holdings. You can also use gold as diplomatic trade or even call unofficial bounties on people's heads. Provisions will be required to keep the morale of the armies as well as required to spend when you are sending your armies elsewhere. Army boosters can be anything, be it ships, siege weapons, equipment or even Dragons. These will boost the damage or defense output of your armies, so even with smaller armies can make a difference. You can either buy these from other Houses, craft them yourself or get them by one of the other night actions. More info on game mechanics will be available in detailed rules before the start of the game. Create Your Own House and Religion (CYOHR) Guidelines Every player character in the game will have his/her own characteristics based on the chosen House only. The character name/flavor doesn't really matter though. You can choose to use one of the characters from the Books/Show or make your own Lord. Creating a character is not mandatory, but I strongly suggest that you put some effort into it before the game starts as it may influence your progress in the game. The most important part is to choose a House and Religion. If two or more players choose same House, it will be resolved by dice. With religion though, it doesn't matter. Flavor: First off, you need to choose or create a character of your own from the Game of Thrones universe, or just make your own (in that case I'll also need a portrait or avatar). There are no limitations and it is not mandatory, so no guidelines. House: The most important thing will be choosing your House, as it will determine your capital (or first Keep/Castle) and your affiliation. Both of these will grant you a unique action or perk. Each player can only represent one House even if they gain access to another by merging or forming alliances later. Each House will have one active extra action while their capital will have one passive ability, as described below. There are 9 Houses that will be present in the game: House Arryn: "As High as Honor." Rulers of the Vale of Arryn from the castle of the Eyrie, originally as the Kings of Mountain and Valeand more recently as Defenders of the Vale and Wardens of the East. House Arryn is focused on tougher defense of their own capital, which is compensated by limited attacks. House Martell: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken." Rulers of peninsula of Dorne from the castle of Sunspear. Deposed by Ellaria Sand and three of the Sand Snakes in their coup. House Martell is focused on sneak actions and strong resistance from invaders. House Tyrell: "Growing Strong." Rulers of the Reach from the castle of Highgarden after the extinction of House Gardener. It ruled over the Reach, a vast, fertile, and heavily-populated region of southwestern Westeros. House Tyrell is focused on boosted growth of their resources, if they are not under attack. House Greyjoy: "What Is Dead May Never Die." Rulers over the Iron Islands, a harsh and bleak collection of islands off the west coast of Westeros, from the castle at Pyke. The head of the house is the Lord Reaper of Pyke. House Greyjoy is focused on building fleets of ships granting their armies and their allies potential attack bonus by increased army size per attack. However, Greyjoys are limited controlling more land locations than other houses and cannot worship other religion other than the The Drowned God. House Tully: "Family, Duty, Honor." Rulers of the Riverlands from their seat at Riverrun. Its most senior member carried the title of Lord of Riverrun and Lord Paramount of the Trident. House Tully is passively immune to some manipulative actions that could harm them. House Baratheon: "Ours is the Fury." Rulers of the Stormlands from the castle of Storm's End. The former royal house of the Seven Kingdoms after Robert's Rebellion. House Baratheon doesn't get a penalty when attacking, they don't need to keep or hold any armies in their castles in order to man them (more info on army management will be available later in rules). House Targaryen: "Fire and Blood." Rulers of Dragonstone are an exiled Great House of Westeros and the former royal house of the Seven Kingdoms. House Targaryen conquered and unified the realm before it was deposed during Robert's Rebellion. House Targaryen has defense modifier against Dragon attacks as well as damage boost when their Dragon is in play supporting their army. Hence it is recommended to use a foreign Valyrian religion which grants access to Dragons (Dragons are last tier action of the Valyrian religion so more or less for the endgame). House Stark: "Winter Is Coming." Rulers over the vast region known as the North from their seat in Winterfell. It is one of the oldest lines of Westerosi nobility by far, claiming a line of descent stretching back over eight thousand years. House Stark is the only House that doesn't get penalized when the Winter comes (there will be certain restrictions for other Houses when it hits). House Lannister: "A Lannister Always Pays His Debts." Rulers of the Westerlands from the castle of Casterly Rock, it is one of the Great Houses of Westeros, one of its richest and most powerful families and oldest dynasties. House Lannister is able to hire extra army of sell swords without limitations to boost the royal army once they seize the Iron Throne. However this is only one time action and once depleted they cannot hire them any more. If we get extra players, more Houses will be available: House Frey House Bolton House Baelish (these are just examples, there can be more) Religion: Choosing a religion will grant you access to more actions that can help you along the way. You can only worship one at any given time, however you can convert to different one but only once. Some Houses are limited to stick to only one such as Greyjoys. Each religion has unique tier tree with different perks as well, so choose wisely. There are 3 Westerosi common religions that have less powerful actions but grant you more Faith Points and thus more actions. The Foreign Religions grant less Faith Points over time but their final tier actions are game changers. The Old Gods of the Forest - innumerable and nameless spirits of each tree, rock, and stream worshiped by the Children of the Forest and later by the First Men. The original religion of the continent, it was later pushed back by the Faith of the Seven. In the present day, it is the majority religion only in the North and Beyond the Wall, though certain nobles houses in the south of the continent still follow it. This religion grants scouting actions, with the final tier you will be able to gain access to three eyed raven, able to see past and present actions of others. The Faith of the Seven - introduced to Westeros during the Andal Invasion six thousand years ago, it has for millennia been the majority religion on the continent. In terms of number of followers, geographic spread, and influence on politics, the Faith of the Seven is the overwhelmingly dominant religion in Westeros. It is based on the worship of "The Seven" or the "Seven-faced God", a single deity with seven "aspects" or "faces". This religion grants the most Faith Points as a bonus if it's the primary religion of the current King. Actions are focused on boosting armies and with the final tier you'll get access to the Sparrows boosting defense in your holdings and capital. The Drowned God - the local religion of the the Iron Islands. Worshipers of the Drowned God value maritime skill, as well as prowess in combat and in piratical raids. It has the fewest followers of the three major religions in Westeros and is the least widespread, being restricted to the lightly populated Iron Islands. Nonetheless, as there are so few major religions on the continent, it is still the third largest religion, and is certainly dominant within the Iron Islands themselves. This religion grants relocation and swapping actions. With the final tier you will be able to summon the Drowned God which can protect any holding for 1 phase. Foreign Religions (These will receive a certain penalty at gaining Faith Points, so can be used a lot less): The Lord of Light - focuses on worship of the "one true god", a fire-god known as the Lord of Light, or "R'hllor". Espouses strong dualistic beliefs, as the Lord of Light constantly struggles against darkness. Loosely speaking it is the majority religion in many parts of Essos, particularly the major trading hubs such as the Free Cities. Lord of Light grants access to powerful resurrect spells as well as timed death spells. Be aware that you will need a big sacrifice to cast these. The Many-Faced God of Death - a minor religion in Braavos followed by the mysterious cult of assassins known as the Faceless Men. This religion will grant you access to powerful assassin actions. The Valyrian religion - the religion of the old Valyrian Freehold, little-practiced after the Doom of Valyria destroyed their civilization four hundred years ago. The Targaryens named several of their dragons after gods of old Valyria. Do you like Dragons? This Religion will grant you access to them, which will significantly boost your army damage bonus. So even with fewer men you can cause havoc and destroy much larger armies. Keep in mind that Dragons take time to hatch and grow, so prepare to use them only as endgame. Game Update Depending on sign ups the game can be launched within few weeks. So far the estimated game start was moved to Friday July 12th 10 PM UTC. Iron Throne Candidates (10): @Voe @TheIrishman @Louis @Jeod @Shade939 @OrangeP47 @Retaliation @Sunflower @rubeci @PrettyReckless / @Category 5 Hurricane Game Links: DAY 1 I now proclaim Euron Greyjoy of the House Greyjoy, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms! NIGHT 1 DAY 2 NIGHT 2 DAY 3 NIGHT 3 DAY 4 NIGHT 4 DAY 5 NIGHT 5 DAY 6 NIGHT 6 DAY 7 NIGHT 7 DAY 8 I now proclaim Margaery Tyrell of the House Highgarden, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms! NIGHT 8 DAY 9 NIGHT 9 Winter has come. DAY 10 NIGHT 10 DAY 11 The Night Queen Rises NIGHT 11 DAY 12 NIGHT 12 DAY 13 NIGHT 13 NIGHT 14 When the Wall fell Game Ending, Outro, Rewards, Player Info & Game Mechanics
  22. Hi Boys and Girls, I will be in charge of this topic regarding EXIMIUS, long story short. Eximius is a RTS-FPS hybrid that was heavily inspired by the cancelled "Tiberium", CoH/DoW and SC. Gameplay features The game is similar to C&C Renegade " Protect and Destroy" another winning condition are Control Point which were inspired by Company of Heroes series. A match consist of 1 Commander and 4 Officers, the Commander are the one who will be deciding what to build and manage the units, he can even join in the firefight. The officers are the backbone of the army who will lead the squad into firefight. Resources are Cash, Energy, and Ammunition. These resources are important as some of them require for purchasing structures, upgrades, units and support abilities. Here are some of the videos, you may or may not notice that I have posted in CNCNZ but not here. Well is better late than never ? A new gameplay mode called "Challenge" Where you are alone and pitched your skills to withstand the test of time as endless wave after wave of enemy pouring in. ATTENTION!!! Officers and Commanders , thank you for those who signed up for closed beta. The official EXIMIUS launch will be roughly 8 hours from now. Indiedb https://www.indiedb.com/games/eximius Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/505740/Eximius_Seize_the_Frontline/ CNCNZ https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/21270-eximius-at-game-development-conference-2018-march/?tab=comments#comment-235710 The game will be release on 28 September 2018
  23. Hey all, since there are no new mafia games announced yet and we have at least two relatively new players (@Brigitte and @Louis), I thought it might be a good time to have another Open Janitorial game. You may recall the first one hosted almost a year ago. Open Janitorial Mafia is an open setup, which means the possible roles are known from the start of the game. The setup itself is called Janitorial thanks to the pivotal mafia role, the Janitor. The setup only has one doctor and one cop, plus a few other basic roles that haven't been seen on this forum before. Scumhunting is a must, but it shouldn't be as "in the dark" as a true basics game. JANITORIAL MAFIA ROLES Villager (3) The most basic of town roles, the villager has no actions except their vote. Doctor (1) The doctor is a town power role with the ability to protect one player each night, including themselves if desired. Sane Cop (1) The cop is a town power role with the ability to investigate a player each night and discover their alignment. Miller (1) The miller is a basic town role that is essentially a villager, but they will appear as mafia on cop reports and flip vanilla mafia on death. Oracle (1) The oracle is a town power role with the ability to target a player each night to be mod-revealed if the oracle dies. The oracle will only reveal their previous night target. The ability does not stack. The oracle starts with a target at random in the event they die on D1. Vanilla Mafia (1) The mirror role of the town villager, the vanilla mafia has no actions except a nightkill and a vote during the day. Janitor (1) The janitor is a mafia power role with a one-time ability to hide the role of the nightkill. The killed player will not be revealed for the duration of the game. Lawyer (1) The lawyer is a mafia power role with the night ability to make their target mafia teammate appear innocent on cop reports. This game setup requires 10 players to play. If you are brand new or have only a few games of mafia under your belt, this is a great entry point! The game will start within 72 hours of the minimum player count being met. Official date and time will be announced within 24 hours of the minimum player count being met. *This game is estimated to last up to Night 5, which equates to 15 days (48 hour days and 24 hour nights). Depending on how the game plays out, the timeframe might be longer or shorter. *This game may be cancelled or delayed if another mafia game is announced, since I just hosted one. Co-Moderator (1 Needed) - I have a full-time job so I'll definitely need some help in meeting GM deadlines. A good entry game for players interested in hosting their own game at some point too! 1. Shade939 Signed Players (10 Needed) 1. Category 5 Hurricane 2. Killing_You 3. Nodlied 4. Retaliation 5. OrangeP47 6. Mojoman 7. Brigitte 8. TheIrishMan 9. Louis 10. ChopBam
  24. I know some of you if not most of you are utterly HYPED for Endgame. Me, I grew up with this--like Harry Potter, it's sort of like the end of an era to me. To celebrate such an occasion, I'm going to host a mixture of CYOR and Marvel-themed mafia. Specialized game mechanics are still in the works, and because my workload might be picking up a ton IRL in the next month, I'm requesting a co-host. THE RULES You can choose any character you want from the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The movie must have been released, so no Endgame characters. Besides, you wouldn't know any new ones. When it comes to alignments, keep in mind that villain characters don't necessarily mean scum and vice versa. You can expect town, mafia, and third party and/or neutral depending on the number of players we get. You can use previous CYOR design templates to "create" your character. I know the MCU characters have multiple powers and skills, but each player will only have up to two abilities (not including the standard nightkill). This game will also not feature any player-generated items. Please submit at least two character options, you can't all be Thanos. For your abilities, choose two that your character has (either power-wise or skill-wise) and, if you like, request a role (cop, tracker, doctor, etc). My goal is to close the sign-up period on Saturday, March 30 and start the game on Friday, April 5th. Signups (7 minimum) Mojoman Killing_You OrangeP47 FRAYDO TheIrishMan Brigitte ChopBam Louis Shade939 iLikeToSnipe Category 5 Hurricane
  25. Hello and welcome to Pokemafia 2! This thread is a work in progress, so check back occasionally to see updates to the rules. That said, the rules will be fully posted and explained before the game actually starts, with changes made only if it can't be helped during the actual playing. First off, what's new in Pokemafia 2? 1) Actual Characters That's right, this game we will not be generic trainers, but you'll actually get to be someone from the world of Pokemon! With that, it means... 2) Character abilities! Every player will have something unique about them to spice up the game! Not just a select few like last time. 3) Johto pokemon! That's right, we're in Johto now, that means you can use pokemon from the first 251! 4) Gen 2 mechanics Gen 2 fixes a lot of the inherent bugs and imbalances found in gen 1! 5) Held items It's a mechanic from gen 2, obviously, but could possibly be a game changer and thus deserves special mention! 6) Expanded actions Last game you got two pokecoins to complete actions each night. This time, you get THREE! Why? Because there's a lot more actions from which to choose from, not even accounting for the fact that a lot of people have a unique character action. 7) Shopping As part of the expanded actions, worthy of specific mention, is now you will have SOME degree of control over which items you obtain. 8 ) Enhanced cooperation Passing items during the night is a free action, and if you don't have a specific target in mind, there's even the item raffle. Donate an item, receive an item, in a semi random fashion based on the input of all participating parties! 9) Much more! This list is getting quite long, but I can assure you, there's much more to get excited about this game! ----- Key Rules Stat Calculator - http://www.psypokes.com/gsc/dv.php This game will introduce the concept of levels. All pokemon start at level 10, and each time they train or win a battle they increase in levels by 10. Levels are capped at 50. This is done to scale pokemon that don't evolve. To evolve, you must train twice or win a battle twice (or a combo thereof). To evolve a second time, you must do so a further 3 times. Note however, this does mean that you can be level 50 and not fully evolved, and require a further training that does not increase levels to get that last evolve. Also note, moves are NOT restricted by level. When possible, pokemon will always have a full slate of 4 moves, even if they're level 10. (More to come later) Battling/Investigating At the end of each day phase, there will be a pokemon battle. Some days (announced in advance) will feature a double battle, for a total of four participants. There are a variety of ways to decide who participates in a given battle. Every player will have access to the ##Nominate and ##Rocket commands. These commands vote for a player to be a standard trainer or team rocket participant in a battle, the highest number of votes "wins". In the event of a tie, RNG will decide between those that are tied. For fairness purposes, the standard trainer is considered to be the "challenger" and the rocket is to be considered the "challenged" party. This simply means that when it comes to scheduling or other out of game considerations, the challenged party will generally be favored as they were not the ones to choose to be placed in that situation. In other words, if you're the one being aggressive, you better be prepared to be around to back it up. Attempts to rig the vote in the opposite direction will be strongly discouraged at GM discretion, and advantage here may be flipped if shenanigans have occurred. This clause should not come into effect often, as there are several ways available to keep the battle flowing, even if one party is busy, discussed in a later section. In battle, each person uses one move per turn, or uses an item. Some "held" items, such as berries, can also be used as standard items. If you do not wish your opponent to know which move you are using, you may refer to your attack as "Move 1, Move 2, etc", and between battles (at night) you may randomize your move order so that its fresh for the next battle as a free action. Switching pokemon during a battle is not allowed, and the battle ends when one pokemon (or set of pokemon on a side) faints. Both the victor and the defeated will obtain a care package after the battle, though the victor's package will be larger. The victor's pokemon will also increase in level by 10 and gain a point towards evolution. The victor will also gain an extra pokecoin while the defeated will lose one pokecoin. Because scheduling is complicated for all parties involved, night phases may be extended. There are also several options for those that still can't find the time. First, you can submit an "autobattle document" to the GM. This is simply instructions for how to battle and the GM will carry out said instructions, to the letter. The upside of this is you technically retain control, but the downside of this is it's very inflexible. If you do not wish to do this, you can designate either the GM or someone not in the game as your proxy, and have them battle for you. This is more flexible, but depending on who you choose, they might not be that good at battling, or make a mistake, or something of that nature, and it's completely out of your control. They might eat through all your items in a futile struggle, or not use an item when they really should have, thinking you might want it later. It's in their hands now, not yours. Of course, the preferred battle is still the one where both parties are in control fully, so the GM will facilitate finding a time when both parties can be on "live", or facilitate multiple sessions if need be. As another alternative, a location can be investigated. The way to do this is very similar to how a normal battle nomination proceeds. A normal trainer must still be nominated. However, instead of nominating a rocket, a location is instead selected to be investigated by the nominated trainer. An investigation is not to be taken lightly, and the trainer engaging in one should be well prepared. Starting an investigation for the first time will reveal some details. If a trainer succeeds in the investigation, they will gain a benefit. If the trainer fails, the investigation may be attempted again in the future. Investigations may not occur on days designated as double battles. Other Battle Rules Stat change moves can only increase or decrease a stat by 2 "levels". All pokemon are considered to have max friendship. Player Elimination Players are eliminated when 3 of their 6 pokemon have fainted. Standard Action Descriptions Everyone has the same 6 "Free Actions", which do not cost a coin to do, and can be done infinite times per night. Everyone also has the same 7 "Standard Actions", which cost one pokecoin and can only be done once per night. Everyone gets 3 pokecoins per night which do not "roll over", unless you lose a battle, then you get 2. If you win a battle, you get 4. Free Actions Change Primary - Changes which pokemon is first in your party, ready for battle if selected. Randomize Pokemon Move Order - Randomizes the order of your pokemon's move, if you want to obscure that from others. Pass Item - Passes a selected item to a selected player. *Mutually exclusive with Item Lottery* Item Lottery - Enter an unwanted item into the item lottery. Selected items enter a collective pool, and at the end of the night, you get a random item back from the pool, different from the item you placed into the lottery, unless you were the only person to participate. *Mutually exclusive with Pass Item* Equip Item - Gives a held item to a pokemon Discard Item - Deletes an item from the game permanently (used to free up inventory space) Standard Actions (cost 1 pokecoin) Shop Item - Shops for an item from the standard item table Shop Held Item - Shops for an item from the held item table Shop Battle Item - Shops for an item from the battle item table Shop TM/HM - Pick a TM/HM to buy Use Item - Uses an item Use TM/HM - Uses a TM/HM Train - Raises a pokemon's level by 10, also grants a point towards evolution Shopping Process/Inventory size Each shopping action can be performed once per night, at the cost of 1 pokecoin. If you have the budget, you can select multiple DIFFERENT shop actions. Shop actions are done by category. There are four categories of items: Standard Items, Held Items, Battle Items, and TMs/HMs. You have a limit of 4 Standard Items/Battle Items (combined) and 4 Held Items. You may exceed this limit if you gain prizes from a battle, but you may not shop in ANY category until you are under this limit (destroying an item is a free action, and be undertaken before shopping). When you choose a category, a weighted loot table is rolled 3 times, and then those items are presented to you. Of those 3 items, you are allowed to keep 1. The contents of each category are as follows: Standard Items - Potions/Status healing items Held Items - Berries/Move Type Enhancers/Leftovers (Note: Berries can be used like standard items if you so choose) Battle Items - Stat Boosters/Stat Protectors Buying a TM/HM is simple. You simply look at the gen 2 list and select which one you want, no RNG. You may not apply a TM/HM the same night it is purchased. You may have an unlimited number of TMs. Lists: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/TM#List_of_TMs https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/HM#Generation_II (Note: It may be more prudent to look at the gen 2 learnset for your individual pokemon when making a decision on what to buy) Teambuilding To build a team, select 6 pokemon. Pokemon must be first stage evolution (Note: If a pokemon has a baby form, you DO NOT have to pick the baby form, though you can if you really want to). You may pick from pokemon 1-251 on the following list, with these exceptions: Mew, Mewtwo, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Lugia, Ho-oh, Celebi, Larvitar, Dratini, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno (Note: It MAY be possible to obtain these pokemon during the course of the game) https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_by_National_Pokédex_number Signups The following people have signed up. For optimal play, this game requires 9-12 players. This game will not start before January 1st pending discussion on what time works for everyone. 1. TheIrishman 2. Jeod 3. Retaliation 4. Shade939 5. Sunflower 6. Brigitte 7. Cat 5 Timestamps Day 1 Investigation 1 Night 1 Day 2 Battle 2 Night 2 Day 3 Investigation 3 Night 3 Day 4 Investigation 4 Night 4 Day 5 Investigation 5 Night 5 Day 6 Night 6 Day 7 Night 7 Day 8 Night 8 Day 9 Night 9 Day 10 Night 10 Day 11 Night 11 Day 12 Battle 12 Night 12 Day 13 Night 13 Day 14 Night 14 Day 15 Night 15 End Game
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