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  1. I recall when I was younger when GameSpy was a thing, I recall playing a Server on the Map Islands Don't know if it was a modified or not. But you use the chat to use commands to check list of props, move between the list of props so you could build around, was like a type of Sandbox mod, was pretty neat, does anyone know what's the server / mod / map i'm talking about? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the clarification I really couldn't find or have any idea how it was made!
  3. I can't find anything related to the possibility of a Single-player campaign (custom) to be created, not like a Skirmish or Multiplayer-Coop type of mission, an actual single-player campaign like the original one.
  4. CnC.Cap RA3 n' C&C:KW [Gamer tag]

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