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  1. The sands of Arrakis call for you, warriors! Wage war unlike any other and lay claim to the precious spice that the Great Houses of the Imperium covet! Releasing August 31st, 2022, W3D Hub's Battle for Dune: War of Assassins will allow you to experience this war as a soldier of the noble House Atreides or the nefarious House Harkonnen! Which side are you on? All-New Infantry Combat Battle for Dune: War of Assassins, or BFD, is proud to introduce a new variety of infantry combat never before seen on the W3D engine! Featuring fluid, seamless movement across the landscape, the ability to aim down your sights to increase your accuracy, adjustable fire modes across several weapons, and the usage of consumables to support yourself and your teammates, BFD will see you engaged in fast-moving, tactical gameplay! Unique Landscape Battle For Dune immerses you in the rich, desert environment exclusive to the planet of Arrakis! Built upon the knowledge of the sci-fi background of the Dune series and tailored to ensure exciting combat without disruptions, BFD and its maps will open your melange-induced eyes to new possibilities in the W3D engine! Unique Faction Buildings As the Great Houses of Atreides and Harkonnen establish their presence on Arrakis, marvel in the unique aesthetic and architecture of the respective factions' buildings. Look to the Atreides hawk that sits atop its Barracks, producing soldiers who aim to fulfill the wishes of the Duke, or to the ram atop of the Harkonnen Barracks, releasing vile soldiers who seek to further the will of the Baron! True-to-reference Windtraps not only power the bases but serve a function exclusive to Battle For Dune. While the Windtraps are operational, they will govern and provide building shields to enhance base survivability! If base destruction is your goal, these must go first! Income-producing Spice Silos are also present to provide a steady economy for their respective bases. Without the Windtraps providing the Silo its shields, these are very fragile and must be protected! Will you answer the call? Arrakis awaits! Download the game on the W3D Hub Launcher this August 31st!
  2. Hey! Quick heads-up from up top! W3D Hub is requesting donations to pay toward our servers and infrastructure. If you are able to do so, please send donations to the website PayPal: donations@w3dhub.com Any amount is appreciated! Thank you.
  3. Coming up this Saturday! Join us for an APB Game Night featuring special guest, Foxvic! Fun games, streams, and great moments await!

    TSR Game Night

    TSR Game Night 7 PM GMT Voice Chat @ Discord Open cover photo for full details!

    APB Game Night

    APB Game Night June 18 7:00 PM GMT Voice Chat @ Discord
  6. Tiberian Sun: Reborn Mafia II and the legendary shitpost. One of my favorite mafia memories, up there with Nodlied's The July Crisis Mafia when I played as Kane.
  7. Actually, I had a thought! Who has dibs on the next Mafia game? We can plan for some content such as advertisements across our Discord and media if we can put together some appealing images to entice new players. And for your sequel Dune game @ Killing_You , I would like to borrow your voice acting talent! Perhaps we can make a cinematic Mafia advertisement of your game! Reading off your plot like an epic storyline, as well as detailing the basics of Mafia and how to play, etc. Something akin to a game trailer but for Mafia, or even something like Verti's old videos. Thoughts?
  8. When does Shia Hulud make their appearance?
  9. Is this the part where we implode and start changing our votes or is this game still going on?
  11. I've been thinking a bit before coming back to this thread. I almost convinced myself that Shade could be scum in this game, but that would have to be a carefully planned bus from a Scum Doc and as good as Jeod and Shade are as players, I cannot see them cooperating to this extent. Adding to that thought, I believe Shade's vanilla claim and as such, he would have been the more viable fall if such a plan was ever set. Given Irish's reveal, it's without doubt that ChopBam is Town. Retaliation was also determined to be Town when he was locked up yet there was still an attempt on Louis' life, although I was doubting his vanilla claim. I have seen no indication to believe otherwise, so this does indeed add another thumb-twiddler to the pool. And if I still maintain that Shade is vanilla, that leaves the one surviving power role player to be Category 5, our remaining scum. I admit that ultimately, this decision was largely influenced by choosing the player who has claimed abilities and actions over those of us who have done largely nothing these nights save for being jailed. ##vote Category 5 Hurricane I'll cherry-pick this statement and note that we can't verify the swap at all, given that it seems the majority of us are vanilla and thus cannot have done anything anyway to be inconvenienced by a bus. It's likely Louis did choose me after all given her earlier indication of doing so. Additionally, 'course, I'm not trying to turn this around on me! Just clarifying Louis' intentions as I believe they were. In case it was missed within this text, restating the vote ##vote Category 5 Hurricane
  12. I realize Louis can't quite explain why they detained me, much less confirm if they made the choice to do this. However, this is how I spent last night if that wasn't already clear.
  13. Yes. No. Maybe. Either way, I don't like the tone of it. This seems like a solid plan to me, given how today turned out. Irish was lynched and now Shade can proceed with his test. 'course, Shade also believes this could happen too! If the cooldown claim is true, Category 5 should not be able to do that! How can this night possibly go wrong? And yet, Shade is already posting a eulogy noting an inability to role block Category 5. In what way would this be possible? In light of your uncanny knowledge of these items and how they apparently fit into the picture here, have we not determined that Jeod died with those two items? On this topic too, there was that potential slip of a third item from Shade. What if that's the item Mafia needs to succeed tonight? The item that may or may not be in Shade's possession. All of this is very curious. @ Louis it's up to you it seems! No pressure at all! You just need to make the right decision! You haven't! We're behind schedule!
  14. Huh. I practically ignored the thread because I was confident Irish was scum and liked seeing Shade and Category 5 hash it out. Unfortunate. Predicting tonight's death, are we?
  15. I have re-read through the thread and checked Ctrl+F "hunter" on each page. You have never told anyone earlier here about Hunter Seeker Drones.
  16. Seems too convoluted for my liking. A self-target NK to be swapped, only for this plan to fail because you were jailed and therefore protected. Noted. Re-reading, it appears Jeod has been careful not to do so. This isn't mutual though. Category 5 had accused Irish of being suspect #1. And we know that suspect #2 was right on the money with Jeod's reveal. At the end of the day too, Category 5 left his vote on Jeod. A Jeod-Category 5 scum team would likely have played this better and got the vote pushed onto Irish instead. We could always look back into this final CVC and see if there's something new we can learn or something that we may have missed earlier.
  17. I'm not sure I'm comfortable yet with a vote on Category5. Seeing the order of events, this is true. Of course, this came with suspicion as to how Jeod found that out. This brings me back to Irish supposedly being that investigate role that you believe him to be, Shade. Soon afterward though, Category 5 did go ahead and roll with it. I wonder if he was lying after all, but as Town!Category 5 this could have been to goad mafia into killing him rather than our claimed Jailer. If Irish is indeed that investigative role, this may explain Jeod's knowledge other than him piecing it together himself. I wouldn't think Jeod would carelessly slip like that. Another point (and emphasized) -- I don't see a Scum!Category 5 bussing one of his own Scum teammates. The whole discussion revolving around Jeod and his story constantly changing was something we did nail. Being the vocal person that he is, it did generate a feeling that Category 5 was able to put into words for me. Additionally, we have today's confusion around Irish's claimed nightly activities. Seeing as we are lacking confirmation from ChopBam on this, this does not confidently place Irish as visiting Chop after all. If anything, this may be his best alibi given the circumstances. You may keep your vote on Category 5, Shade, as I would like to hear him speak up and report. I will be sticking to Irishman myself. ##vote TheIrishman
  18. Anyone else having trouble posting on the forums? I'm logged in on this current page but when I visit the other pages in this thread I get logged out. I noticed it when I was quoting the posts above.
  19. The jail claim seems to match up with Louis' later statement. I would suspect ChopBam as Jeod's scum partner but Irish here is confirming him as Town. My suspicion of him was based on not believing his vanilla claim. However, this may clear ChopBam. Seeing that Retaliation was jailed yet there was still an attempt on Louis' life, I believe we can rule out Retaliation as scum. Scum suspects at this time: Irishman - "Confirming" ChopBam as Town and supposedly left an item for him at the same time. Category5 - No report as of yet.
  20. Call it nitpicking, but I find it unusual naming Jeod as himself and not as Bifar Skarsgard in this context. Anyway,
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