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  1. there is a way to work around it but it will require some registry editing as you can't select what IP the server uses (and the options that used to be there in game have been removed from the menu in 5.0) but what you could do is start a lan-game on your normal game and while setting it up select the right IP-adress in the first menu of the hosting screen. then open regedit and go to "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\W3D Hub\games\apb-release\Networking\Options" and copy the value of the "PreferredLanNic". then go to "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\W3D Hub\games\apb-release-server\GameSpy" and here the same key should exist. replace the value of it and try starting the server sorry for not mentioning this before just had time to look into it more and see if there is another fix then disabling the VMware adapter
  2. can you share your server.ini looks like right now
  3. yeah i think that's it overlooked even though i even added it as a comment in the server.ini file that the gamespygameport and the port must be the same value. changing them to be the same should fix it (you can change either of them so you can change the gamespygameport to 7845 or the port to 9016). reminds me again why i wish the lan function on the server would work so you could just ignore the gamespy part on the server
  4. i can see you in #rencorener if your username is bot
  5. if it helps we can talk threw discord or irc whatever you prefer
  6. are you on the right server threw mibbit you need to specify the server specificly to be irc.rencorner.com else it'll join a big server network
  7. yeah seems it joined alright [22:50 19/May/21] * Brenbot (Brenbot@Clk-32206B31.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #rencorner brenbot is in: #somechannel-admin #somechannel #rencorner
  8. the bot should be in the channels #something and #something-admin
  9. rantanplan joined before you and has the admin perms so you can ask him to do the commands for you as it seems to have joined propperly
  10. it can take a few seconds does it show on brenbot that it joined?
  11. make sure you join the channel before the bot in unregistered channels the first person to join has oper permissions
  12. yeah you could also do it a in a different way by loading it threw the database but IRC is easier you can join the admin channel before the bot and change level 6 to this so you have all permissions without registering a channel (not recommended as permanent solution but should work fine to play around without getting to much into irc stuff) <permission level="6"> <usergroup>irc_op</usergroup> <usergroup>irc_founder</usergroup> <usergroup>ingame_admin</usergroup> </permission> if you don't have an irc client you could use something like mibbit temporarily too https://mibbit.com/
  13. looking at your config file's and your firewall settings they seem to be setup right
  14. it seems by those errors that for some reason brenbot is not starting brenbot is already compiled and the plugins (the .pm files and there config files the xml file's)/ please try rantanplan's idea first if that doesn't work ( try this brenbot exe it is a bit older but it should work for fine for the game and debugging to find the issue) https://triattack.stackstorage.com/s/NTgQpszlAeK5QIoW as a replacement irc server i reccomend irc.rencorner.com
  15. can you try running this brenbot.exe https://triattack.stackstorage.com/s/TC7peKEUvPDQHOm2 to be sure keep the old exe and add this one to the folder under a different name.
  16. you join threw the port set in server.ini ( the value that just says port) you need to have both brenbot and server.exe running to make the server appear in the launcher. if brenbot immediately closes can you try starting it threw the command line. this way you can see why it closed. as the launcher uses some extra GameSpy fields to determine what game it is we can't use the servers GameSpy features anymore and have to use the ones of brenbot.
  17. the config files seem fine. so that's not it you could try the default GSAquery port and after like a few min if it appeared. also the serial only matters for XWIS so don't worry about that.
  18. the port in DA.ini should NOT be opened it's the port used for remote access (in SSGM this is the port in SSGM.ini) to the server for the bot (reading logs mainly but can also be used to send commands to the server) the ports you need to open are in server.ini make sure the port that is set there is open (this is the port so players can join), the GameSpyQueryPort is open this is the port used by the server so the gamespy master list knows what servers are online player count etc. which is what's not working right now. lastly the gamespyport must be the same as the port defined in server.ini else gamespy players can't join as it will broadcast the wrong port this might help you too https://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/wiki/index.php?title=Server_owner_guide https://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/wiki/index.php?title=SSGM_documentation
  19. I moved the topic to the right forum I hope people are able to help you.
  20. something also to recommend and keep an eye on with display if it's a reflective screen my current laptop is reflective and it makes it a lot harder to work with in the sun or my balcony.also another thing that get's done frequently on laptops with an ssd and hdd is that they put a really slow hdd in (5400 RPM ones) so always make sure the hdd is always atleast 7200 RPM.
  21. servers are back online i'm sorry it took so long.
  22. The server is undergoing some needed updates and will be done for these reasons i'll keep this topic updated with news once it's done.
  23. everything is up and running again thanks for the patience
  24. it is taking a bit longer then expected it should be back within 30 min
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