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  1. Dead Legion released on Amazon Prime this month, so expect a sign-up thread for that before long...
  2. The manual did, indeed, specify the GAU-3 for GDI and the M16 for Nod. This was the reason we were originally planning to have Nod use the M16A3 for a while. But as previously stated;
  3. We may or may not have far future plans that would fit right into that desire...
  4. I gotcha. For what it's worth, I have heard what you mentioned about the US Department of Defense before, and it's something we've got in the back of our minds.
  5. It is, but as stated in the OP, the decision was a push from me because I didn't want to use yet another AR-15/M-16/M4 variant. The QBZ was kind of a stroke of luck in that regard, not only because of the time period being ideal, but because China actually was Nod aligned in Tiberian Dawn: It was like getting a weird craving for a very specific flavor of potato chip from a very specific brand, and then spotting a party-sized bag of exactly what you wanted on sale.
  6. We could, but that would radically change how each basic class plays, plus this could severely impact the ability of the GDI minigunner to engage at range. Appreciate the suggestion, but we're going to stay the course with our current plan.
  7. We went with a 30-round mag for balance purposes (GDI getting 50 or 100 rounds compared to Nod getting 30 wouldn't be very fair), plus we're taking into account the upgrade from 9mm (what the real life Calico uses) to 5.56 (what the fictional GAU-3 uses). It is, fortunately, helped by the fact that it's a fictional gun, so we aren't beholden to as many rules.
  8. Well, when we're presented with an opportunity to embrace accuracy to the source material and the alternate universe aspect of C&C, we just couldn't help ourselves.
  9. [blurb][/blurb][blurb][/blurb] Hello, and welcome to yet another Tiberian Dawn: Ground Zero Update! Well, we say "update," but it's closer to a roundup... with a special surprise at the end. PURCHASE TERMINAL Going all the way back to Renegade, Purchase Terminals up until now have been little more than "big screen where we all collectively agreed to buy stuff." However, with Ground Zero going in a little more... grounded direction, we decided to question this trope and approach the PTs from a different perspective. We wanted something that would make sense to get gear and ammo from, but also didn't require a wall, allowing for more freedom for their placement. The result is the "Requisition Terminal," seen below for both factions! Big thanks to @ CMDBob for modeling and rigging these. They really add to the feeling of the game, plus they look gorgeous. FN MAG MACHINE GUN Following the addition of the Heavy Gunner class, it made sense to find a nice machine gun for GDI to use. We wanted one that was period-appropriate and could logically match the M60E3 (Nod's planned equivalent). The answer was obvious; the FN MAG, which eventually evolved into the M240. Once again, big thanks to CMDBob for rigging these models. What's extra nice is that this model came with an option for a spade handle, seen on the left. This is the model that will be mounted on the Humvee, while the wooden stock version will be handheld by GDI Heavy Gunners. QBZ-95 "HEADHUNTER" Now, onto the primary weapon used by Nod Minigunners. Originally, we were going to use an M16A3, but we decided that using yet another AR-15 variant would just be boring (namely @ Killing_You , who has made his preference for exotic weaponry well known). Eventually, we found something that seemed almost too good to be true; the QBZ-95, a Chinese assault rifle from 1997, chambered in 5.56. Thanks to @ GeneralCamo for the find here, as well as CMDBob once again for rigging it up. You've probably noticed that there is a scope on one of these renders, but not the other. That's because Minigunners will have the option to use either traditional ironsights or ACOG scopes, whichever better fits your playstyle. GAU-3 "ELIMINATOR" And now for the never before seen crown jewel. Previous adaptations of TD have had their own ideas/interpretations of what GDI Minigunners would use, usually a real-world assault rifle to keep it simple. Ideas that have been tossed around range from the M4A1 to the Steyr AUG to the G36. These would probably be the "sensible" answers. But we rejected sensibility. Instead, we chose something different. We chose the impossible. We chose... ..The GAU-3 "Eliminator" Assault Rifle, modeled out by @ Romanov ! Visually based on the real life Calico M900 (which is what was used for the original purchase icon), this is a fictional assault rifle chambered in 5.56 and sporting a 30 round magazine. We've taken full advantage of the alternate universe aspect of C&C in order to create a weapon that honors the original game without compromising balance. CONCLUSION Big thanks for reading this! While this is likely going to be the last update before the release of Battle for Dune: War of Assassins, you can expect much, much more from us afterwards. Stay tuned for a building round-up!
  10. Literally bussed yourself with your first post and ended up winning. What a madlad.
  11. For me, it's probably when I successfully picked out @ iLikeToSnipe as scum D1 in AR Mafia 1. And then successfully swaying Voe into voting by quoting himself in a really old APB Mafia.
  12. Hey @ OWA Any chance we could have an option to bring this back? I never liked it personally, but I'm all for anything that helps promote Mafia activity.
  13. I feel like it's just going to take a minute to get everyone back in the groove of things. It was definitely nice to have a Mafia game again, despite the inactivity.
  14. GAME END With the day coming to a close, you arrest Category 5 Hurricane under suspicion of being a Harkonnen spy. Not wanting to make any more mistakes, you decide to bring him before a Truthsayer. Unable to resist the influence of the Bene Gesserit, he confesses to being a Harkonnen agent. He also reveals that he was instructed to weaken the Elite guard from within before making their move. However, in the process, he reveals a startling truth: House Harkonnen was not responsible for the death of Duke Rogal Atreides. Before he could be questioned further, however, a dart strikes him in the neck, and he falls over dead. Category 5 Hurricane was Fassur Tomicki, a Harkonnen Levenbrech! What does this mean? If House Harkonnen did not kill the Duke, who did? And for what purpose? These questions will be answered in due time. For now, it's time to celebrate your victory, and hold a coronation ceremony. All hail Duke Achillus Atreides! POST-GAME ANALYSISI'll be honest, I did not see this game turning out the way it did. With two power roles per faction, one rolecop and one roleblocker, I anticipated a cat-and-mouse chase with the night actions, along with a couple of counterclaims. But it was not meant to be, as both Town power roles successfully targeted both Scum night one. In fact, had Cat5 targeted anyone else, Irish would've discovered his roleblocking ability, and the jig would be up. Cat5 passing away his Hunter-Seeker drone was also quite unfortunate, as it would've allowed him to punch through both being roleblocked and Louis' shield. This would've made N2 much easier for him, and the game would've likely gone in a much different direction. That said, since Jeod and Cat5 had a hard time coordinating their cover story for N1, it was unfortunately a matter of time. As for the setup itself? I think it's quite solid, probably my best balanced setup so far. Aside from a couple of flavor bits, there's not much I'd change about it, and I don't think my minor errors had a major impact on the game (if at all). So, what was the long story bit on this post about? Well, dear reader, it is a tease. Sometime this summer (likely after the next Mafia game or two), we'll be returning to Arrakis for a more intricate, more story-heavy game. Based heavily on @ Nodlied 's incredible July Crisis Mafia, the Dune Landsraad mafia will feature several players trying to piece together evidence and solve a mystery, while other players will be trying to stop them and cause an intergalactic war. Featuring an Imperium Tension mechanic, investigations that will aid in finding evidence without removing players, and much more, this promises to be quite an affair more complex than anything we've had in a while. Until then, there will hopefully be many more Mafias to be had. See you next game!
  15. DAY FOUR You awaken the next day, with feelings of guilt over executing Hadan. Wondering if Bifar was truly a lone wolf, you make a grim discovery that proves otherwise. Louis, as Thudor Brolin, has been murdered! She was an Atreides Levenbrech! Your resolve strengthened, you realize that there must be another agent amongst you! You must bring them to justice, for the honor of Thudor and the late Duke Rogal Atreides! Day Four ends in 48 hours. MOD ANNOUNCEMENT: Shade939 has broken the rules by attempting to use flavor details as a test (a form of encryption under the standard Mafia rules). As such, he will have a penalty vote today.
  16. NIGHT THREE As the day draws to a close, you realize that you must reach a resolution on the vote to execute Category 5 Hurricane or TheIrishman. After flipping a coin... You decide to execute TheIrishman under suspicion of being a Harkonnen spy. After a quick search of his belongings... You find that he was Hadan McKinley, an Atreides Engineer! The first Atreides casualty is by your own hand. You retire for the night, barely able to carry this weight... Day Four begins in 24 hours. FINAL VOTE COUNT PLAYER VOTE Jeod Category 5 Hurricane Shade939 Shade939 Category 5 Hurricane FRAYDO TheIrishMan ChopBam Retaliation TheIrishman Louis Category 5 Hurricane TheIrishMan Lead vote: TIED- TheIrishman/Category 5 Hurricane (2)
  17. Nah, that's fair. I'll fix that; I wanted to do it anyway, but a part of me was like, "clarity."
  18. DAY THREE You are called in for a meeting the next morning, in case another Harkonnen agent exacted revenge for Bifar's execution. However, after roll call is taken, you discover that there were no deaths. Perhaps he acted alone? Or is there more to the story? Day Three ends in 48 hours.
  19. This might be better suited as a separate topic, tbh. But I've got a few I'd love to dig into.
  20. NIGHT TWO As the day draws to a close, you decide to execute Jeod under suspicion of being a Harkonnen spy. After a quick search of his belongings... You find that he was Bifar Skarsgard, a Harkonnen Engineer! You also find the following items: -Technology Scrambler -Hunter-Seeker Drone Relieved to have found a Harkonnen spy, you retire for the night. But there may be more Harkonnen spies out there... Day Three begins in 24 hours. FINAL VOTE COUNT PLAYER VOTE Jeod TheIrishMan Category 5 Hurricane Jeod Shade939 Jeod FRAYDO Jeod ChopBam Jeod Retaliation Louis TheIrishman TheIrishMan Jeod Lead vote: Jeod (5)
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