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Found 3 results

  1. Should Yaks be added to Ridge War?
  2. And HOW exactly would you fix them under the limitations of the Tiberian Sun engine? If you want, you can also submit some non-ares based units/buildings for RA2 when I get around to making Rebalanced Alert MK I. This is for a mod called Rebalanced Sun MK III, and below has a list of changes I plan to make. Tell me how you think this would go and submit your own changes with them. Keep in mind the AI in this mod will be running off of a modified set where AI CAN and WILL build walls to defend. Not exactly sure why it was even disabled in the first place. You may use partials of the completed mod in whatever you want. Hell you can modify it to just include your units, as long as you give me as much credit as possible.
  3. With a Monkey running about in the game, how about giving him (and everyone) some Banana's?
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