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  1. List of things that can kill the mood for Pokemon Let's Go: Pokemon Go capture system instead battling wild Pokemon, $60 instead of $40 because Switch, and having to capture the required Pokemon to challenge a gym. As for me, My Hero Academia and Spyro Reignited Trilogy, as well as Digimon Survive and Kill la Kill for next year.
  2. I believe EA was pushing GDI to be blue since Tiberium Wars.
  3. EA has announced a new C&C mobile game based in the Tiberium Universe. Here's the trailer. and here's gameplay.
  4. Looks like there's a Chinese Mobile game based off of RA2 coming out sometime in the future. Made by Tencent (in conjunction with EA supposedly) it's sounds like a Clash of Titans clone with an RA2 theme. Links: http://hongjing.qq.com/ http://shouyou.3dmgame.com/news/24485.html https://forums.cncnz.com/topic/21315-tencent-announces-a-red-alert-mobile-game-seems-legitimate/ Gameplay video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av21963446
  5. There's also the RA2 scraped concept art and box cover for him.
  6. House Ordos was introduced in a book called The Dune Encyclopedia in 1984, but it was never canon and only stated its existence. Westwood probably wanted to add something to the Dune universe like Petroglyph did later with the Zann Consortium in Star Wars (yes, they are still part of the canon universe thanks to Star Wars Uprising)
  7. Now all we need someone to bring back Gamespy and their servers.
  8. Why not add an optional objective with destroying special unique ships being produced at the Adv Naval Yard/Sub Pen. The Allies get a cruiser and the Soviets get a Dreadnought prototype with V2 rockets. The ships could be accessed in the last 5 mins of a match then someone tries to end the game using those unless they're destroyed beforehand.
  9. I think that last image is an Ion Cannon strike, meaning that super weapons are about to be implemented in the next update.
  10. The Scavengers were part of the first incarnation of Renegade 2 that took place after RA2 and was going to connect the Red Alert series with the Tiberium series with the Scavengers being the early form of Nod's forces with the first Hand of Nod being a hand from a Soviet statue and Tesla Reactors gave the Scrin the idea of sending the Tiberium Meteor to Earth if I recalled correctly.
  11. That particular picture on the screen is from the end credits of Tiberian Dawn. That scene might have been leftover material from TD.
  12. If I made a C&C history video, mods would be in a separate video called "C&C Lives in Death" talking about major mods like Mental Omega and Rise of the Reds and Indie C&C games like Renegade X, W3D games, and Twisted Insurrection. Games and mods that expand and continue the series after C&C4 destroyed the franchise and EA pulled the plug. It would end with me giving thanks to the devs of these games and mods as well as the fans of this franchise for keeping it alive and going after 7+ years of no new official game.
  13. Scuds are bigger, but they are the real life 9K52 Luna-M/Frog-7, a precursor to the Scud. 60's tech by the way.
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