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  1. forg0ten1

    Am I the only one who pre-ordered this? making a clan if anyones interested
  2. forg0ten1

    Finally. A promising cnc game we can all look forward to
  3. from what I understand, Nod ended up reverse engineering the core defender after firestorm, and came up with the avatar in cnc3. so maybe they could have some sort of avatar prototype in rebarn since it takes place after firestorm I believe
  4. forg0ten1

    pretty cool. Maybe this means we can have useable carry-alls in reborn now too!
  5. forg0ten1

    make sure apb is the first game they play
  6. forg0ten1

  7. forg0ten1

    rage is the essence of apb
  8. forg0ten1

  9. forg0ten1

    been playing this game for a long time, and not normally one to complain about players, but this "lag" is kinda rediculous
  10. forg0ten1

    I didn't like the spy hunt part
  11. forg0ten1

    I doubt we will have to worry to much about spies
  12. forg0ten1

    yes please!!!
  13. forg0ten1

    you have to wait about ten seconds after it lands to get in. when the mammoth gets dropped off, it will slowly lower to the ground over the course of a few secs, then you can get in. Also, some characters cant drive vehicles like you said. I'd try with a rifle soldier to be sure.