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  1. all i know is increase wolverine speed
  2. i just uninstalled the game in a fit of rage but maybe i could reinstall for game night
  3. as for the reaper web mechanic, i think it is perfectly fine, but just needs a longer reload time. Surely there must be a way to do this without interfering with his primary weapon reload time?
  4. i miss the old flamethrower so much lol. as for maps, the most blatantly imbalanced one is ridgewar. Allies seem to win that one every time. maybe bring the tesla coils back at least?
  5. no problemo. I did it for the apb gold account. Just figured id give something back for all the years of w3d fun
  6. I would bye that in a heartbeat
  7. I dont think apb is dead, im sure its just because everyone is playing reborn at the moment
  8. bring back sneaking or else I will die
  9. this is the worst cnc news since the announcement of cnc4. what the fuck
  10. don't bye demolition trucks
  11. I cant land the mig to save my life. The moment I run out of ammo I immediately find someone to crash into
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