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    Graduated from University, studied HND Games Design.
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    Quite good with a TF2 Sentry Gun.

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  1. icy187dna

    Sorry, it's been a while since I was on here. Yes, I was in the EMD Clan. Yeah, nice to see you too and some of the old nicks. It's like a blast from the past.
  2. icy187dna

    I should find the time and play APB like I used to a long time ago. Miss the V2. I also remember the 'LOL Map' too where every vehicle wasn't it's usual self. Eyes on the tanks, V2 rockets shooting like the matrix etc.
  3. icy187dna

    Hey, did you guys get it sorted out? Strike had to update the OS to a newer version and I've no issues getting on the server box. I think they just stopped support for the older version we had. (It's been a while since I posted I know.)
  4. icy187dna

    Hi guys and girls. I didn't know where to stick this so If you need to move it then do so. As I reside over at Rencorner.com and use Remote Desktop to connect to server boxes I found out that if your PC updates to the latest Microsoft updated version, you will get an error message like this example and not be able to connect to the server box. I found this out myself as this happened to me. Further information about this is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/4093492 https://www.computerworld.com/article/3271849/microsoft-windows/patch-tuesday-problems-fixes-but-no-cause-for-immediate-alarm.html http://support.microsoft.com/kb/4103718 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/4099633 Just thought I'd give you guys/girls a head's up if you didn't already know. I fixed my issue by uninstalling the latest Windows update (9th May) and rebooted my PC, and now I have access to the server box. @Strike I now can get on your box again lol. Anyways I hope this helps and also keep an eye on the Microsoft updates. Cheerz ice187dna o/
  5. icy187dna

    Well I'll join in the spooky fun too.
  6. More theory assignments..aaarrrggghhhhh!

  7. icy187dna

    Valve was nearly bought out by EA for $1 billion Newell said that Valve would sooner “disintegrate” than sell out to a major publisher. So with the bitter rivals EA and Valve you can safely say that the C&C franchise will not be going out on Steam any time soon. But if Valve bought EA out (which it could happen) then you would get the C&C franchise on Steam. If you stick to W3D instead of UDK then yes you are limiting yourself to a type of audience. I'd just stick with the W3D and make the most of it. Yes it would be amazing for it to be on Steam....that's if WestWood was around, then it would be attracting a larger audience. If you want to blame something blame EA for stopping the C&C franchise from being more popular. "In 2011, Electronic Arts, or EA, released its competitor to Steam, by the moniker Origin. From the beginning, gamers didn't like it. Not only were they used to using Steam, they were skeptical of anything with EA’s name on it. Though EA’s games are popular, their business practices are not. EA is always in the running for the worst company in America by the Consumerist and even “won” in 2012, the first full year of Origin’s release. They have a reputation for mistreating their customers with invasive anti-piracy policies and greedy pricing schemes that nickel and dime people into paying for content they should have received in the first place. EA, aware that most customers would prefer to deal with Valve, decided to cease selling their new games on Steam. If people wanted to play their PC games, they’d need to play it on Origin, or not at all." Keep up with the good work and I will support you guys all the way!
  8. icy187dna

  9. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooork... Hai.

  10. icy187dna


    Hey hey hey, my little tripod is here Oh I mean tricycle...Oh crap I mean triattack.
  11. icy187dna


    Yus it is me muhahahaha. I have come to terrorize you
  12. icy187dna


    Just dropping by and saying "Hai" to people
  13. Looking forward to the LAN party in Nov 2014.