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  1. posted in off topic discussion on a C&C based forum.
  2. The game is free from EA on Origin for a limited time! Grab it quick, while the deal is active! Probably influenced by the recent 20 years of C&C, the latest FREE "On The House" game from EA on Origin is none other than Red Alert 2!!! this free promotion also includes the Yuri's Revenge expansion pack! Already have Origin? just click here to redeem! but be quick as "On The House" deals won't last long. for those without Origin, all you need to redeem the game is an Origin account, and a copy of their desktop client, both of which are also free to get your hands on! Happy Conquering! TT
  3. RULES TEXT ONLY - refrain from images unless the text is in an image macro that matches appropriately. yes i know that joke is bad NO LINKS - copy-paste the jokes here, or type them. NO HARASSING - the occasional joke is cool but ganging up isn't. OFFENSIVE JOKES - USE YOUR DISCRETION WHEN POSTING. if you find a joke 100% inappropriate for this forum REPORT It. USE SPOILER TAGS FOR JOKE EXPLANATIONS posts here may be removed without warning advisory rule, try and post jokes with a short lead-up and a punchline. story jokes are OK but keep 'em short. with that out of the way LET THE JOKING BEGIN
  4. looks amazing! love the hover turret & me-drones
  5. also be sure to post any bugs you find in the Bug Tracker section of the forums, but take a quick look first to see if your bug's been posted before and add to that thread with your observations. if your bug is new, however, feel free to make a new report happy hunting. p.s: feel free to ask any further questions in the testing main hub itself:
  6. One_Winged_Angel was part of the QA team for Alien:Isolation over at Creative Assembly. me and OWA both think the game is really well put-together though i've yet to finish it... the guys at CA did a really good job of it and i had a chance to meet a bunch of the team a while ago at OWA's house-warming party. albeit the game has a little slow in pace at the start, and IMO the Xenomorphs don't play enough presence earlier on in the game, however if you look at the original film it's a similar kind of deal. i just don't believe that pacing doesn't translate 100% well from big screen to in-game
  7. better yet, that dual gpu AMD rig can double up as a toaster too! >prepares for incoming hate
  8. i work in retail so yeah... there's that.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=816096321801081 oop, found the full sauce Video
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