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  1. Awesome Do you have an Amiga to play it, or is it a sentimental purchase?
  2. Anyone here like the series?
  3. What an awesome thing to be a part of... it actually means something these days when a game goes gold as well.. that is if it isn't COD or Battlefield...
  4. Finished playing now, great game all round. Best one I've played in years in fact. Also waited for Benny boy's name to pop up on the credits! Now to try the DLC
  5. Heh "The Pauli Effect" I read about that when I was reading Synchronicity: By Carl Jung It's an interesting thought and I think you hit the nail on the head, atmosphere is definitely lost when you play a map multiple times and when you respawn 20+ times. I think it would take some effort, and also music would play a big part.
  6. Nah man, 386's are cool... it was my first computer if i remember right! Windows 3.1? Please do post pictures
  7. I know, I did realise while on the way to pick it up the extent of my geekery. My girlfriend couldn't really get her head around why I wanted it... "It's an eyesore in our bedroom"
  8. yeah those amstrads were the same sort of thing! Amstrad=Alan Michael Sugar Trading (company) that was what catapulted Alan Sugar into wealth I had a master system too and a sMega Drive
  9. I've been interested in the history of computing for a long time and I've been meaning to get hold of some old hardware for a while. Up until now everything I've found has been ridiculously expensive (like over 1000 gbp for a 1970s commodore PET). There seems to be a massive collectors market, which pushes the price up. To my delight, I found an old Acorn BBC Micro on ebay for 50 gbp and only a few miles from my house. Picked it up today http://www.betacargosolutions.com/a1.JPG http://www.betacargosolutions.com/a2.JPG http://www.betacargosolutions.com/a3.JPG http://www.betacargosolutions.com/a4.JPG
  10. Lol OWA that looks like so much fun... Is that you singing as well? O_O you're pretty good mate...
  11. Hey general, what shaders does it have now?
  12. Since writing my last post I have to retract my statement about the alien not being too scary... It is The tension the game creates (much of it through the sounds and atmosphere) is incredible. Best game I've played In a long time.... Re the alien having a level of real AI, I didn't know that but had an inkling the more I've encountered it. Also I bought Aliens: Colonial marines at the same time and while it looks nice, it has absolutely zero fear-factor... I feel like I'm shooting dumb acid-bags rather than intelligent killing machines... Shame as it would be nice to have a shooter that rivalled the original avp which I really enjoyed. Edit: I think 3rd person would've taken a lot away from the game as well...
  13. I've never seen your previous episodes but this was really cool man. Really impressed... Was that all stop motion?
  14. Ever hear the joke about the bin? meh, it's rubbish.
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