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  1. Is APB dying? No, it's already dead. Case closed.
  2. Jeod taking a whole hour to drink soup, sounds pretty sus. Even if you miss your mouth with the spoon a few times it wouldn't really take that long.
  3. The Gunplay video isn't nearly as good as it could've been, because TeamWolf was too much of a pussy to record the TeamSpeak audio. Also bring back perma-stealthed super fast scouts.
  4. There's a difference between simply wiping ones ass until it is clean, and having to do Galaxy Brain calculations to decide how many squares of toilet paper you are allowed to use when you do it.
  5. Jesus Kristus man, contain your autism the same way the world is trying to contain Corona, would you?
  6. I, for one, welcome the chance to just fucking die. Thank you, based China. The store here were out of macaroni and meatballs, which is about as Swedish as it gets.
  7. Y'all realize that 'Santa' is just an anagram for 'Satan', right?
  8. Santa isn't allowed to deliver coal this year due to concerns over rising global temperatures, thus he should opt to deliver wind turbines and solar panels to naughty children as a way to spread climate awareness. Also Fraydo is fucking gay.
  9. >Buy musket for home defense >Finally one night I hear a crash >Dawn my powdered wig and petticoat, musket is ready to fire >My home surround sound is also primed and ready to play "The Royal Hussars" >Hit play >"TALLEY HO LADS!" >Run downstairs and into my European Sphere >Two Axis Majors are carrying away Czechoslovakia >Put a basketball sized hole in Italy >Germany attempts to drop Czechoslovakia and run >"AFFIX BAYONETS GENTLEMEN" >Charge after him. >Jam my bayonet into his anus as he tries to climb back through the Sudetenland >Call America >Have tea ready for them.
  10. Your taste in women is literally comparable to excrement.
  11. Bernadetta is a neckbeard and objectively worst girl in the game.
  12. Friendly reminder that picking anything that isn't Kirby is objectively a bad choice, and if you do you should reconsider your life choices.
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