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  1. Is APB dying? No, it's already dead. Case closed.
  2. Jeod taking a whole hour to drink soup, sounds pretty sus. Even if you miss your mouth with the spoon a few times it wouldn't really take that long.
  3. The Gunplay video isn't nearly as good as it could've been, because TeamWolf was too much of a pussy to record the TeamSpeak audio. Also bring back perma-stealthed super fast scouts.
  4. There's a difference between simply wiping ones ass until it is clean, and having to do Galaxy Brain calculations to decide how many squares of toilet paper you are allowed to use when you do it.
  5. Jesus Kristus man, contain your autism the same way the world is trying to contain Corona, would you?
  6. I, for one, welcome the chance to just fucking die. Thank you, based China. The store here were out of macaroni and meatballs, which is about as Swedish as it gets.
  7. Y'all realize that 'Santa' is just an anagram for 'Satan', right?
  8. Santa isn't allowed to deliver coal this year due to concerns over rising global temperatures, thus he should opt to deliver wind turbines and solar panels to naughty children as a way to spread climate awareness. Also Fraydo is fucking gay.
  9. >Buy musket for home defense >Finally one night I hear a crash >Dawn my powdered wig and petticoat, musket is ready to fire >My home surround sound is also primed and ready to play "The Royal Hussars" >Hit play >"TALLEY HO LADS!" >Run downstairs and into my European Sphere >Two Axis Majors are carrying away Czechoslovakia >Put a basketball sized hole in Italy >Germany attempts to drop Czechoslovakia and run >"AFFIX BAYONETS GENTLEMEN" >Charge after him. >Jam my bayonet into his anus as he tries to climb back through the Sudetenland >Call America >Have tea ready for them.
  10. Your taste in women is literally comparable to excrement.
  11. Bernadetta is a neckbeard and objectively worst girl in the game.
  12. Friendly reminder that picking anything that isn't Kirby is objectively a bad choice, and if you do you should reconsider your life choices.
  13. Are you telling me 'Schindler's List' was a mistake?
  14. I'm fairly sure after the things spouted last night I'm permanently on the naugthy list.
  15. Arguably untrue. More popular or accessible games replaced them. Monday Night Combat died out because Uber Entertainment dropped it's promised post-launch support in order to try and ride the MOBA gravy train with Super Monday Night Combat, which failed miserably and split the community in two as many people moved over to it because they thought it would be a better, more complete version of MNC instead of a completely different game. Also Team Fortress 2 went Free to Play a few months after their release, so you can guess how well that worked out. Battleborn failed because 2k did not put any money into marketing the game, and what little marketing they released made it seem like it was competing against Overwatch, even though they're not really that similar in terms of gameplay. Blizzard scheduled an open beta event for Overwatch starting the same day and the same hour as the launch of Battleborn, which overshadowed it even more, not to mention Paladins: Champions of the Real suddenly appearing out of Early Access later that year following the success of Overwatch. Space Marine didn't get replaced by anything, it just petered out over the course of two years as most 40k fans were playing 'Dawn of War'. These are good games destroyed by time, negligence from the development team or being released against to much competition.
  16. It was there to play a comedic roll if nothing else, and because I enjoy pretending I've done something right because I have a massive inferiority complex. I care, because I truly enjoy these games and I've always hated how they died and was unceremoniously buried in an unmarked grave due to their circumstances. Being part of a "Gaming" community, I figured maybe I could convince a few people it was worth their time, even considering the state of these games, get a few lads togheter and have the same fun I remember having all those years ago. Atleast now I can say that I tried.
  17. 'Aight, so after airing my greviances about text-based LARPing being to rampant on this shitfest of a forum (and subsequently being proven right in the same damn thread), I've decided to step up and attempt to slap some balls and get a regular video game night going. No @VERTi60, not creating a text-based LARPing session about video games, actually playing video games. I know this community centered around video game mods don't do alot of this, but bear with me. First of, I am not going to suggest we play any type of Grand-Strategy game, or anything that may take more than one session, because we tried that already and it was a gigantic disaster. 1 month for planing before we could start, and now another month of waiting for the second session to get going. I'm going to drop three games to start of with, whose barrier to entry cash-wise are fairly low and because I really want to play the multiplayer portions of these games again. Two of them function similarly to eachother, one does not. ALRIGHT LETS PUT NUTS TO BUTTS THEN MENTLEGEN. 1: Monday Night Combat Watch this video, it gives you a basic overview of how the main game mode plays out. It's everyone's favourite blood sport of the future, Monday Night Combat. Push your bots into the enemy moneyball, build defense, murder your enemies and humiliate them by slapping your balls on their forehead after you're done. Generally close to the MOBA genre in it's core mechanics, you must push your two lanes of droids into the enemy moneyball to gain all of da money and win the game. Build base defenses at pre-ordained locations with funds you get from crushing enemy drones and enemies, or send out a giant mechanical gorilla to hunt down enemy players. Yes, that is a thing you can do. Play as 6 unique classes, your 'Pro' fighters: The Sniper, a wannabe neckbeard that does what his name implies, snipe people. The Assassin, a weeb stealth class that can backstab and be a proper annoying prick. The Support, an Italian hacker mobster that can upgrade and deploy turrets and heal shit. The Assault, the Quarterback of the whole team. Comes complete with a bullcharge ability. The Tank, also another quite straight forward class. High health, and a big lazer gun used to roast scum with. Also has a sick beard. The Gunner, like the Tank he's got lots of HP. But he's got a big as fuck gun. That he can deploy with. Which gives him the highest level of dakka in the game. Aside from that, each class has 4 upgradeable abilities, one for each of your three activatable class abilities (Assassins stealth, Supports turret etc.), and one that increases your health and defense. You can also enter the game with a loadout of sponsorships deals that alter your characters stats. For instance, entering with a Sponsorship from Ammo Mule will increase your guns maximum ammo, if you support steroid use you'll get increased maximum health, and so forth. Classes maybe swapped at will in the spawn room, but you won't get a full refund on your abilities, roughly 70% of your money spent on these will be refunded and can be used again. The Game runs on a dedicated server system, so we could either host our own or invade one if there still is one. And all of this can be yours for a mere 4.5 Euromonies, or your regional equivalent. 2: Battleborn Battleborn died because it was released right next to Overwatch and it fucking hurts. The multiplayer is at it's core very similar to MNC, you have your lanes that your drones push, you have to push all the way to your enemies base to destroy their last defense robot, or feed a gigantic autistic murder robot more robots than the other team otherwise he will kill you. Yup. What differs majorly is the presentation. Wheras MNC takes itself seriosly in it's role as a Future Bloodsport, Battleborn is a game that's entierly about killing someone and then rubbing your balls in their face. Multiple times. As a Hyper-capitalist insane robot German. That's what is so fun with this game: The built in banter system with the massive numbers of taunts and voice lines delivered between rival characters in game. Hell, even the Defense Robots will flip you off if they manage to kill you. The game has alot of character, very reminiscent of the Borderlands style as it's from the same developer, but not in the same obnoxious manner that Bodermemes 2: Reddit Writes A Videomeme: The Revengememeing did it. As said, the Gameplay is very similar to MNC. Your character has two abilities plus an ultimate ability unlocked later on in the game. You can bring a loadout of three activatable items which can alter you character stats, just like sponsorships from MNC. You however level your abilities a little differently. Every character has a level, it goes from 1 to 10. At every level your character genetically changes and you get to level up your character and alter how an ability works. Like using a Grenade Launcher? Here, you can add another 40% splash radius to that ability. Or maybe you'd prefer to deal more damage on direct hits with your Grenade Launcher? It's a pick and chose that can completely change how your character plays every game. Selecting characters are permanent, so no character swapping mid game. As it's closer to your traditional MOBA in this regard, most classes fall into the Holy Trinity of Support/Healer, Tank and Damage Dealer. You'll have to carefully craft your party to maximize your chance of success. Or you can just play whatever and dick around while having fun as most characters have some ability upgrades which gives them life steal/health regeneration/shield regeneration anyway. A quick multiplayer game in one of the multiplayer modes. Do note this is a casual console player. AND ALL OF THIS CAN BE YOURS FOR THE ONCE-IN-A-LIFTEIME PRICE OF WHAT YOU PAY FOR YOUR INTERNET. Yup, the Multiplayer part of the game is free-to-play with all 30 characters on rotation. All you need to spend to play this is your time downloading it. 3: Warhammer 40k: Space Marine Space Marine is a game about being a Space Marine, a 8 feet walking Super Human wearing a tank, using a Machine Gun Rocket Launcher to destroy the enemies of Man. Yes, this is awesome, you have no choice in what you think of this. It is just great. It plays radically differently from the other two games, being closer in playstyle to your average third person shooter. You have three modes, Team Deathmatch/Point Control/Dreadnought Mode. Team Deathmatch, fairly straight forward. You have two teams, you kill eachother until one reach the target score and win. Point Control is also fairly straight forward, there are a set number of points on the map. You capture these points to gain score. Whatever team reaches the score limit first wins. And then we have Dreadnought mode. Oh boy, Dreadnought Mode. In this mode you start of fighting for control over a capture point. Whatever team captures the point first has their highest scoring player turned into a Dreadnought. What is a dreadnought? Well, it is a sarcophaegus that have more armour than the Maus and bigger guns than the Yamato. The Player interred in this Dreadnought must then kill as many players of the enemy team as he can before they destroy him. When he gets destroyed, the point respawns and the circus starts all over again. The Team with the most Dreadnought kills at the end of the game wins. As for the gameplay, it's pretty straighforward. You have a gun (mostly), you point it towards your enemies and try to kill them. But how you try to kill them changes between what class you are playing. Tactical Marines are your bread and butter, medium armoured and versatile. They have the largest selection of weapons available to them, and can even equip two primary weapons with the right loadout. Their weapon choices include: Bolters (Assault Rifle), Storm Bolter (Shorter ranged SMG), Meltagun (Shotgun), Stalker Bolter (Light Sniper) and the Vengance Launcher (Sticky Grenade Launcher). They also come equipped with a Combat Knife and Bolt Pistol for close combat. Assault Marines/Raptors: Your Close Combat powerhouse, equipped with a jump jet so you can leap around the sky like a madman. The fastest class, but with the least durability. Comes with three weapon varities: A Chainsword (It's a Chainsaw Sword) + Bolt/Plasma Pistol, Power Axe/Chainaxe, or A GIANT FUCKING POWER HAMMER. Devastators are your heavy weapon specialists. Slow and fat, these lads carry the meanest, baddest weapons in the game. Only class that can't dodge roll. They have a few overly balanced weaponchoices: Heavy Bolter (An MG42 on Steroids), Plasma Cannon (It's a Mini Nuke Launcher essentially) and Lascannons (An Anti-tank rifle in the lore, it's a Big Dick Sniper Rifle here). Generally gets fucked in the aft-hole if not protected or positioned well. That's about it. Oh yeah, you have seventeen years worth of customization of your Multiplayer Character. You can make them look as painfully terrible as you wish with thousands of cosmetic combinations. Or you could use a few of the pre-made skins and actually look half-decent. It is up to you. A little more costly than the others, at 20 Euromonies for the base game and another 7 Euromonies for the Dreadnought Mode DLC. The game regularly goes on 75% sales though so it's just a matter of waiting. Alright that's fucking it. Post your own suggestions for games we could potentially play and what days you are generally available so we could maybe schedule something like this regularly.
  18. Video games, we should absolutely play more video games.
  19. I work rotational three-shift, which means I am either asleep when I get home (Afternoon/Night Shift) or dead fucking tired with no will to live (Morning Shift). Inbetween sleeping and work I don't have the time to meticulously break down 75-page essays from autists with seven hundred mafia games under their belt, who are trying to talk in circles about how they are not scum and how everyone is retarded except for them. Come back when you are actually doing something that's fun.
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