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Found 1 result

  1. Hello people! It has been about a year since we've had a game of Hearts of Iron IV, which, at least to me, has been a bit too long. I know that a few of us want to have another go at the game and either have thought of some interesting ideas as how to win the match or have been playing for long enough not to make some of the rookie mistakes we've seen last time. What to expect Last year, the Axis won an overwhelming victory by the start of 1941 thanks to a mistake by the Comintern players, allowing the Axis to quickly snowball and overwhelm the Allies. This year we will once again be playing a historical scenario in which teams of players will take on each other to accomplish the objectives and take the title of 2019. When this game will take place is up to you guys. I propose a game somewhere during the week of 20-26th of October, but if you guys have other ideas, let me know. Additionally, what should we use for our chat? Teamspeak or Discord? Rules Of course there are some rules to prevent shenanigans from occuring and ruining the game as HoI IV still has some issues here and there. Victory Conditions Unlike last year, where each faction had to control 2 enemy capitals and Warsaw, this time each faction has a slightly different objective. Playable nations As per last year, there will only be a certain amount of nations that you can play as. Nobody likes a world war 2 when everybody is playing the most irrelevant of minors. Inside each of the spoilers is a list of playable majors and minors in each specific faction. Some nations might have mutually exclusive focus tree paths, in which case, the important ones will be highlighted in the spoiler, with the green option representing the choice you have to go and the red option the one you are not allowed to go. Allies The Allies are represented by the many democracies in the world as well as the unfortunate souls that got invaded by the Axis during the war. They are led by the United Kingdom at the start of the game. The playable nations are the 3 majors, the commonwealth as well as nations that can fight on after capitulation. Axis The Axis are represented by the Axis and the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere. Even though these factions are seperate ingame, they're counted as one in this list, as they have the same goals. Beyond the 3 majors, the Axis have a few minor members who either willingly joined, or were forced to join due to outside pressure from either the Axis or the great Communist Thread beyond... Comintern The Comintern is by far the smallest faction in terms of players. They're the Communists centered around Eurasia and have the biggest army in the world at the start of the game. It is represented by the Soviet Union and its few fellow minor nations. Wildcards There are a total of three wildcards in the game. Each of these has a seperate path it can go down, although all of them come with their own limitations. Sign-ups So how do you sign up? Well, that's easy! Tell me in this thread if you want to join together with your preferred date and nation. If two or more players sign up as the same major, then the more experienced player will get priority to playing that major. The only exception is the Soviet Union, which can be played by two players. It is important to note that we prefer having the Majors filled before the minors. That said, you can always sign up as a minor, even though you might be asked to play a major if we have a lack of players. Allies - Fraydo (France) Axis - Cominterm - Wildcards - That said, all rules and such are open for debate.
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