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  1. TYTY

    Topazjuan great sniper bait
  2. TYTY

    Was part of that rush aswell, managed to just kill the barracks with the last rocket from my chronotank and I was the last one alive. I think not many have realised how to effectively use the Chrono Tank although that seems to diminish the longer it is in-game. I personally prefer to stick to the Phase Tank as it's better suited for the way I play.
  3. TYTY

    It happened again...
  4. TYTY

  5. TYTY

    No silver usux
  6. TYTY

    rgh is everywhere
  7. TYTY

    What makes a true C&C game is a game that holds itself true to what C&C means. Building structures from a general Construction Yard and resources to be collected into a "refinery". RA3's Ore fields felt a bit meh in my eyes personally. At best what C&C 3 has can be seen as the most desired route, although some prefer the route that RA2/TibSun have, however modernization is a thing and C&C 3 definetly is a great game on it's own and stayed true to C&C's core. RA3 overdid it with slapping abilities on every single unit in the game and kinda overdid it with the theme. Yes the Red Alert series were the colorful ones of the two universes (not counting the Generals universe here cause it was only one game and an expansion and it does feel out of touch with C&C, maybe due to there only being one game in the series), however RA3 overdid that by looking very cartoonish. Building deaths looked just as if you threw a rock at a badly built LEGO home. The part with the abilities just felt like they tried to compete with StarCraft, which was a pretty bad attempt imo. It doesn't fit C&C and probably never will.
  8. TYTY

    When an AFK Phase saves your life xD
  9. TYTY

  10. TYTY

    A wild Silverlight in it's natural habitat:
  11. TYTY

    Only fitting I had the MVP tag there :')
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