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  1. It's not that I am ungrateful for the game or anything, just ending (and how it was handled) left a bit of a bad aftertaste.
  2. Well the ideal solution would've been to not derp WT from the get go but alas. And game kinda "blew up" anyway, didn't it? Oh well.
  3. Well duh. Of course I couldn't. Heheh. Impressive indeed, yet also sad and true. Thanks. Eh, she's pretty old so in a way we weren't surprised really. Honestly, IMO, it was going relatively fair enough balance-wise until Vert was allowed to get away with basically 2 fake actions + changed conditions on the gun (WT requirment down 75 to 70) due to GM error when resolving an action. If GM error didn't happen, this game would've been still going.
  4. Ya know, it's all fun and games, but I am a slav too
  5. Now I was just looking at "You are welcome" list
  6. Also I even didn't get to finish up my 2nd notes pack in the scum doc. So it's slightly incorrect atm.
  7. Heh, KY. And I thought I we got a shorter end of the stick.
  8. I am getting a strange desire to not play games with Voe as GM >_>
  9. You know, I am honestly amazed I lasted as long as I did. I didn't know Orange was my scum buddy until N1. A single tracking action made me "Suspicious". GG. We didn't get NKs until N3. NK makes you instantly "Hostile". We also had no idea how to increase WT. We had no idea how to use "fake" evidence to our advantage. Also town had foolproof gun and "lynches" which only eliminated "undesirables".
  10. But this is the BEST time for actions!
  11. How rude of you, Vert. Alright, let's wait and see what happens.
  12. Eh, I'll place my votes closer to hammer. Got work to do for now (though I'll try and check on the stuff).
  13. Forgot KY but I guess more will be known about him tomorrow.
  14. Anyway. As I was saying before Vert decided to be funny, I wish I could be actually AFK with illness under a nice blanket but I am at work. Despite the nausea and zoning out. I guess it's a factory accident waiting to happen. Heh. Nah, it was "Verti60 mentioned you in..." which I clicked on without reading thinking it was a new reply. I realized the mistake a biiit too late. Now where was I? Right. Player list. So. Jeod - Dead confirmed town. Mojoman - The more I think about it the more I realize that he's most likely town. While phone item by itself seems pretty pointless for scum, I noticed that his revolver was reported to be a "police" one. Unless Vert decided to lie on this small detail for whatever reason. FRAYDO - Suddenly changed nationality and got a name. It looks like identity theft but nobody stepped up to shout "Hey, that's me!" when his 2nd investigation happened. To this moment his transformation is a mystery tbh. Orange - While we can't know for 100% sure as his alignment is unknown, I'd say jailing him was a right choice after all because of one simple fact. He was still allowed to post to help out town if he wanted to. But he kept almost completely silent meaning that he has something to hide. Or someone. Irish - He claimed a doc which lines up pretty well with the earlier claims of Jeod backing him up indirectly. We don't exactly know his items or status but idk if those are important really. Chaos aka me. The only thing I'd like to mention is that I proved Mojo not going anywhere on one of the nights before he could. And he even stated that I caught him "on one night I decide not to do anything" as he said. It was somewhere in the back (can't find it atm) Cat5 - With what happened with Orange investigation I am inclined to believe him as town (I can forsee the replies of "Oh, you don't say"). One thing though. Looking back at our discussion the day Vert was investigated, when I said "What if we are both wrong?". Verti60 - Now I'd like to ask "What if we were both right?". Sure, he was innocent before, but now he's a violent hoarder of anything he can reach. Why? Hell if I know, but it looks weird to me. He also seems to be either drunk (tisk tisk, and you told me to lay off booze) or just very impatient. Retal - Loves to give out concussions to people. That somehow made him... hostile? Doesn't exactly connect IMO, but his actions of blocking Orange and FRAYDO were pretty town-oriented. Unless it's all a one big ploy. Though I'd say it's unlikely, it can still be a thing. Then again, I can't prove myself as town either so *shrug*. Now Vert, you can see why I was mildly (ahem) unhappy with the vanished text. As for further plans, we need to be very careful not to tip off the WT. Lynching FRAYDO seems like a no-brainer at this point with his weird transformations and all. But if game doesn't end somehow, we need to try and figure out a back up plan. Preferably a fool-proof one. Problem hinges on the fact that idk how to lower the WT. Yes, it dropped by 10% when Orange was jailed but considering that he was most likely scum judging by his further behavior (or, rather, lack of), I have my doubts that sacrificing a hostile town person to the prison gods would achieve the same effect.
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