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  1. It just occurred to me that we can ask CCHyper what happened.
  2. Aha! I did not properly understand what you were trying to describe, so I'm glad you found this screenshot. The textures are not what are missing, but rather the models! The brown you see there is the sky beyond. I have seen this before, several times over the years, but I am not sure what causes it.
  3. Interesting. The Scripts update alone will not change any texture files, as it is only an update to the game's engine files. However, we do perform integrity checks on the asset files (textures, sounds, models, etc), and if any integrity violations are found (corruption basically), then those will be automatically repaired by the program that runs in the command window that you mentioned seeing. I'm not sure what to think about this honestly, as I've never heard of this particular issue as you have described it. It sounds like whatever it was, was automagically repaired though, so that is good. And no worries, I totally believe you. This is far from being the most outlandish bug that has been reported. If you encounter anything else, please don't hesitate to report it! The W3D engine has built-in screenshot functionality as well, so all you have to do is press the Print-Screen key on your keyboard and it will place the screenshot files into the Renegade folder in your Documents folder (or under the name of whatever other W3D game you may otherwise be playing). Thanks
  4. @ Cloister56 Hello, and welcome to W3D-Hub. It is unfortunate that you are having issues, but maybe we can figure this out. This is a new type of issue that I have personally not heard of before when simply adding the scripts package to Renegade. Let's try something - Go to the Tiberian Technologies website and download an older version of the scripts package. Try version 4.7 or 4.6 for example, and let us know if the same behavior continues. Could you also include some screenshots or even video of this phenomenon you are experiencing? Thanks
  5. I've just realized that I don't know how to do this myself, so I'm interested in the answer as well. I know that vehicles can be spawned via the spawnvehicle command, but I'm not sure about bots. The difference is that a vehicle is not controlled by a bot AI by default, but you'd want that with a character. Also worth noting that whenever bots are involved, the level must have been exported with pathfinding pre-generated so that the bots can find their way around. I'm not certain, but I would suspect that this is the case in all SP levels, since fighting the bots is the whole point. But in MP, they will misbehave because they have no idea where to go (I've seen this when spawning them by other means). Also, Hi there! I see that you are new here. I'm going to move this thread to the appropriate subforum.
  6. It sounds like you had "fallen through a crack" so to speak. Renegade and IA are two separate games. It is not supposed to be possible (anymore) to connect to an IA server via a normal Renegade client, although with enough tomfoolery (or in your case dumb luck) it was still possible. At some point, more action was taken to prevent this from happening, which is likely what made your game stop working. So going forward (and I hope this clears up your confusion), just think of IA and Renegade as two separate things. Because they are. IA is so customized that it uses its own special flavor of the engine (which is why it will not prompt you for a scripts upgrade) while Renegade TT is "mainline", and will receive TT updates through the normal channels. Furthermore, our launcher has been configured to recognize this difference, and to treat them as different games (sorta). IA is as separate as APB, TSR, BFD, etc... In conclusion - Use the IA client for IA, use Renegade for all other Renegade servers. Get updates when they come available for either one, but IA will only update via Launcher updates or in-game updates. Renegade will not receive W3D-Hub Launcher updates, but may prompt for TT updates at launch, as well as in-game updates (also known as TTFS). Lol
  7. Unfortunately several have grown up, moved on, or passed on. But the rest of us are still doing what we can in our spare time I'm not certain if your usergroup has access to tester-level stuff, but you should check on the launcher under the Reborn category and see if you see anything "extra" there. If not, let me know and I'll get you access. A little throwback...
  8. Stick around a while, I'm sure we can do it all again
  9. Make a post in the Help & Support forum with screenshots and system information.
  10. I don't quite understand what you mean by "upgrade". I hope you are not trying to apply a TT patch to IA, as that will most definitely break it. It should be as simple as downloading it via the launcher, making sure that it installs successfully (it will say), and then joining the server. Any screenshots you can provide will be very helpful. Let me say again, do NOT apply a TT patch to IA - it WILL break the game.
  11. You can chill right out sir. While we do enjoy our forum that we pay to keep online, we also have other things that keep us from being present here 24 hours a day. If that does not suit you then that is just tough. On a related note - you know we have an active discord right?
  12. until

    There is no need to sign in. The sign-in feature is for staff and testers only. Download the game then use the Server Browser tab to join a server. Make a post in the help forum under the appropriate game if you have issues accomplishing any of that. EDIT: I forgot that ECW actually does use the sign-in. Still, make a thread if you need help with this. We had an issue that affected the sign-in briefly around the time that you posted, but that is resolved now.
  13. Hello @ HTDuro Let's start with checking something. Can you upload a screenshot of this screen from your game? I need to see the numbers at the bottom.
  14. We know EDIT: We are up and running again.
  15. As ChopBam said, the issue is on our end. Thank you for your patience while we do our best to address this.
  16. IA can only be joined from the IA client. Are you trying to use the IA client or a Renegade client?
  17. Just so that I understand, is that package just a diff of a pre-installed TT updated environment?
  18. We have reviewed the logs of what happened in the incident that you describe. Our concensus is that the whole thing could have been avoided if you understood how the vehicle locking feature works and had employed its use properly. Taking an unlocked vehicle is NOT against the rules for a few different reasons - primarily because unattended vehicles inside your base are a hazard because enemies can steal them (locked or not), but also specifically because the lock feature exists - wanted vehicles are supposed to be claimed by a lock. If you leave a vehicle unlocked and it is taken, that is how the game has been played for 20+ years. No compensation for said vehicle should be given nor expected. Lock your vehicle if you want to keep it. We are still waiting to hear from Awxyde directly about a question that we have regarding this matter, but ultimately we feel that no action is necessary from us in this case. After your edit, we are glad to see that you agree. We will consider this matter closed.
  19. Please post a screenshot so that we can see what you see.
  20. @ aerylac and @ TehMajor Hi guys, please have a look at the forum rules here or by clicking the big button at the top of the forum. This thread is over three months old, so we ask that you don't Necro it. @ aerylac A simple search of the forum will tell you how you can become a tester for all W3D-Hub projects @ TehMajor If you would like to discuss your concerns further, please make a new thread in the appropriate forum section.
  21. @ Adrian9112 Hello, WHY is your text so large? lol Interim Apex does not need scripts updates and it should not be attempted to use the patch on that game, as doing so WILL break it. IA does not use the same version of the engine that is meant for stock Renegade and other mods, but rather has a slightly different version with some extra changes. This difference results in issues if you try to use the wrong version with the wrong game. Hope this helps. Also please make a thread in the help forum in the future regarding any issues you have. This is the news section and we do not look for help requests here (I just happened to notice).
  22. Hi @ Doppelganger and welcome to W3D-Hub. If you look closely at that message window, there is a "more info" button, and if you click it, there will be an option to run the program anyway.
  23. @ LeonardMT Hopefully there will be a patch for APB 1.2 soon, and it should come with a .mix version of this map.
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