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  1. Need a little bit more general detail about your situation. LE/TT version, save location, game, etc. And I'm going to tag @ Jerad2142 because he knows things
  2. As someone who has struck a cow with a vehicle at highway speed, I can promise that occasionally they will try!
  3. Can you clarify what you mean when you say you "can't get it into a folder"? The other things you describe are what happens before the update is applied. Once you get the scripts update done, everything should work. You may have to reset the game on the W3D-Hub launcher afterward though, else it might not hit the correct executable. You should just be able to run the update and put your game path in the blank.
  4. There is no such thing as Windows 7 SP2, officially anyway. Please list your system specs, and do look again to see what version you actually have. If it actually says Win 7 SP2, then your windows installation has been modified in some unofficial way, and thus we can not support it because it will be impossible for us to determine exactly what you have.
  5. Without seeing the rest of your system specs, I will start by saying that your GPU is almost definitely one cause of the lag. APB is not Renegade; There are 20 years worth of graphical improvements, so it does require a fairly decent system in order to play it lag-free. You can drop the settings down and get a smoother experience, but I would recommend a beefier card. Your card released in 2004, making it 18 years old...
  6. Nein! We had RenIP and APBIP before that haha. That one was pretty cool though, I miss that era of things with the cool theming we did to everything. The PDF game manuals, etc. And of course yearly (or less) patches servers capped at 26 so we would all sit and wait and spam the join button. Good times... EDIT: I wonder if I could "fix" that thing to actually work again nowadays with APB Beta
  7. "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" Sometimes it is just a tad bit too much
  8. With some validation/authentication, it would be possible to limit visibility to a player's respective team.
  9. @ V0LK0V I'd be interested to see what else you might have. I'm all over some preserving history
  10. Realistic? Not today... Possible? Sure, just needs lots of people, lots of time, lots of effort, etc. A new engine would be painful (and something we said we wouldn't do), but not illegal. See RenegadeX, thats on Unreal Engine. Its not a stupid thought, just a bit unrealistic for our team. Something like this would probably be best tackled by a team with a different skillset. We're stuck in our W3D ways
  11. Danpaul to the rescue! I totally forgot to ask for an errors.log file. Want to upload that? @ indio You aren't wasting our time! We want to know why this is happening so we can try to prevent it (or fix it quicker) in the future!
  12. Interesting. I suppose that is possible
  13. Jonwil is still around, but yes, unfortunately some forums have gone offline. We are hoping that they aren't gone permanently, but we don't know for sure. If TT is having issues connecting out....that is really strange. Its a stretch, but have you checked your time and time zone on your PC just to make sure that they are correctly set? This can cause failures like this, but other stuff should not be working either if that was messed up...
  14. @ indio Windows 10 is definitely not my favorite, but it is worth the upgrade. And I can help you make it not feel so "ugh" as well if you'd like, if you decide to upgrade. I have not regretted it, and I hate change. The tweaks they made after the first couple versions of win10 made it better as well, so if you haven't tried it in a while, it might have changed for the better since then. Windows 7 is still technically supported by the launcher, so I'm not sure whats going on there. You might check and see if you have any sort of weird firewall stuff going on. What AV do you use? Any fancy network firewall appliances? VPNs or proxies or such like? Any of that might affect this. I don't want to give up yet
  15. Alright, try this workaround to see if maybe its something DNS-related thats causing your issue.
  16. @ The Unstoppable I think can help you find what you need.
  17. @ MPRA2 My apologies for not seeing this until now. I didn't get a notification for some reason. You've gotten about as far as I have until a possibly newer copy was located by one of our staff recently. I still haven't dug into it properly to see what it is, but at first glance it looks like it might be 1.6
  18. Do you have service pack 1 installed?
  19. So that we can best help you, please start a new thread and describe your issue for us. This thread is old (please don't necro), there are a couple different issues talked about here, and yours could be completely different. Also the outcome (solution or not) in this case is not recorded... Please provide screenshots, system information, and a good description of your issue and we'll do what we can to help. Thank you.
  20. Yeah that would be where it would happen. RenArchive type games specifically are able to hit crazy FPS.
  21. Wow, I learned something there Raap. A few GPUs back, I had a weird noise with certain applications only, and I never quite identified it. I bet it was the whine you speak of. Its sounded kinda like bad capacitors in a power supply, but only happened with certain games (specifically games) and the noise changed with what was happening on-screen.
  22. Precisely. If they find us, they'll find the launcher, which has instructions. And if they have trouble, they can always ask us for help here.
  23. The cap is much needed. "Glitches" above 300 fps is a modest description from what I've been told. A while back, we had a tester who claims to have gotten over 1000 fps while testing a very old (and thus minimally demanding) game on a 4.6 engine version while uncapped. The behavior he described is extremely game-breaking. And yeah, if the FPS exceeds your refresh rate, I don't see how there could be a benefit, technically speaking.
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