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  1. I'm sure it might be frowned upon, but we could also change what game.exe is doing
  2. So this is a working method for the launcher and the games to run? What about the .net framework error, does that affect anything?
  3. That is indeed the question, I just don't know...
  4. @ Threve Can you put these in our downloads section, or do you have upload access? I can do it if you need me to (I don't remember if Staff can do that, let me know).
  5. That is an interesting thought. I'm not sure how it would play out, but a neat concept anyway. Thanks for sharing that.
  6. Hi there. I'm the guy that collects all of the "old things" around here, and I'd actually like to get Scud Storm functional again one day - its on my list! The main issue with this, is that I can not find the most recent release of the game anywhere. If someone could find that, it would go a long way toward a "restoration" of the game, in similar fashion to what we did to APB 1.2 Beta. But without that, or someone having a copy of the game source or something, unfortunately it can't go very far, and might be better if someone simply started again from scratch. I keep hoping that it turns up though. Version 1.6 I believe was the last release.
  7. Woah, woah, woah.... I totally meant for you to stream APB on it, not....that. Please dont do that 😂
  8. Why not? We NEED to keep the servers alive Alp!
  9. Feel free to join the team and help us. - Glad the word is finally out @ CMDBob and I know you are too! Looking forward to another update!
  10. Thanks for uploading the crashdump! Maybe @jonwil can use it to figure out why you guys are having this issue.
  11. Hey! Over a year later, but glad you got it working What do you mean about the missions? If your multiplayer is working for those games, then the missions should be also.
  12. Perhaps @ChopBam or @jonwil can help you figure this out. You will likely need to upload your file(s) in question for examination, so you might go ahead and upload those somewhere (too big to put here unfortunately).
  13. Thats cool, thanks for sharing! I just have one question though... Are you actually Post Malone IRL or just a doppelganger?
  14. Well I guess that settles it. By popular demand, RenAlert 9935 will be coming to a launcher near you! Soon™
  15. I started working on Sole Survivor a while back. It poses some interesting challenges because it is of a unique construction, like no other renegade mod. SomeRhino did much of this customization to make it behave like a standalone game, while still piggybacking on renegade. I have made some good progress, but there is still plenty to do. I've made a couple videos that you can find on youtube and see the beginning stages. I need to make another video to show the current progress. But yes, it is being worked on. The download that Moonsense linked up there contains only the original files, which only work with stock renegade (you can not use any of the TT updates or it will break it). Hopefully we can have it running on a modern version of the engine soon! Thanks for your interest!
  16. There may be more, but I have 3 of those maps, and I believe they are all for 9935. They may be able to be brought to beta, not sure. I also have a newer version of one of them that is meant for something after 1.2 (1.3 or 1.4 I believe). I fully intended to release them, so stay tuned
  17. Absolutely. (glad you can play now)
  18. Oh thats nice. I knew they had been steadily going downhill for over a decade, but really, that is impressive
  19. I am speculating of course, but it could be because 5.x games are (broadly speaking) a very "uncommon" piece of executable code, and they probably don't yet have a definition for it. Whereas 4.x and older versions bear much closer resemblance to the original 2002 Renegade exe, which I would expect them to have analyzed and "cleared" by now.
  20. Apologies for only noticing this now. I assume you are referring to APB Delta (not Beta)? Have you tried seeing if the game runs in single player mode at all? Your OS version and GPU model may also be helpful information. Check in the C:\Users\USER\Documents\W3D Hub\games\apb-release\debug folder and see if the game is creating dump files when it crashes. If so, please compress the most recent one into a zip or 7z file and upload here for analysis. Thanks!
  21. Maybe I should just leave this one to you, I'm missing everything haha
  22. Ahh I see. Max, I just realized that we dont know what version of Windows you are running. APB requires Windows 7 with service pack 1, or Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 in order to run at all. Reborn and IA and all others will still run on older operating systems however. What version are you using?
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