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  1. Hello! And welcome to W3D-Hub! Indeed we are, and some "re-kijiggering" is already in the works, I just have not finished it. Some input from a fresh set of eyes might actually be useful, because the help info that I've been working on might overlook something that I have assumed is obvious or well-known due to my own familiarity. DM me on this, and I will make sure that your points of confusion are covered somewhere in the new help guides when I finish them. Thank you for your praise of our projects, this is much appreciated! Glad to see that someone who played a long while ago has made their way back, very cool There are events from time to time, and we usually announce them via our Discord as well as social media. As for your issues with the games, lets get some information... Refer to the posting guide here at the top of this subforum. Do you have any video or screenshots of the rainbow rocks or mini freezes? You mention some details about the issues you are experiencing, but what about your hardware? The description gives me a little bit to go on, but I don't want to assume too much before knowing some hardware and software information about your system, as well as the composition of your Renegade install. From where did you acquire Renegade? Is it updated with the TT patch? What modifications have you done to the game yourself? Let us know what we are working with, and we will go from there. And again, welcome!
  2. I'm fairly certain that if both of you are on the same network then the server should just appear in the connection list for clients on that network. You need to set it up correctly of course, with the playercount and other options, but it should be pretty straightforward. You can always use the IP address of the computer you are hosting from as well, if it doesn't appear in the list automatically. Sometimes certain networks or network settings on some computers can prevent the "advertisement" of LAN servers, so you would need to use the IP address in that case. Try pinging the computer you are hosting the game from on another computer. If that doesn't work, then there is definitely something network or network-setting related at play.
  3. Alright, so just to make sure we are on the same page, is this an IA server, or Renegade, or something else? And by what method are you trying to have a server? Via the built-in "host server" option in the game, or by a FDS installation?
  4. Ah, cool. For other issues in the future that aren't disk space related, the file that danpaul mentioned is the correct way to see what is going wrong. Glad you got it going!
  5. Check to make sure that your drive is not close to being full. If you have less than 5GB free, then this is most likely the problem. If your drive has plenty of space, then we can look at some other possibilities.
  6. @ SsaschaDE Hello and welcome! I have a few questions about the details here: What program are you using in your first picture? And in the second picture, does this error happen when you run Renegade, or at some other time? From where did you obtain your copy of Renegade? (Origin, "orange box", TFD, Ultimate Collection, Original disks, "other")
  7. Are you both on the same LAN (local network), or are you in separate locations?
  8. It didn't charge me last time..? Try clicking the actual donate button instead of sending to the above directly. Not sure if it makes a difference, but I used the button and don't remember being charged a fee. It may also vary by nation, which we can't do anything about.
  9. [thumb]thumb_tsr.7.png[/thumb]It's the 23rd Anniversary of C&C Tiberian Sun! Celebrate with us as W3D Hub hosts a special Tiberian Sun: Reborn Game Night! Wednesday, August 24th! Starting at 8:00 PM BST/2:00 PM CST! Follow the Tiberian Sun Anniversary Event on its Discord server here! Don't miss out on the other streams, showcases and game nights happening throughout the Anniversary Event! Tiberian Sun: Reborn is available via the W3D Hub launcher, which can be downloaded here. Additionally, join us on Discord for voice chat during the event: https://discord.gg/jMmmRa2
  10. In celebration of the 23rd anniversary of the release of the classic RTS Tiberian Sun, W3D-Hub will be hosting a Tiberian Sun: Reborn community game night on Wednesday, August 24 beginning at 7:00 PM GMT! Download TSR from the W3D-Hub launcher and join us!
  11. Well, it isn't because we didn't want to do a VR port... Thats a complicated subject itself and quite unrelated to this. Simply put, WE are the wrong team for such a task. We do W3D. Not C&C, but W3D - the engine, and all games related to that. We're dead and we know it, right? Isn't that what everyone says about us nowadays as some sort of jab to try to pressure us to leave the only thing we know? Okay then. We are hobbyists, and this is the hobby that we have chosen. I hope someone does do a set of VR C&C games, as that would be super cool. But unless we suddenly make some huge advances, and all of us can afford to put that kind of time and effort into a HOBBY, then it can't be our team. We are going to continue to build and improve on the platform that we know. And who knows? Maybe someday W3D itself will support VR (if we pick up someone who has the time, resources, and ability to do that for us)
  12. Hi boodie, Is this on a specific Renegade server? All of them? Has anything changed with your system or game recently?
  13. Ahh. That is probably it then. Let us know what happens.
  14. I see. A respectable machine when it was new for sure, but definitely showing its age by now. It should be able to run IA and other 4.x engine games on high-ish settings if we can get the other issues figured out. APB and other 5.x games will definitely make that hardware chug, fair warning. You might also look into putting some fresh thermal compound on your CPU if you plan to stick with this hardware. That is a super hot chip, and your thermal paste is surely dry by now. Don't want to burn it up! As for the issue at hand, if you've tried everything thats posted to try, then I'm not sure. You might post your launcher log file and see if that gives us any more of a clue as to what the issue is. But my recommendation would be to upgrade to Windows 10. Its still free to upgrade, and it will support your hardware, barely. I would make a backup first just in case though. You might also try the following command at an administrator command prompt: sfc /scannow The built-in "system file checker" scans many of the core windows files for corruption, and then replaces them with new copies if any bad ones are found. In the right situation, its very useful. Whether or not it will help here...don't know. It certainly can't hurt.
  15. This most certainly should have worked. Send me a message here or on discord and we'll get this figured out. Only so many things it can be.
  16. Need a little bit more general detail about your situation. LE/TT version, save location, game, etc. And I'm going to tag @ Jerad2142 because he knows things
  17. As someone who has struck a cow with a vehicle at highway speed, I can promise that occasionally they will try!
  18. Can you clarify what you mean when you say you "can't get it into a folder"? The other things you describe are what happens before the update is applied. Once you get the scripts update done, everything should work. You may have to reset the game on the W3D-Hub launcher afterward though, else it might not hit the correct executable. You should just be able to run the update and put your game path in the blank.
  19. There is no such thing as Windows 7 SP2, officially anyway. Please list your system specs, and do look again to see what version you actually have. If it actually says Win 7 SP2, then your windows installation has been modified in some unofficial way, and thus we can not support it because it will be impossible for us to determine exactly what you have.
  20. Without seeing the rest of your system specs, I will start by saying that your GPU is almost definitely one cause of the lag. APB is not Renegade; There are 20 years worth of graphical improvements, so it does require a fairly decent system in order to play it lag-free. You can drop the settings down and get a smoother experience, but I would recommend a beefier card. Your card released in 2004, making it 18 years old...
  21. Nein! We had RenIP and APBIP before that haha. That one was pretty cool though, I miss that era of things with the cool theming we did to everything. The PDF game manuals, etc. And of course yearly (or less) patches servers capped at 26 so we would all sit and wait and spam the join button. Good times... EDIT: I wonder if I could "fix" that thing to actually work again nowadays with APB Beta
  22. "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" "We've got the rockets!" Sometimes it is just a tad bit too much
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