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  1. Your ban was unintentional and has now been lifted. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  2. Passed this up the chain. We'll look into it, but it may take some time. Thanks for such a long and detailed post.
  3. Hello DVD. I know you've not come here to talk to me, but i feel entitled to make my points, before leaving the subject to others. First of all, you should be aware of the main purpose of our moderation team. It is not to enforce a strict set of rules. Our primary agenda is to maintain peace within the community, as well as to keep our forums, discord and game servers inclusive for as wide an audience as possible. With this in mind, we pay closest attention to those, who threaten this peace and inclusivity - trolls, shitposters, racists, radicals, and so on. While occasional out-of-the-line humour often ends with a slap on a wrist, it becomes a completely different matter if such behaviour becomes prolonged, repetetive or intrusive. As such, the criteria for unacceptable behaviour are, indeed, somewhat flexible. The current state of the IA channel is, at best, unsavourable. We've received numerous complaints from both community members and staff about the quality of conversation within. I should point out at this point, that the reason why IA channel has been, thus far, treated differently to other W3D channels in terms of moderation standards, is that IA as a project enjoys relative autonomy within W3D. The moderative discrepency has been intentional, until now. About two months ago I've been asked to rein the channel in, so that it is compliant with the rest of the server. And this is where we are now. Onto sith_wampa. First, I'm disappointed he isn't posting this thread himself. I don't quite understand what is your stake in this matter, as you've never been a target of moderation yourself. Second of all, both sith timeouts have been issued on the exact same basis - discussing ejaculates in the channel. It is disingenious to call out the first timeout as fair, while ignoring the fact that he's done the exact same thing again, once the first timeout expired. It is only fair to moderate the same thing the same way. Third, let us not pretend as if sith is an innocent, well meaning community member, who's a target of some personal vendetta. He's had a long history of in-game offenses and arguments, which, while irrelevant in the topic of discord punishment, nonetheless shine a light at the type of personality we're dealing with. Here's an example from a few weeks back: How does this comply with our rules of "Be polite and contribute constructively!", or "Be respectful of other users!"? Because I can tell you that it doesn't. For why that matters, I refer you to the first paragraph of this post. That's it from me. Let the others do the talking. PS: Havoc's post was deleted for being unsavoury. He hasn't been punished in any additional way.
  4. Yo, that's Ghiron! Tzar was a fantastic game!
  5. Get ready, Santa, here i come!
  6. Pretty much. Allies are built in no small part around blowing up Soviets with Tanyas. That's hard when there are 20+ infantrymen guarding the soviet base.
  7. I completely agree with what you say - units (especially the mammoth) take additional health damage once their armor goes down, meaning a 50% mammy is a lot more vulnerable than it appears. However, the soviets are currently very strong. While the winrates for the past year and a half osscilate around 50:50, the higher the player count, the more they're skewed in soviet favour. Buffing a key unit in large game soviet pushes (which often also their win condition) could make 15v15 and higher matches (ie, all of the game nights) unplayable for the allies.
  8. This is your last warning. Frankly, we're really tired of having to read and moderate every single post you made over the last 2 or so years. Any following offences will result on IP bans on both forums and in-game. Have a good day.
  9. I vote Momok, the silent workhorse of the team!
  10. Removing headshots, because you get one shotted, and then reintroducing one shotting V2s at the same time?
  11. Probably not, it's all busted atm.
  12. Frog is a gift which keeps on giving.
  13. Very nice, I'm a huge Civ2 fan. I'll definitely give it a shot.
  14. Yeah, I'm dead. Now's the time for shitposting.
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