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  1. The other day my mates and I tried out OpenRA C&C2 Shattered Paradise for the first time and had a new game of OpenRA RA2 Rominov's Vengeance as it had been a couple of years since my last video (note: we're lousy players haha). Shattered Paradise really felt like a love letter to Command & Conquer 2 Tiberian Sun as there's just so much extra stuff. The new playable factions are awesome! Rominov's Vengeance is even more awesome than the last time I played as they've added so much extra stuff to the Red Alert 2 experience, the biggest being C&C Generals like commander powers which are quite fun to use.
  2. Thanks, hopefully I'll have them finished and released by the time you do haha. Well, here's another 2 new dev diaries from my big Civilization 2 Red Alert 2 scenario. In this fourth dev diary we hit our stride and finish off all building types - big ones, little ones, and the biiiig difficult 3x3 super skyscrapers! RA2 Dev Diary 04 - Final Super Buildings in the Civilization 2 - Red Alert 2 Scenario https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-red-alert-2-siege-of-new-york-scenario/news/final-super-buildings . In the fifth dev diary we finally finished all city buildings and base buildings allowing us to finalise the design of the map. RA2 Dev Diary 05 – Finishing Bases & the Map for the Civilization 2 – Red Alert 2 Scenario https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-red-alert-2-siege-of-new-york-scenario/news/finishing-the-bases-map
  3. Thanks! Hopefully I'll get all these finished and out soon! Yeah I still love civ2 so much.. barely touch the newer ones haha. Oh well I guess it's time to show my Red Alert project I've been mentioning! All the skills I've learned making the Heroes of Might & Magic and Command & Conquer scenarios mentioned above is now being put into the hardest scenario I have ever attempted! A Red Alert 2 Siege of New York scenario where you'll be battling it out in city streets between huge sky scrapers.. and yes I know I'm crazy as that's totally something the Civ2 engine wasn't built for hahaha! Here are the first 3 dev diaries on the Red Alert 2 Siege of New York scenario. Disclaimer - Hopefully the final product will be waaaaay better than all these WIP test shots but I gotta start somewhere haha. In this first dev diary we look at experimenting with Civ2's terrain limits & using some sneaky tricks to begin creating a Red Alert 2 style city map with Liberty island, bridges and buildings. RA2 Dev Diary 01 - Liberty Island, Bridges & Buildings in the Civilization 2 - Red Alert 2 Scenario https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-red-alert-2-siege-of-new-york-scenario/news/liberty-island-bridges-buildings . In the second dev diary we look at adding bigger buildings, Command centers with walls, and lots of other nice decoration trying to push Civ2's terrain limits. RA2 Dev Diary 02 - Bigger Buildings & More Decoration in the Civilization 2 - Red Alert 2 Scenario https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-red-alert-2-siege-of-new-york-scenario/news/bigger-buildings-more-decoration . In the third dev diary we look at adding special fun buildings like the McBurger Kong and Petrol Station, while overhauling all previously made small buildings to much better quality. RA2 Dev Diary 03 - McBurger Kong & Better Quality Buildings in the Civilization 2 - Red Alert 2 Scenario https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-red-alert-2-siege-of-new-york-scenario/news/mcburger-kong-better-buildings
  4. Hey guys, Back in the 90s I used to muck around with Doom 2 and Civilization 2 modding but never finished any of my projects, but in recent years I've been getting back into it (call it can early midlife crisis lol) and released a GZDoom enhanced version of my old Star Trek Doom level and also a new Quest for Glory IV - 3D Hexen mod too. Much to my surprise both got a lot of media attention with the QFG4-3D one in particular getting coverage on Rock Paper Shotgun and in PC Gamer Magazine which was awesome. The great response inspired me to also get back into my old Civilization 2 editing as well (also 20 years too late lol). Why am I posting about this here in a place full of my fellow Dune and C&C fans? Well after months working on a huge Heroes of Might & Magic 2 Civ2 scenario I decided to turn my attention over to one of my other favourite franchises for some more fun Civ2 scenarios, the Command & Conquer and Red Alert universe! I started coming up with some pretty crazy ideas for huge Red Alert 2 Siege of New York scenario where you’ll be battling it out in city streets between huge sky scrapers however despite learning a lot from working on the HoMM2 scenario I wasn’t quite game enough to start that just yet. I’d also been thinking about a dark and moody scenario set in the C&C Tiberium universe and noticed that a fellow named Wonx2150 had already made a scenario in that universe but just hadn’t really done any proper graphics for it so I decided to take the easier route and remaster his Command & Conquer Africa scenario first to build up more experience before taking on the big Red Alert 2 scenario. I created a ModDB page for the project with dev diaries covering stages of development. Figured I’d post them here too so here’s the first two! Stay tuned for dev diaries for the Red Alert 2 scenario here in the future too! In this first dev diary I look at changing Civ2’s terrain and cities to look like C&C2 as well as importing some cool new units. C&C Dev Diary 01 – New terrain & units for the Civilization 2 – Command & Conquer Scenario: https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-command-conquer-scenario/news/new-terrain-units In the second dev diary I ask for some fan input and finish off importing all the new C&C unit graphics. C&C Dev Diary 02 – Finishing all terrain & units for the Civilization 2 – Command & Conquer Scenario: https://www.moddb.com/mods/civilization-2-command-conquer-scenario/news/finishing-all-terrain-units
  5. Thanks mate. All good I'm already member on there, a the discord was how I found the forum ironically haha. Yeah my youtube channel's C&C content is mostly OpenRA games and tours of some of its not so commonly known 3rd party mods as there's some great projects going on there. My Dune content is a real mix of original game footage, more OpenRA stuff and also various fan rebuilds of Dune 2.
  6. Hey guys! Been a member over in some of the other C&C communities for years and recently found out about this one. I run a retro gaming website and youtube channel called Blake's Sanctum that covers a lot of C&C and Dune content. Also working on some C&C mod projects for Civilization 2 (20 years too late lol). Figured I'd join this place as while I wasn't a renegades player I love all things C&C related and was fascinated with the mod projects going on here!
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