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  1. I actually don't remember that. Maybe it was before my time there.
  2. Hey guys, I'm gauging interest for a choose your own adventure style game here on the forums. What is it? A choose your own adventure game is a story-driven game where the players (That's you!) get to choose how the story progresses. A simple example: You are walking down a road and come to a fork in the path. Option A- You turn right Option B- You turn left Once one of these options is chosen, the story continues with various consequences (positive and / or negative) based on this choice. How would this work? Using the forums poll feature, your friendly neighbourhood GM (That's me!) would present options twice a week for the community to vote on. The poll would close the day before the next poll opens and the story will continue with the option chosen. Who is it for? This game would be drop in / drop out for anyone. Player input can be minimal, with just voting for the day and then leaving, or can be more involved, with discussions of what would be the best course of action and trying to persuade others. When would it start? If there's interest, this can start within a month. It can also run concurrently with a mafia game as it doesn't demand the same level of interaction. What would be the setting? It is the middle of Tib-War 1. The character is a GDI commando, codenamed 'Mayhem', infiltrating a Nod research centre at the edge of a Tiberium field. Intelligence is sketchy, but it seems there are ongoing experiments with Tiberium exposure to animals and plants. There are also intelligence reports that people have been disappearing from the nearby town. Mayhem's objective within the research centre is to see what Nod is up to and stop them. So let me know in the poll up above if you'd be interested in this type of game and any feedback if you've played similar games in the past.
  3. Hmm yes, but in order to get the spy plane flare, maybe we need a kill streak of 4...
  4. Oh hey, one I can actually attend! See you there.
  5. Would there be a way to make the green dashes show up sooner than the red ones do? While looking at the yak footage, it seems it might be easy to lose where the world border is.
  6. Haha, such 'dank' memes, this is going in my 'cringe' folder. Am I down with the youngin's lingo yet?
  7. I appreciate the weekly updates!
  8. I really had to do a double take that this was in the w3d engine. Really amazing job so far!
  9. I'm going to have to sit this one out as well. I've got a week and a half off coming up and I'm just going to be relaaaaaaaxing.
  10. You could also limit the bandwidth allotted to Steam when you're downloading. That'd reduce lag as well.
  11. I'm saying @forg0ten1, he pulled a sick spy play into the radar dome during a bunch of chaos. And yeah whoever wins just hit me up on here with a PM and we can work it out for the Steam game.
  12. Thanks for the good games guys!
  13. The prize is kinda cool though.
  14. Man I wish. But it's too high pressure for me (and frankly I'm not good enough)
  15. I'm still going with a Jeod-Louis scum team. We'll see tonight.
  16. And there's really no indication of you and Cat-5 being on any sort of team. The worst I can think of is you saying if the night was sabotaged you wouldn't neccesarily suspect Cat-5, but once I corrected you, it was all good. And yeah, I gave my reasoning I didn't want to go yesterday and then said I'd want to go the next day, to prevent this exact thing from happening.
  17. So Jeod was expecting a player rotation today. Frankly, he didn't have to, seeing as I was against going on the away team yesterday. I believe it is a long-con with a Jeod / Louis scum team. Here's what I think happened. Jeod was quick to jump on to the away team D1, Louis has been quiet, but her questions have been basically random simple questions that have her fly under the radar. Eg; "Wait why are we sending Jeod?" Louis then used some roleblock ability on Jeod N1 for more credibility. The length of time here isn't too long, since no one mentioned a scheme like this until now. But don't forget with my math, that 2/3 victory can quickly turn to a 2/3 defeat and basically put us in a tie. Therefore, I ##Nominate Townbot, Orange, Cat_5, Mojo for the away team.
  18. Is there a possibility Jeod took himself out of the game for D2 as a scum play? Obviously if he was scum he wouldn't sabotage the first away team, but what if was able to target anyone with a... well I guess roleblock (?) Style action. That way he gets on for sure D3 (today), there's sabotage tonight, 1 point scum, we wise up, don't put him on D4, but put on his scum buddy, 2 points scum, then we have to argue between the remaining members and figure out if Jeod was actually the saboteur D3?
  19. 大いなる不名誉のアメリカンドッグ
  20. I'll assume you're town so I'd rather you not get caught out on something tomorrow.
  21. "This does mean that the only way for a mission to fail, is for a Separatist to be part of the Away Team. "
  22. I'll choose to be sidelined today rather than tomorrow.
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