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  1. Description Driving straight at the Hand of Nod with the buggy, at the angle presented in the screenshot, results in it getting stuck. Reproduction Steps Drive at high speeds toward the Hand of Nod. Hit specific angle as shown in screenshot at one of the digits on the right side. Get stuck.
  2. I forgot to mention this odd quirk with the HMLRS. It's missiles have a tendency to fly high above a deployed Tick Tank's turret, when locked on, causing some of the missiles to miss. It's inconsistent with how many missiles hit the deployed Tick Tank, either all missiles hit or only some hit with a few missing outright.
  3. Great job on this Reborn game night! Starting with the GDI Units: Riot Trooper - I love this unit. It's one of my top picks. A small detail that I'd like to bring up, the alt-fire is using two rounds of ammunition per shot. I'd like to have that use up only one round of ammo per shot. Great unit overall, especially the shield. Medic - Incredibly useful in infantry rushes and holds. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a medic present in a firefight. Disc Thrower - My favorite unit by far. I love the range on the throws and the damage is just right. A long distance headshot that is perfectly calculated is immensely satisfying. Ghost Stalker - Very powerful in the hands of a skilled player, but not invincible. I like him a lot. Wolverine - Excellent rate of fire, but the inaccuracy leads to having odd fights with infantry where squishing them is sometimes more efficient than gunning them down. Still a fun unit to use and absolutely crucial for supporting the Titan. Titan - I like it. Not much else to say about it. It's the Titan. The aiming is a bit finicky with being offset. It has a tendency to get thrown off by terrain. Hover MLRS - Great against aircraft, but not so great against ground vehicles. I find myself getting outmatched by nearly everything except buggies because of how close I need to get to establish a proper lock. It is super effective against structures, however. Definitely not something I'd pick to shoot at ground vehicles with but 100% something I'd pick to blow up buildings or to shoot down aircraft with. EDIT (8/25/2023): I was suffering from a skill issue. I really like the Hover MLRS now. I wasn't using it properly before. I 100% recommend it now. Amphibious APC - Clown car but for GDI infantry. It's great fun. GDI TacOps Sniper Guy whose name I forgot - Excellent for dealing with those pesky Kerubims. I did find my sniper scope disappearing often in a match, but I was still able to score clean headshots. Any GDI unit that I haven't mentioned above is either because I think the unit is fine or because I haven't used it enough to have an opinion on. Now on to the Nod Units: The Killing_You Unit (Kerubim) - Very good, I like it a lot. Definitely wreaks havoc on GDI vehicles. Nod Blackhand Sniper - Much like the GDI TacOps Sniper Guy whose name I forgot, I like this unit a lot. Same issue with the scope texture disappearing. Elite Cadre - Another one of my favorite units. Excellent damage and still effective against vehicles. Attack Cycle - My favorite vehicle. It's so much fun to squish enemy infantry and harass vehicles. Pretty good against aircraft and structures too. I had an epic rush with them on one map that I forgot the name to, but it has the street sign of ' North Edinbruh ' on a bridge. Harpy - My favorite air unit. *BRRRRRRRRRRRT* Any Nod unit that I haven't mentioned above is because I haven't used it enough to have an opinion on. I spent most of my games on GDI. So far, I'm really loving this version of Reborn. Definitely better than 1.6 in my opinion. I'm going to have to play more to get more thoughts on it.
  4. This was unexpected. Reborn is Reborn is Reborn is Reborn is Reborn.
  5. Those models look great! Keep up the great work.
  6. Keep up the great work! Loving what I see.
  7. Don't care for Santa, but Saint Nicholas was a pretty cool dude.
  8. I love the BTR, I think it's quite balanced. I feel that it's an excellent addition to the Soviet roster of units. Pls do not change.
  9. Ooh, I like the changes so far. Excited to try it out, especially on Game Night. How did you get the map to change based on player count? I don't know how map making works so I'm curious to see how that's been done.
  10. I am a big fan of the sneak peak model. Great job on everyone that brainstormed and worked on it!
  11. crashdump.20210722-222059-r8439-n1.dmpI was playing on Cold Valley, driving a Mammoth Railgun when I crashed. I was helping GDI assault the Nod base. It happened on stream at 1:03:13.
  12. Sorry to hear that, I hope you make a full recovery.
  13. My nominations for MVP goes to @GaryOak , @rantanplan , @Momok, @PXD2000 , @forg0ten1 and Gummiel. One of the best plays I witnessed was forg0ten1 running over GaryOak with a grounded Yak.
  14. Yup! It was only 9 minutes long on KeepOffTheGrass.
  15. That sounds like a fun idea! Staff vs Players sounds like a blast.
  16. @Alstar for his really good V2 Defense. @rantanplan for the great consistent performance. @forg0ten1 for accidentally outing himself as the spy. @Silverlight for organizing some of the best rushes. @TeamWolf for that amazing rush on KeepOffTheGrass.
  17. Perhaps. I'd be willing to give it a go for the patch and see what happens. If it doesn't work out, it can be reverted. As an aside, people have to treat changes like it's not permanent. Changes can be reverted or modified, people just have to be thorough in their explanations and reasonings. All too often, I see people screeching about a unit being broken without actually saying why it's broken. Another issue is when a player isn't using a unit efficiently and/or effectively and starts to complain that it's unplayable. I'm just grateful that Threve is here to add context for what makes a unit great or awful.
  18. I agree a lot with what Threve has stated but here's my quick thoughts on some units. I don't think the Mammoth Tank Railgun should have worse depression. There's already nerfs being heaped onto the unit, why make it worse? It's not addressing the core problem, which is that Nod lacks a capable Brawler MBT that can go toe-to-toe with some of the GDI heavy hitters. From what I've seen on the Test Server and from Yap's discord stream, he has Nod MBTs already lined up but waiting to be implemented. I'd take a look at the Prism tank. It's lack of armor and HP makes it get insta killed all the time. All you have to do is hit the blue portion of it's turret and kaboom one hit kill. I never use it because of how fragile it is. It just means free points for any Ezekiel driver out there. Not quite sure what the Chemical Warrior has going for it. Maybe a cost reduction and buff to it's damage output? The unit dies instantly because of it's lack of mobility. I'm on the fence with making Gunner squishable. I don't really have much to add, but that's because much of what I've wanted to say has already been said. That and many of the issues presented are being addressed in the next patch from what I've heard.
  19. until

  20. We have to remember that the majority of balancing issues are most likely already addressed in 2.0 Judging by the Developer Streams, it seems that many units are having their roles redefined/reworked.
  21. Umagon is great, as is Toxin Soldier. The Cyborg Cannon may be a bit too powerful for structures and vehicles. WhereIsMyMedal and I, were able to wreck havoc inside of GDI's base. Once Moonsense, MPRA2, WhereIsMyMedal, and I all grouped up and pushed with Cyborgs, we were able to destroy the majority of GDI's base. The Cannon has an added benefit of being able to one shot kill most infantry.
  22. Oh phew! Glad I'm not crazy. It can be just a little bit frustrating because I tend to zap a bit too early and end up looking like a fool.
  23. Oh okay. It felt as if the targeting range is slightly greater than the actual range. Could just be me messing it up.
  24. Quick question. Is the Tesla Tank's targeting range the same as its actual range?
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