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  1. I think you might have to pay a fee for donating in other currencies than USD.. I actually had to pay more EUR than my targeted amount of USD, even though the exchange rate was still at about 1,0030 USD per EUR at the time.
  2. Donated! It's not much, but at least we're at that 50% now..
  3. In this new vid, FRAYDO has a hyper realistic dream
  4. I just love that TeamWolf is the eternal bad guy of these type of videos lol LG scum
  5. Damn..Can't compete as I'll be on Ibiza that weekend
  6. Congratulations to the winners! High level gameplay, and I enjoyed the games very much! I cry everytime
  7. EDITED: Uploaded these to youtube, they would get deleted off the other channel
  8. Exactly this. I've tried looking to see the effect so many times that I've gone wondering if its not actually bugged, because I just never got the impression it made a single hit point of a difference. Even worse, trying to hit the rear instead of the side has ended up in me missing quite a few shots. And that just feels bad - if you can't even see the difference between a side hit and a rear hit, you realise that you would need like 50 succesful "Rear hit instead of side hit"s just to make up for missing that one shot. Today, whenever I get the choice between targeting front, side or rear, I know exactly what to go for. The side that's most likely to land my shot on.
  9. [SEMI LONG READ - SORRY] One of the most important issues regarding balance for me is that I actually really dislike playing as Soviets. Yeah they are the slow but heavy firepower Faction, where the Allies are the quick and nimble Faction. The thing is, though; A good working Allied team can still present a heavy frontline with really high fighting power (think of: Mobile GAP + Medium tanks, Arties and Mechanics). In fact, a really good Allied front can probably beat any Soviet front, IMO (just IMO tho, lol). A good working Soviet team is, however, still completely tied to the fact that they are slow and that the Allies have vastly more options for moving around and being dynamic. EG: If you're playing CamosCanyon as Soviets, and the Allies blew up all the FT's -> you need to be afraid of phase rushes. But if you want to guard against phase rushes, you need to keep some players behind to defend. If you keep some players behind to defend, your slow moving rush has so much less chance of actually accomplishing something. In the end, the Soviets will have to let the Allies make the first move and react to it. Overall, I must say that I think that the Allies have way more ability to dominate the battlefield and determine a game's course of events. For my feeling, if the Allied team has good players, the Soviet team is almost always reactionary in play. Do I have any suggestions on how to 'fix' this? Nope, because I suck. In fact, a lot of people will probably disagree with me anyway. And even if they don't, the stats prove that the overall balance between the 2 factions turns out fine in the end, I guess..
  10. If @ryknow69 was behind that chrono rush, I will add my vote for him! We were seriously impressed by that one on the soviet side EDIT: If I'm not too late, I would also like to mention @forg0ten1and @SilverShark. High level play and they outscored me like every game too
  11. Happy birthday! I will attend, though probably not as much as I did last time
  12. Forg, who actually wanted to donate $50 but accidentally pressed the 0 key twice J/K - Very nice and generous man!
  13. Had a lot of good teammates, but apart from the people already mentioned i'd like to say Ryknow69 and KSK_Nico. We got some great teamwork going over VC! EDIT: As they were already mentioned I didnt think I should mention them but still: GUMMIEL and AZStalker
  14. IA is such a loving community A guy shares a reticle and the two reactions are: 1. I TOLD YOU HE IS HACKING 2. Your reticle is shit Never change guys lol
  15. To be honest, I find it strange that a big one is an orbit on his middle all the time. The weird thing is, I'm from afar notice and they fire at me while I am invisible. So, in conclusion; my vitality and armour are a centurion with 1 shooting take.
  16. Sometimes I'm just so happy that I don't play IA
  17. The expansion we deserved but didn’t get
  18. GaryOak


    Wow. People are attacking you for being on the same team? That's harsh
  19. I was mostly just wondering if there was one, I didn't directly see one in it, I guess. Well said raptor!
  20. Watched it! This one is quite a bit deeper or more emotional and philosophical than your normal videos. I'm wondering if there's a political message in it somewhere, considering recent events.
  21. Actually I remember laughing out loud everytime I saw that scene Just him saying AUF WIEDERSEHEN right before being blown up was just good
  22. The USS Fraydo and its escorts The cruiser under attack by Soviet MIGs EDIT: Sorry for the double upload, I couldnt upload them all at once due to file size :((
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