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  1. I was thinking about this for a bit today, and some interesting thoughts popped up in my head. Amongst them was the realization that alternate scoring *would* actually solve the issue I have with the GS / CC system. I think I can also finally summarize what my issue is; - Players buying a GhostStalker get to play as a unit that, whilst the unit is balanced and not unbeatable, gives them an advantage that can not be matched 1 on 1. - The way the system works, said players will basically have all the say on who next has the right to make use of that advantage. - Making full use of their sense of social fairness and teamplay, said players will invariably confer the advantage on only 1 player for the entire game: Themselves. - As a reward for this behaviour, other players without advantage may watch as said players climb up to top all the score and stats lists. Now imagine the scenario where score and stats tracking works dynamically, and somehow any kill you make as a GhostStalker only adds 0,2 kills to your KD. Any points you get will count as 0,001 points in your score. As if the game says: “Sure you can play as this strong and important character. But that will give you an advantage that other players can’t match, so your score and stats will be compensated to reflect your gameplay more accurately.” I’m not saying this should be implemented, but it is a made-up scenario that would actually solve my issues with the current system. Because this is what bothers me about it all. It’s players reaping the rewards from having an advantage that other players can’t get because they said so. PS I do think GS and CC are balanced well and actually not that hard to kill. I might have overstated things a bit in order to make my point clear.
  2. First of all props for the impressive work! The game is a lot of fun, and even though it might not be inmediately apparent to everyone I think you've introduced some brilliant ideas and improvements for Reborn's gameplay. I'll post my 2 cents concerning some things that stood out to me. A. GDI Juggernaut / Nod Artillery Starting off with the biggest issue I see, the artillery units are simply way too good in straight up combat. I haven't tested all possible lineups extensively, but I'm pretty sure a deployed Juggernaut / Artillery beats any other unit save the Mammoth MKII in straight combat. Fortunately you managed to give both units just about exactly the same amount of raw combat power (which is impressive considering differences in weaponry), so there is no issue in terms of faction balance. I do believe though that the characteristics of both units should be reconsidered, else they might start dominating gameplay soon. Changes I would suggest: - Drastically reduce (splash) damage against infantry. If you have a juggernaut and see a cyborg commando coming you should want to be PACKED as you want to get the hell out of there! Instead as it is right now you'll want to be DEPLOYED as you will give the cyborg commando an ass-whooping. - Reduce splash damage against vehicles. In TibSun, any enemy vehicle was a threat to a deployed juggernaut. We don't want the juggernaut to be useless against vehicles though. So how about reducing splash damage, but keeping a good damage output for direct hits? Skilled players and players targeting stationary targets should still wreak havoc, but outright dominating enemy vehicles in 1on1 combat should be less common. - Reduce weapon spread to offset the above mentioned effect and to give players the chance to deal good damage to targets if said targets are immobile or stationary. - Increase unit HP and / or armour. I remember that a deployed juggernaut was in trouble if enemy vehicles attacked it, but I also remember it being able to tank quite a few hits. That helped it survive until friendly reinforcements could arrive to protect it. B. GDI Disruptor I should say the unit is balanced quite well already, but I do think that damage output is a tad bit too low as I think I saw a friendly Titan do about the same DPS to the Nod PP today. The Disruptor is more expensive and has to move into close range for it weapon to be effective - considering these characteristics I would expect the sonic emitter to really wreak havoc once it does get into firing position. The same DPS as a Titan is a bit underwhelming though. C. GDI Orca As other people have mentioned, having only 1 load of 8 missiles feels...strange. I must say that the way the orca can hit and run feels very good, and it does just about the right amount of DPS too. It's just that I keep waiting for more missiles to load every single time im back at the helipad, lol. D. GDI Ghoststalker / Nod Cyborg Commando I'm really impressed with how you've managed to balance these units! It feel almost perfect; they are powerful units, but not as dominating as they used to be. People who know me will already have guessed what I'm about to complain about though. It's about the fact that there can be only one of each, and about the way in which players consistently hug them for the entirety of the game - sometimes for many games in a row (* cough * Silverlight * cough *). IMO it's too easy to keep hugging the GS / CC once you've acquired one, as the unit's combat power is more than enough to have a steady income of $, and if the enemy manages to kill you you can respawn and re-buy the unit in like..5 seconds? That's the only window of opportunity for other players to try and have a go at using the best infantry class around. Players using the GS / CC will tend to refrain from participating in aggresive gameplay strats though, and they usually use every lame tactic they can come up with to make sure they stay alive so as to reduce that window of opportunity for other players to run the GS / CC to 0. That bothers me, whether said GS / CC is friend or foe. Moreover, you might recognize the feeling of friendly competition that sometimes comes with the struggle for the MVP title, or the drive to achieve a K/D on which you can look back with some pride. Yeah, it's all point-whoring and kill-whoring anyway and no one really cares etc. etc. Still, I'm sometimes not sure what to feel about GS / CC users topping the game's lists. That's because if the GS / CC was hugged for the entire game by the same player, there simply was no way to compete with them on fair terms. I wish I could come up with a solution for this. I do support the build limit on the CC / GS, because having multiple copies of them running around would also be weird. Meh so yeah idk.
  3. I know what forg would say about this
  4. I think you might have to pay a fee for donating in other currencies than USD.. I actually had to pay more EUR than my targeted amount of USD, even though the exchange rate was still at about 1,0030 USD per EUR at the time.
  5. Donated! It's not much, but at least we're at that 50% now..
  6. In this new vid, FRAYDO has a hyper realistic dream
  7. I just love that TeamWolf is the eternal bad guy of these type of videos lol LG scum
  8. Congratulations to the winners! High level gameplay, and I enjoyed the games very much! I cry everytime
  9. EDITED: Uploaded these to youtube, they would get deleted off the other channel
  10. Forg, who actually wanted to donate $50 but accidentally pressed the 0 key twice J/K - Very nice and generous man!
  11. IA is such a loving community A guy shares a reticle and the two reactions are: 1. I TOLD YOU HE IS HACKING 2. Your reticle is shit Never change guys lol
  12. To be honest, I find it strange that a big one is an orbit on his middle all the time. The weird thing is, I'm from afar notice and they fire at me while I am invisible. So, in conclusion; my vitality and armour are a centurion with 1 shooting take.
  13. Sometimes I'm just so happy that I don't play IA
  14. The expansion we deserved but didn’t get
  15. GaryOak


    Wow. People are attacking you for being on the same team? That's harsh
  16. I was mostly just wondering if there was one, I didn't directly see one in it, I guess. Well said raptor!
  17. Watched it! This one is quite a bit deeper or more emotional and philosophical than your normal videos. I'm wondering if there's a political message in it somewhere, considering recent events.
  18. Actually I remember laughing out loud everytime I saw that scene Just him saying AUF WIEDERSEHEN right before being blown up was just good
  19. The USS Fraydo and its escorts The cruiser under attack by Soviet MIGs EDIT: Sorry for the double upload, I couldnt upload them all at once due to file size :((
  20. 4 MADS should do it...right? Bravo flight, moving into escort position
  21. Man, we were at 24 players this night already. Guess people are starting to feel that game night itch
  22. Well only the games without bots count as far as I remember..Or was it games with more than 4v4? Anyway you have to be online at the right times so that the playercount is high enough, I think. What time zone are you in? As for the screenshots: I had some trouble with this as well, but in the end "PrtScn" turned out to be the key for taking screenshots. The thing is that it actually creates a custom screenshot and places it in the apb-release/screenshots folder instead of just copying whatever you see on the screen at that moment. Hope this helps, else you should maybe ask a Dev on the Discord!
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