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      Important PSA: W3D Hub 2018 Roadmap Announced!   04/03/2018

      W3D Hub's roadmap for 2018 has been published! This important update outlines W3D Hub's missions and objectives for this year as well as provides a large amount of exicting updates! Click on this announcement to find a link to the post!    

Tiberian Sun: Reborn

Server Information, rules and ban appeals for the Official Tiberian Sun: Reborn Server(s).


  1. Server Discussion & Information

    Discussion relating to the Official Tiberian Sun: Reborn Server(s).

  2. Bans & Complaints

    Have you been banned from the server? Was it the result of an action that wasn't your fault? If you'd like to appeal your ban, please post now! One of our friendly moderators will be with you shortly!