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  1. So I've been working on a project that designs loadouts and missions in the spirit of Command & Conquer for Armed Assault III. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1681411751 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1701099182 Sentry has been working on ARMA full conversions for years and he's shown me some stuff. I'll be very happy to return to work with him...if he ever shows up again!
  2. The transition between slow and subtle and more vibrant is amazing!
  3. I'm necro-ing this. To let you all know... I'm still alive...I am in fact working on this thing daily...I got a better job, I work in the IT industry, I got the ever-living-FUCK outta retail, I passed my CISCO CCNA test, and I'm looking for a network engineer job. I earned my life...I freed up my weekends...and I am alive... I don't live in death...I simply live!
  4. Forgive the delay. I am...stalled. Frozen. Struggling to find motivation? Trapped in dead-end job... Maybe I need to play some more C&C to help reinvigorate my old combat warrior-self? Perhaps someone can help?
  5. Yes, the Reborn Wiki is now online, and I am rebuilding it page by page! I have backups of all my original pages! And I will try to do a little each day!
  6. Rise my people...I have returned! And the wiki lives, too! I'm just trying to remember how to construct the damn skeleton...
  7. I've posted a video demonstrating the mod's capabilities to Youtube!
  8. ....and so begins work on Tiberian Sun X!
  9. Soldiers, warriors, comrades in arms... I've been playing Command & Conquer since 1996. And with so many other games and projects pulling for my attention, I just want to say one thing: Don't ever let me retire from Command & Conquer! Seriously. I'm not saying bug me to death to get stuff done, but don't ever let me forget where I came from. I have "GDI" and "Commander A9" written on my paintball uniform for a reason. I bear the GDI Tiberian Sun logo as my default logo for all of my online profiles for a reason. Some of my most sensitive passcodes are associated with Command & Conquer for a reason. I continue to blast Frank Klepacki's work on my computer and MP3 player while I work out for a reason. I fall asleep to the Tiberian Sun Menu Theme for a reason. My dogtags says "GDI" for a reason. Don't ever let me stop, especially if I feel like stopping. So poke me on Steam and Skype (see my profile), call me up for a game. Don't...ever...let...me...quit!
  10. Hey, guys! Pardon me for interjecting; I know we've all got alot of work to do anyway, but I was asked to ask for the sake of asking. Anyone remember how a team wanted to create a mod for Command & Conquer 3 to drop it into the Tiberian Dawn universe? http://www.moddb.com/mods/tiberian-dawn I just had the priviledge of playing this mod, and I gotta say, it's a worthy first effort. The problem is it's not quite finished, and powers that be really want to get it done, but they need help. A studio called "War Studio," which also works on Renegade II, is stepping up to help finish the job, but they need reinforcements. I can't code or draw much, but you know me-I can provide technical and military insight, and the studio, "War Studio," just recruited me. So, if anyone can help see this mod to its next step, by all means, contact War Studio on ModDB, and let's see if we can't jumpstart this thing. http://www.moddb.com/company/war-studio Hell, it's motivated me to write my C&C stories again (but God knows when they'll actually get fielded ).
  11. Wow, sorry I totally vanished! I work two jobs, and I don't troll the forums much! Yeah, poke me about getting the Wiki started up again! I'm on Steam, Skype, AIm, Yahho, MSN...Addresses in my profile.
  12. Oh, God, they made me staff!

  13. Hello, soldiers and warriors! Seeing the tabs up at the top of our web page here, I figured that recreating the Wiki might have a good place between "Members" and "Bug Tracker." The problem is I'm not a coder, and "how to create a wiki" has taken me only so far. If someone knows what they're doing and knows how to create a wikipedia code skeleton, then I can resume work on our glorious Wiki project. I have all the pages intact, and backed up. 2018 Update The original wiki has been entirely saved! I am working with OWA and company on the wiki's transition to a new editing system. I'm not sure what I'm allowed to disclose, but suffice, I have been making daily or semi daily updates to it since its unveiling! I am going to post all of the original content, then resume my efforts at overhauling it all. I am proud to find a use for my C&C writing skills!
  14. I graduated 7 years of college as an honors student, paintball president, and honors society president with 3 bachelors degrees. You said 'joke.'
  15. Actually that's how I thought bases were built in the first place. The Construction Yard deployed trucks which drove out to build sites and went from there.
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