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  1. TS Reborn Server Crash !! 2018.09.17.
  2. TS Reborn Server Crash 2018. 08.19. again
  3. TS Reborn Server Crash 2018. 08.04.
  4. Building and units size problem pictures in the gallery
  5. Hi! TSR Server crashed !!! 2018.06.11.
  6. There are not many map on the server !!! Crossroads, Snow, Seclussion, Shallows Some old very good maps!!! Omega City, Dam,
  7. Such was the recently reborn. When was not screwed up. I know my English is lousy, but the title is not so obvious?
  8. khm..khm.. Ok. Thank you for your work and help.. (Excuse the Stealth Tank is my favorite.I had to say in order.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43U5gUudbhI
  9. I liked the old Tiberian Sun reborn version (2014-2015. February) No weak bazooka, disc, Officer, Riot Trooper, Cyborg Commando, Stank, flying towers and more.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvwVkTqWWqQ
  10. Cyborg commando sh*t vs humans GDI Riot trooper weak vs Master Control Terminal. Not good vs anything, except people who are close. 700 credit? EMP mine?-> ok Nod Bazooka: In many situations, unusable. Make it more expensive if you have to but make have more powerful against infantry GDI Disc: WEAK vs humans Stealth Tank: the last change was very bad. Physics is wrong. The vehicle slips and moves itself continuously. The shorter distance shooting was a bad idea. Now these are the worst Sorry, my English I do not really speak English
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