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Unit help?


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We're actually working on a Unit Guide for that! We'll keep you informed on its completion. Until then, the best I can say is that the units in Reborn should operate as they did in Tiberian Sun (i.e. GDI Titans blast everything, Nod Tick Tanks can deploy into turrets, Nod Devil's Tongues can burrow underground, etc). Also, unlike original Renegade the Technician and Engineer classes will not repair vehicles.

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20 hours ago, DOGGO_Woo said:

So I just started playing tiberian sun reborn. I plan on playing multiplayer soon but I have no clue what the units do or anything. I cant even get the technician class to repair a tank in skirmish! Can I please get a list or a link that details each unit? Thank you.

We are due for an update of Tiberian Sun Reborn that will greatly change alot of things. As a result our primary information source for units and guides has not been updated. although you are free to visit it to learn alot more about other games on W3DHub (Especially IA and all it's units).

It's pretty straight forward though if you've ever played Tiberian Sun


All units can get veterancy btw which gives them more armor and sometimes special powers. You can get vet by killing buildings.


GDI Units

GhostStalker - GDI Commando. Great against Vehicles and structures with a very powerful Railgun. Can heal in Tiberium. veterancy = auto healing depending on level and more firepower.

Riot Control Infantry - Has mines to disable and stun Cyborgs. Has a shot gun to help put them down to.

Medic - Heals infantry around him with Medkit. Armed with an UZI, great against infantry. Vet will allow unit to auto heal faster and heal units better.

Jumpjet Infantry - Can fly and is infantry

Normal Infantry - Is normal

Disc Thrower - Great against Vehicles and infantry alike. A bit hard to learn at first.

Umagon - Can blow up buildings as well as has an auto sniper rifle. Bit hard to use. Can heal in Tiberium.



Titan - 105mm Anti Tank and Structure Unit. Great all arounder

Wolverine - Meant for Anti Infantry. Small Mech.

Mammoth MK.II - Heaviest land unit in any game ever made. Armed with an A.I. 50 Cal turret for anti infantry. Also armed with two 105mm Railguns on each side ready to kill anything. use left click for left side, right click for right side. Has SAM sites on top for anti air. They're useless just about.

Hover MLRS - Hovercraft with missiles on top of it. Great for anti building duties and vehicles. Armor is a little light though.

GDI APC - Can transport 8 dudes into battle. Rush into Nod base with this.

Disruptor - ANNIHILATES buildings. Has a very short range though and is slow.

ORCA Bomber - Drops bombs very effectively on top of buildings. Make sure those Nod SAM sites are down though.

Mobile Sensor Array - Detects Nod Stealth units. You have to deploy it however. The green "Shield" that forms is the detection radius.

Harvester - Can go into the Tiberium Field and help get your teamates some money. Go to tib field. Wait until told so then drive back to the Refinery.


Nod Infantry

Cyborg - A walking tank essentially. Great armor for resisting firepower from GDI. Can heal in Tiberium. Armed with a chain gun for smoking any GDI infantry you meet.

Cyborg Commando - A walking Tank on crack. Armed with a plasma gun for taking on absolutely anything with the name GDI on it. Veterancy means it gets a flame thrower (right click) and auto healing along with better armor. Can heal in Tiberium.

Normal Infantry - Standard dude.

Rocket Soldier - Use against tanks.

Technician - Same as GDI. Gains Veterancy by repairing buildings. With Elite vet (Level 2) you can repair vehicles with your repair gun.

Crusifer - Armed with a plasma rifle and dealing great damage. A good all arounder for the price.

Mutant Hijacker - Use the crowbar to steal enemy vehicles by running up next to them and hitting "attack". Cannot be crushed. Can go in Tiberium and heal. Cannot capture MK.II


Nod Tanks

Tick Tank - Can dig into the ground for extra armor.

Devils Tongue - Can deploy underground and resurface to attack enemy units. While underground you cannot be seen. However, you can be detected by a Mobile Sensor array.

Artillery - Kicks ass against buildings, vehicles and Infantry. Weak and a little harder to aim.

Mobile Repair Vehicle - Only thing besides repair depots that can fix vehicles.

Banshee - Great Anti anything aircraft

Harpy - Anti Infantry Helicopter

Buggy - Attack Buggy. Use for battle fery or anti infantry stuff.

Subterranean APC - Can dig into the ground and pop up in GDI bases to unload your teamates.

Stealth Tank - Invisible Tank. Use for anti Tank purposes. Use for anti Building when in a group.

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10 hours ago, DOGGO_Woo said:

I saw that there are two types of engineering classes : Technician and Engineer. Technician has a gun while the engineer has a repair arm with a laptop. Can you please explain what these do?

Technician I believe just repairs buildings at the MCT (inside a building) and has a pistol.

The Engineer uses his Labtop to disable Nod buildings by "hacking" into them with his Labtop.

Toxin Trooper kills infantry very effectively and has Toxic Grenades.

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