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Interim Apex Remastered 1.1.0

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About This File

W3DHUB CURRENTLY SUPPORTS FILE UPLOADS OF ONLY 390.63 mb. THIS FILE SIZE IS 2.6 GB. AS A RESULT IT'S BEING HOSTED ON MEDIAFIRE FOR DOWNLOAD. The file here is a link to the actual Zip since i'm required to upload something to post.

-----> DOWNLOAD HERE <---

How do I install?



Installing is simple if you follow these instructions. There are 2 folders.. one marked ttfs and one marked data.

You're going to take the files from the TTFS folder and drop them into your IA TTFS folder. 

Navigation there is as follows. 

ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release > IAFiles > InterimApex > ttfs > files


You're going to take the files from the DATA  folder and drop them into your IA DATA folder. 

Navigation there is as follows. 

ThisPC > LocalDisk C: > Program Files (x86) > W3DHub > Games > ia release >Data

When Interim Apex is updated. You will have to redownload this and install it again. This is due to the update replacing all the files over again. I apologize for the inconvenience.


Important Q/A

Will this impact my preformance?


In short I don't know. It shouldn't.

I am running a Helios Predator 300 with 144 FPS. The game takes about 1 second longer to load for me and that's about the only problem I've had. What you're downloading is essentially IA 4 times since the textures are 4 times the detail. The game from my understanding, loads up the textures and then you're good to go.

IF YOU HAVE A COMPUTER THAT IS LOW SPEC/ A POTATO, I DO NOT RECCOMEND DOWNLOADING THIS. If you're running below 30 FPS constantly, do not download.

This mod is meant for people seeking the best, most detailed experince possible in IA and have the computer to do so.

What is this?


This is a complete remaster of Interim Apex to celebrate the 20th year mark of C&C Renegade. It's a complete package to push the W3D Textures and some models to their full potential by remastering, retouching, adding decals and details that were left out due to the age of the game or other reasons. The aim here is make IA as detailed as possible with what was given.

All 3,000+ Texture files (The paint basically of everything) has been put through a program that Artificially Remasters them by x4 the detail. So files that are 256x256 become 1024x1024 and so on. 


How is this different from other Renegade Remasters?


Besides having future support and updates from me and W3DHub.. this remaster achieves it's goals through different various ways.

1. This remaster is aimmed specfically at IA. The files for IA are split up into two folders in order for the game to work. There's the "Data Folder" which holds all of the stuff from Renegade itself. Then there's the "TTFS Folder" which is basically all the files that IA has added. While many have touched up the Renegade Game, none have touched up the TTFS Folder as it's specfic to IA. In short, this remasters the IA custom files as well as the Renegade files like the Flame Tank/Patch etc..

2. Some remasters just completely change the color of the units. This keeps all the units the same including the IA units without changing any colors or doing anything crazy. Any changes are made specfically in the spirit to retain as much of an OEM/Stock look as possible.

3. As seen closely in the Screenshots, the weapons have been modded so that they're the correct geometry on the 3rd person. Special shoutout to @ MoltenJam  for providing the Models.

4. Some Units have been touched up to add some character. This includes the Light Tank, Harvesters and Helipads. There have also been lots of retexturing, bump maping, and burn/dirt marking done to some sections of the walls. Patch was given true NVG's with a green tint and all the weapons (Including the upgrades) have been redone. Watch out for some easter eggs!


Some units have been modded such as the Light Tank. Why didn't you retexture every vehicle?


About 95% of the vehicles in IA are using reshared textures. What this means is that the Tunguska, ISU-122, and Peony all use the same texture. It's just wrapped around different. Retexturing said file specfically would look good on one vehicle but a jumbled mess on all 30 others.

Some vehicles, (Such as the Hind) use one unique texture. As a result, they're able to be modded.


Why is this 2.6 GB?


Again, you're downloading IA 4 times essentially. Every file has been made to have x4 the detail. While a crazy number in Renegade standards, it should be considered that most modern games are well above 10 GB. This mod is meant for people that have the capacity to run IA at such a level.

Any issues?


So far all issues have been patched. There was an issue with the FWF and a tree texture missing along with lines displaying weird on buildings. But it was fixed thanks to MoltenJam.


Is this really every file from IA?


In short yes.

Long answer is mostly. The A.I. Retexture program wouldn't run the 64x64 files for some reason and it just crashed every single time I tried. There were also a MASSIVE amount of bloat files in the TTFS Folder. 4 MB files of like 50 different colored APCs that I deleted so that the overall file size would be lower. Basically this is about 95% of the files in IA with the missing 5% of files never being used or will be used in game.

About 3 files were required to be done x2 the detail because after 4096x4096 the game is unable to properly render the texture. There's tons of black dots on the texture and it looks weird.

This redoes the menu, the building textures. Everything.


I need help!


Message me here or on Discord! Would love to help any way that I can.


Happy 20th for Renegade!


Lets go for 40! Till then,


What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


- Trees fixed. No longer displaying just a plain black texture.
- FWF Fixed. No longer looks like minecraft.
- Weird HON/Barrack lines have been eliminated. The texures for the most part should be displaying normally.

MASSIVE Thanks to @ MoltenJam for help and doing this for me. 


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