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  1. nope thats not the link,i got this one http://www.moddb.com/mods/reaperrrs-multimod-20 really cool even if is only a few maps...anyways i know its not an easy task right...yea reborn have only one map with bots and crashes my game after a few minutes of gaming,but what i want to know here is if i can replace the C&C renegade skins with the tiberian sun reborn skins both infantry and vehicles.
  2. its just a simple question i have both tiberian sun reborn and C&C renegade on my pc is there a way for me to take the tiberian sun reborn skins and replace the C&C renegade ones(even the vehicle skins too)? because i got a C&C renegade mod in moddb site where i can play with bots in multiplayer maps soo since tiberian sun reborn doesnt have maps with bots yet i want to do this(is there only one map with bots but its super small and after a few minutes it crashes my game),if i can do this which files i need to replace the renegade ones? thanks in advance.
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