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  1. Howdy guys, I came across W3d from CNCNZ/ a mention from Kaskins. I'm working on creating a spiritual successor to Sole Survivor called "Project Hunter." I hope to modernize some of the elements. I'm also hoping to crowd source and test the game from within the remains of the C&C community. It's still early in the project but I'm looking to be at Alpha ~ Summer 2019. I have a youtube here documenting progress: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC753zeOauh5c1TvG6JuoFQA/videos I'm updating forum posts in the meantime to see if others want to contribute. I wont be done with netcode until likely March 2018. Here are the latest updates: ----------------------------------- - Been adding some features and optimizing other things for performance. - Started a map system. - Fixed a bunch of camera nuances for smoothness. - Added level height, currently two levels like the original C&C/RA. - Moved to more of an isometric view, its now a 30/30. Next things will be to: - Put in more accurate ballistics for the artillery (sphere). - Render elevation changes in the chassis, I think turrets will stay level to give it a C&C feel. - Work more on map system. - Start on Client Side Rendering Netcode. I'll look to post a video update this weekend.
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