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  1. Hi! Thanks for your reply - and sorry for my late ones... It´s not that i wanted all the items like tanks and weapons in german but the taunts. For example when i type !comeout it says "Ich hab dich doch gehört- zeig dich!" or !property it comes through my speakers as "Verschwinde von meinem Grund und Boden!" I don´t know who are the people translating these taunts into german, but they do it great! =D I´m a n00b at PC things, but maybe it is possible to put this sound folder into the apex interim somehow (on my pc)? Another question that concerns me is if apex interim is paid by donations? Regards and happy new (ren) year! Mattix1
  2. Hello! Is it possible to get apex interim Renegade with german language files? At the moment i only got them when i start the game with the tiberian technologies launcher...If i start the game with the w3d launcher it´s all in english <.< Regards Mattix1
  3. Hello! I can´t connect to the map winter assault. Every time i try it says "Resource Manager Error". What can be the reason for that?
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