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Importing Google/Trimble Sketchup models into 3ds Max 8

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Author: woandre, Squid Empire

Skill level: 1





Here is woandre's original tutorial saved for posterity. It is no longer necessary to go through the steps they listed however and I'll continue with the new tutorial below.




you've always wanted to make a mod?

But never could get used to renx or 3dstudio?

Don't worry, there is now an easier way to create your model!



All the downloads/programs that are needed for this tutorial:

Sketchup (6): Link

WinRar: Link

FBX Converter: Link

3ds Max 8 / GMax: Download + setup instructions



Note: Most names in programs are in dutch on the ss's,

but I think they should be on the same place.

Note: You can't convert textures from Sketchup -> RenX, textures should be added on RenX sadly :(

Note: Remember it's always tricky to mod, because of the damage places etc, just know what you are doing in RenX :)


Step By Step:

I found a way to make a mod very easily.

The key is: Sketchup.

Sketchup is a Google program to make 3D-Models.

To download Google Sketchup,

click HERE

To learn more about Google Sketchup,

learn tutorials HERE (Highly Recommanded)

Now you know the Sketchup Basics you can start create your mod.


Once you have created your mod,

you have to Export your 3D-model as Google Earth 4 (*.kmz).

File -> Export -> 3D-Model.




IMPORTANT: If you used Groups or Components, make sure you blew them up before exporting!

Now, you search the file where you have saved it.

Select the file, Change Name, and change it to "TheNameYouGaveIt".ZIP (Just put .ZIP after the file).

Select the file again, and go to Open With -> WinRar.

Get WinRar HERE





You will see a map called Models,

in that map theres a file called "TheNameYouGaveIt".dae

Export that file somewhere where you'd like to save it.


From here, you will need FBX Converter

(Because someone else had problems with the official download site before, I've uploaded the Converter as a WinRar)

Download the FBX Converter HERE

The converter will be used to convert the .dae file to .fbx file,

then convert the .fbx file to .3Ds file.

Startup the FbxConverterUI.

I will use SS's to show you how the converter works:




After that press [Remove all] on the left just to make it clear.




Okay so the model is now a 3ds file,

we can import it into RenX/3ds Max.

Open up RenX/3ds Max, go to File -> Import and search the .3Ds file.

You will probably receive some error(s) but just click 'Ok' and click somewhere on the RenX screen, then you should see the model.



You should now have the model from sketchup, opened in renx.

Now you will probably notice that it looks 'abit' ugly (if you've used 'push' in Sketchup most probably..).

To solve this, select all (the objects you made in Sketchup),

go to the tab (above) 'Modifiers' -> Mesh Editing -> Smooth



All you have to do now is put some textures on it and change to the right size,

but that's depending on what you are going to make.

When everything it done,

simply Export it as a .W3D file in the Renegade Date.



If you don't know names of w3d files,

you can download an other mod from someone else, thisway you will be able to see the name.

So for example, if I want to know the name for the pistol first person,

I'd download a mod from someone else of the Pistol,

I'll save it somewhere, and I can see what name it has.


For modeling tutorials:



For more questions,

feel free to PM me.


I hope this will help everyone making mods :)



I found out this way myself :D



  • Make a sketchup model. I'll assume that you know how to do this, but here's a hint: use groups and components as much as you want, they convert fine and save poly's.



  • Click 'File' then 'Export' and then '3D Model'. Name your model and move it to wherever you want. Change the Export type to 3DS File.



  • This step only has to be done once, the settings will save. Click 'Options' and de-check "Generate camera from Pages" - checking this causes 3DS to only import the camera. Once you've done that you can click 'OK' and then click 'Export'



  • Open 3DS Max and click 'File', and then 'Import'. Navigate to your exported file and import it.



  • You're done! Wasn't that easy?


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